Entertainment The Emily in Paris Outfits We're Still Thinking About: Bucket Hats, Crop Tops and Chanel (Oh Mon Dieu!)

01:15  10 october  2020
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Emily in Paris , starring Lily Collins has garnered a lot of attention for its epic high fashion designer looks. Emily in Paris finally launched over the weekend after much anticipation, and unsurprisingly the ten-episode Netflix hit The tulle skirt, strapless black top , and Christian Louboutin sandals

But your outfits Emily , are something else. Fashion is important in France. Which actually is the first of many reasons why I have trouble believing that the very elegant Camille would ever pick you out as You had so much potential Emily , but for now, you’ re still le plouc. Better luck next season. Sincerely

If you've binged Emily in Paris on Netflix, you're aware there are some significant plot holes. But nothing has sparked as much Internet debate as Mademoiselle Cooper's wardrobe: What's with the bucket-load of bucket hats? Can you really walk the cobblestone streets of Paris in 4-inch stilettos without enduring an ankle injury? How does one become a luxury consignment connoisseur (Chanel! Dior! Gucci!) on a management consultant's salary?

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Reformation are probably most renowned for their floaty, feminine and oh so cool floral dresses. From the perfect wedding maxi, to We love this pinstripe twist on classic denim, which gives them a smart, sassy vibe. The white and red colourway is perfect for putting a new season spring in your step too!

Irene Adler: Oh , dear God. Look at the poor man. You don't actually think I was interested in you? Because you' re the great Sherlock Holmes, the clever detective in the funny hat ? I imagine John Watson thinks love's a mystery to me, but the chemistry is incredibly simple and very destructive.

Lily Collins, Lily Collins, Lily Collins, Lily Collins posing for a photo: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

For now, we'll file those queries under the Carrie Bradshaw Effect. Because if there's one thing Emily's closet does provide it's a sense of escapism. The show's sartorial moments are the product of the quirky, colorful, whimsy stamp that is Patirica Field, the stylist who creates fashion fantasies and is known for her work on Sex and the City, Devil Wears Prada and Younger.

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"My thing is just to make my actors happy, and for them to be interesting and original instead of trendy," Field told InStyle of her approach to styling the 10-episode debut season. "I have a tendency of making up these outfits that are not necessarily something you've seen before, but still hold some interest. Because that's what lasts in a wardrobe, it really does."

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And there's no denying that at the heart of Emily's style is originality. Below, PEOPLE editors detail the fashion moments that they're still talking about.

The Bucket Hat Flex

Lily Collins, Lily Collins are posing for a picture: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

Brittany Talarico, Senior Style Editor: Let me start by saying only someone with a strong style identity could rock this many bucket hats. In fact, Emily is unapologetic about her love for all headgear - let's not forget the berets and Dior newsboy caps. But the commitment to the bucket hat trend throughout Season 1 is truly directional. Did she wear this many in Chicago? Are they strictly part of her Paris aesthetic? Does she buy them as an alternative to dry shampoo? We'll never know. Maybe the American ingénue actress who coined her "bucket hat girl" has the answer.

Lily Collins, Lily Collins, Lily Collins, Lily Collins posing for a photo: We couldn't help but wonder: Is Emily Cooper just that good at The RealReal? © Netflix We couldn't help but wonder: Is Emily Cooper just that good at The RealReal?

On (Crop) Top of the World

a group of people walking on a sidewalk: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director: In Emily's world, crop tops are appropriate for every event and occasion. First day at the Paris office? Crop top! A run alongside the Seine? Crop Top! Getting dumped by your long distance boyfriend while shopping? Crop top! Winter is coming, Emily. You might want to invest in a full-coverage shirt.

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Still children should be especially careful about mobile phone use because their nervous system may be hurt. G. When my high school English teacher asked us to read Shakespeare, I thought it was boring and too difficult. I agonized over the syntax — I had never read anything like this.

Ahmed is staring out of the window. He seems to be daydreaming, but perhaps he thinks hard about verb tenses. I mean the woman who is wearing the blue suit. B: Oh . I don`t know. What am I doing? B: I believe you are rubbing the top of your hand? A: Close, but not exactly right.

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Wacky Workout Outfits

Lily Collins standing in front of a building: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

Colleen Kratofil, Style Editor: While I love following Emily's glitzy Parisian life, there were so many scenes when Emily's ensembles were so "ringarde" (as Pierre Cadault not-so-nicely called it) that it became a dizzying blur of colorful creations. But there was one outfit that will be forever burned in my mind: her white eyelet cropped Chanel blouse (see the interlocking C's in the center?).

While it would be a really cute top for a run to la boulangerie, she wore it on a run around les jardins of Paris. Twice! (See episodes 2 and 3.) If someone is going on a 5-mile run (which she made sure to brag about), there's no excuse for ruining Chanel during a sweaty workout. And from the amount of suitcases she brought, surely a workout top could have fit in her bags. Someone, please point Emily in the direction of the nearest Lululemon.

It's Really Just Chanel on Chanel on Chanel

Lily Collins et al. standing in front of a window: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

Morgan Evans, Associate News Editor: There's no doubt that Emily in Paris delivers great fashion moments in addition to a sense of escapism that we all need during the pandemic. It’s hard to pick one standout fashion moment (though I love anything with a tulle skirt), but for me, my favorite moments are comprised of Emily’s many stylings featuring her very extensive Chanel collection. Emily can be seen sporting everything from vintage Chanel jewelry, to the French Fashion label's iconic jackets and of course, the coveted bags – including one limited edition pearl bag which she causally pairs with a cropped tank and jeans.

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Oh No They Didn't! Celebrity Gossip With Commentary. The homophobic and puritanical rhetoric being used by "fans" to silence a gay man for queer liking fanart of his own series is utterly indistinguishable from garden variety bigotry you hear from conservative politicians.

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Lily Collins sitting at a table eating food: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

As someone who owns one Chanel bag — which I splurged on with graduation money — I just wonder how this millennial social media marketer is getting all this Chanel cash? (People can argue the same for Carrie Bradshaw but we were also made aware that she was spending all her writer paychecks on designer duds.)  I have some theories: Trust fund? They pay social media editors better in France? Or maybe it’s all gifted - something that seems unlikely due to Emily's "ethical" workplace code. Regardless, I’m here for Emily’s Parisienne catwalk of Chanel consistency.

Big Coat Energy

Lily Collins et al. posing for the camera: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

Lindy Segal, Contributing Editor: Unlike the majority of Emily’s looks, this one worked for me. At baby’s first influencer event (for cosmetics line Durée), she wore a striking Chanel coat — which, in addition to being gorgeous, actually made sense for the character. Emily was trying to attract the attention of the line’s founder, so why not do a little peacocking in a Kermit-green Chanel? Sure, like all of Emily’s outfits, it’s all a little overdone, but isn’t that the point?

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Stilettos on Cobblestones

Lily Collins sitting on a bench: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

Sophie Dodd, Editorial Assistant: First, for a little mise-en-scène: You just got paid to move to Paris, where you promptly stumble upon an incredibly gorgeous and kind Parisienne who speaks charmingly accented English, ignores your palpable sexual tension with her hunky boyfriend and invites you to a number of incredibly chic events to help further your career — including to her family’s chateau in Champagne.

Now imagine that you’re packing for this trip, and something in your brain says, “Don’t forget the patent pumps!” which you’ll obviously need for all the bike rides to the market and leisurely walks around the expansive, hilly property.

One place you won’t be needing them? To walk down a cobblestone pathway to the pool, alone at night, after you’ve already been lying in bed scrolling Instagram for an hour. Oh, what’s that? That’s precisely the time that Emily chose to slip on her stilettos? Ooh, no no.

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Clashing Cliché

Lily Collins standing in front of a table: Netflix © Provided by People Netflix

Hanna Flanagan, Style + Beauty Assistant: If there’s ever a time to layer an Eiffel Tower-print chiffon blouse over a cropped camisole and a snakeskin mini skirt, it’s certainly not the first day of work. While we understand the strategy — what better way to show enthusiasm for your new life and career in Paris than by wearing one of the city’s most famous monuments on your shirt?! – I think Emily went a little too far with this look. In the words of the great Coco Chanel: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."

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