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Martin Scorsese's Crime Films Ranked, From 'Boxcar Bertha' to 'The Irishman' (Photos)

  Martin Scorsese's Crime Films Ranked, From 'Boxcar Bertha' to 'The Irishman' (Photos) Martin Scorsese has made 25 narrative feature films, and only eight of them have been about people who live a criminal lifestyle. Yet when we think about his work, we think about the gangsters. Not Alice (who doesn't live here anymore), not Christ (and his last temptation), but wise guys in slick suits who break the law, look good doing it, and always end up dead, miserable or both. That's probably because Scorsese, who grew up in New York City and knows the culture intimately, brings a specificity to his crime movies that matches his well-known virtuosity behind a camera.

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MONTREAL — An advocacy group is calling on the country's transportation regulator to take a stand against airlines that prevent passengers from seeking legal advice until their compensation claims have already been rejected.

AirHelp, a Berlin-based passenger rights company, says so-called "contact airline first" clauses protect carriers' interests at the expense of their customers, depriving travellers of key information when they seek compensation for delayed flights or damaged luggage.

The House Where Chris Watts Murdered His Wife Shanann Has Not Sold in 2 Years

  The House Where Chris Watts Murdered His Wife Shanann Has Not Sold in 2 Years The home where the notorious 2018 murder occurred is still vacant — and no one wants to buy it

"'Contact airline first' clauses are often used as an opportunity to reject and filter out many valid claims, as the airlines know the majority of passengers will not pursue the matter further," AirHelp chief legal officer Christian Nielsen said in release.

Up to two-thirds of Canadian claimants give up their claim after an initial rejection by the airline, according to an online YouGov survey last year that included 10,400 participants from nine countries.

A 2019 AirHelp study based on hundreds of thousands of the company's claims also found that airlines wrongfully reject more than 50 per cent of valid claims at first.

Air Canada customer Steve Pereira hopes to force legal clarity on the issue with a case now before the Canadian Transportation Agency, though a backlog of thousands of complaints could delay the outcome.

Did Canadian politicians know the victims of a targeted shooting at a trendy Richmond restaurant?

  Did Canadian politicians know the victims of a targeted shooting at a trendy Richmond restaurant? A number of Canadian politicians have all previously appeared at events with one of the victims of the Sept. 18 shooting in Richmond, B.C.Sources with knowledge of the crime scene say bullets came from outside the building -- blasting shards of glass into a private party of 12 diners -- and leaving one man dead from a bullet wound and another man with relatively minor face wounds. There were also families with children dining in other sections of the restaurant.

The regulator upheld Air Canada's clause in a decision from March 2019, the airline noted.

"It is always our desire to resolve any issues that arise quickly and fairly," Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said in an email.

"The agency said our approach is a means to minimize delays and offers an efficient way to resolve claims (noting our online process is very easy to use and customer friendly), it protects the interests of passengers, and is in keeping with the intent of other regulations, such as the EU rules."

AirHelp says the precedent comes into question in the wake of recent case law abroad and a new passenger rights charter in Canada.

"Times have changed," Nielsen said in a phone interview.

"Over the last two years, that case law has been overturned. So now in Europe it’s illegal,” he said, citing a pair of rulings in German and Austrian courts over the past 12 months.

AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate

  AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of fabrications and fear-mongering in a belligerent debate with Joe Biden, at one point claiming that the U.S. death toll would have been 10 times higher under the Democrat because he wanted open borders in the pandemic. Biden preached no such thing. Trump barrelled into the debate Tuesday night as unconstrained by the facts as at his rallies, but this time having his campaign opponent and frequently the Fox News moderator, Chris Wallace, calling him out in real time, or trying. Biden stumbled on the record at times as the angry words flew from both men on the Cleveland stage.

The federal government rolled out its Air Passenger Protection Regulations last year, which lay out compensation requirements for incidents ranging from tarmac delays to flight bumping.

Airlines filed a court challenge in 2019 arguing the regulations go too far on mandatory compensation, while consumer advocates say the rules grant carriers too many exemptions.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 28, 2020

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Shanann Watts' Love Letters to the Husband Who Killed Her Are Revealed in New Netflix Doc .
Chris Watts killed his entire family on August 13, 2018In a new documentary from Netflix, the letters and texts paint a picture of a woman willing to do anything for her husband, even as the couple's marriage turned rocky.

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