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23:40  05 october  2020
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Nazi shadow on Heckler & Koch

 Nazi shadow on Heckler & Koch © Wolf von Dewitz / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa The company headquarters of the weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch in Oberndorf am Neckar. According to a newspaper report, the founder of the arms company Heckler & Koch was deeply involved in Nazi crimes. As research by “Bild am Sonntag” revealed, during the Nazi era, engineer Edmund Heckler ran a bazooka factory in Taucha, Saxony, where more than 1000 forced laborers had to toil under inhumane conditions and many of them died.

Video: "Screaming all the time" - now there is a threat of baby surgery (GALA.de)

Samuel Koch (33) has adrenaline in his blood. As a teenager, the actor was even successful as an apparatus gymnast in the regional league. Even after his fatal accident on "Wetten, dass ..?!" Ten years ago, he can't deny that he's still a real daredevil. Although he has been paraplegic since the accident, Samuel has never given up. Today he is successful as an actor, published books (" StehaufMensch!") and is otherwise still active - as long as his strength allows it.

Samuel Koch: Gewagte Aktion! Er hängt kopfüber im Rhönrad © BrauerPhotos / J.Reetz Samuel Koch: Daring action! He hangs upside down in the gym wheel

Just a few weeks ago, Samuel Koch shocked us with an action that could only have come from him. He floats motionless upside down in the water. You can see the recordings in the video above.

BFV does not expect a quick solution to the cup dispute

 BFV does not expect a quick solution to the cup dispute © Sven Hoppe / dpa Does not expect a quick solution to the cup dispute: Rainer Koch, President of the Bavarian Football Association. The Bavarian Football Association does not expect a quick solution in the dispute over the DFB Cup starting place between 1. FC Schweinfurt and Türkgücü Munich. “The district court only scheduled the hearing for September 28th, which doesn't make things any easier.

Samuel Koch is standing on his head

Now he shows himself again in a daring action. You could almost say typically Samuel, because the young man can be strapped into a built-in chair in a gym wheel with duct tape. "My favorite form of locomotion is to overturn," he casually comments on the video. The locomotion seems to be good for him, because after a few laps he asks the responsible guys directly: "Can I buy this from you?" But with Samuel it doesn’t stop with the exercise bike, no. He would also like to sit upside down. "Everything is upside down here" is his comment on the experiment.

With his video, Samuel wants to draw attention to the fate of Philipp Mickenbecker.

Incidentally, the video, which was recorded at the beginning of August, has a brand new background. The young man who can be seen with Samuel is YouTube star Philipp Mickenbecker . A few days ago he announced that he had cancer again, the doctors gave him only two weeks to two months to live. With his video, Samuel wants to call his community to pray for Philip. "These guys made me and me so happy - now we can help: Lost the 18-year-old sister in a plane crash. At the same time got a cancer diagnosis. Fought twice - but now the cancer is back. Growing together with heart and lungs . " Philipp and his friends made one of Samuel's dreams come true with the gym bike ride, now he wishes that many more dreams could be made come true through Philipp.

Samuel L. Jackson Recalls Not Proposing To Wife LaTonya Richardson Jackson

  Samuel L. Jackson Recalls Not Proposing To Wife LaTonya Richardson Jackson Samuel L. Jackson made a virtual appearance on this week’s edition of “The Graham Norton Show”, and he had some explaining to do when host Graham Norton asked him to confirm that he never actually proposed to his wife, LaTonya Richardson Jackson, who appeared alongside him during the interview. “I wanna hear this story,” she"I wanna hear this story," she said, gesturing to her husband. "Go.

In the interview, Samuel spoke to us about the time after his accident:

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