Entertainment No POTUS Debate This Week, But Biden & Trump Likely Facing Off If Incumbent Gets Negative COVID-19 Result

03:56  14 october  2020
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Debate Preview: Donald Trump And Joe Biden Are The Main Event, Then There Is Media Coverage Of The Aftermath

  Debate Preview: Donald Trump And Joe Biden Are The Main Event, Then There Is Media Coverage Of The Aftermath The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden likely will be the most watched political event of the cycle so far, but it’s the aftermath of the debate that will be almost as important as what they say and what they do. The minutes, hours and days afterward will see an avalanche of analysis, polling and other data to try to frame who won and who lost. Key moments will get played and shared, and even debate moderator Chris Wallace will be scrutinized for his framing of questions and his control over the proceedings.More from DeadlineDeadline Now: Forecasting Donald Trump Vs.

Biden tested negative for Covid - 19 on Friday following the announcement that the president had tested positive; the two shared a stage in Cleveland, Ohio only days before. Sanders revealed Biden is being tested again sometime on Sunday and will continue to be tested before he travels anywhere.

The 2020 United States presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump , the major candidates in the 2020 United States presidential election

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump won’t be meeting up face-to-face on October 15 for another debate, but the candidates look likely to be dueling across the dial later this week, with one caveat.

Since last week when the second POTUS debate fell apart over coronavirus safety protocols, former Vice-President has had a primetime town hall scheduled on Thursday in Philadelphia with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. Never willing to cede precious primetime themselves, the poll sagging Trump campaign has been in talks with NBC News for its own solo outdoor event that same night to be hosted by Savannah Guthrie.

AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate

  AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of fabrications and fear-mongering in a belligerent debate with Joe Biden, at one point claiming that the U.S. death toll would have been 10 times higher under the Democrat because he wanted open borders in the pandemic. Biden preached no such thing. Trump barrelled into the debate Tuesday night as unconstrained by the facts as at his rallies, but this time having his campaign opponent and frequently the Fox News moderator, Chris Wallace, calling him out in real time, or trying. Biden stumbled on the record at times as the angry words flew from both men on the Cleveland stage.

President Trump and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden , spent more than an hour during the first Trump again raises questions about the veracity of the results Biden - Trump presidential debate in Miami officially canceled. Trump announces first campaign trip since COVID diagnosis.

President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden did not have a debate , but a shouting match filled with personal attacks, interruptions, hateful Instead, he acted like a journalist, peppering Biden with tough questions he never gets from the press. And how could he, when the Democrat has spent

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While nothing has been officially announced, those talks are now down to the 11th hour with the network reaching out to vendors in Florida, according to sources. However, as those necessary organizational wheels are in motion, a rather substantial stumbling block remains.

Having negotiated the right to determine the moderator, the questions and the format, NBC is insisting on getting a negative COVID-19 result for Trump before locking in the town hall

As of late Tuesday, 48 hours before the event is penciled into to start, the Comcast-owned net has still not received that test result from the White House, we hear. The last remarks on Trump’s health status was a note from presidential physician Dr. Sean Conley on Monday that his boss had tested negative for COVID-19 “on consecutive days.”

First TV debate between Trump and Biden: Where are the visions for the world's largest economy?

 First TV debate between Trump and Biden: Where are the visions for the world's largest economy? © AP The questions of the moderator Chris Wallace often only formed the starting point for a live performance of Trump's Twitter feed and the reaction from the increasingly irritated Biden. In the first debate, Trump and Biden exchange more insults than content. The incumbent president should have urgently benefited from the economic focus of the debate. It wasn't long before the initial debate between US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden threatened to collapse completely.

Mr Trump taunted Mr Biden for not receiving endorsements from law enforcement groups, even though hundreds of current and former law enforcement officials have backed the Mr Trump repeatedly interrupted his Democratic opponent, which clearly got under his skin. Biden : "Will you shut up, man?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said the country needed to unite in the face of Trump ’s illness. Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle say they tested negative for COVID - 19 . Trump , who typically shuns masks, was around hundreds if not thousands of people this week , traveling to a

No deadline has been declared, but if NBC News doesn’t get their required new result from the previously infected incumbent by Wednesday afternoon, it seems certain the town hall will be called off.

At the White House, the attitude seems to be full steam ahead, even with no official announcement yet. A Trump campaign spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment.

A point that Vice-President Mike Pence alluded to today in an interview on SiriusXM Radio. “There’s plans underway to have a similar public town hall event Thursday night,” former radio host Pence told Julie Mason. “I think Joe Biden is doing the same but how much better would it be if they were both on the stage, both taking the tough questions from people like you,” the current Veep added.

If it occurs, the Trump town hall will take place in Miami in a manner and setting very similar to Biden’s October 5 town hall with Lester Holt.

Jim Carrey's Joe Biden Impression on 'SNL' Panned as 'Malarkey'

  Jim Carrey's Joe Biden Impression on 'SNL' Panned as 'Malarkey' Joe Biden might be winning over voters these days — or so it appears — but Jim Carrey winning over critics and Biden supporters with his over-the-top impression on "Saturday Night Live," not so much. In the final weeks before the election, Carrey has taken the job of impersonating the folksy Democratic candidate for president on "SNL," but many of the show's viewers don't think the former vice president and the manic comedian are a good fit. In the show's cold open the last three weeks, Carrey (and "SNL" writers) has lampooned Biden in such a way that has turned off many on social media.

President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden had a contentious debate , with heated exchanges, attacks and crosstalk on issues including The topics addressed were the Supreme Court, as Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett meets with Republican senators , the covid - 19 outbreak; the

Trump needed this debate to shake up a race that is tilting against him - and which has been remarkably stable, through economic, health and social Biden , in his very first exchange with the president , outlined his defence. The opening topic for tonight's debate was the Supreme Court, but

To that end, the White House sent out a guidance earlier today that has the incumbent arriving in at Miami International Airport at 4: 20 PM ET on October 15. Earlier in the day, Trump will be campaigning in Greenville, NC and has events on the calendar in Ocala, FL and Macon, GA on October 16.

A coronavirus recovering Trump got the go ahead for “public engagements” from the much-criticized Dr. Conley on October 8. Two days later he held a campaign rally in all but name from White House and went out on the stump in Florida yesterday. Right now, both Biden and Trump are both on the campaign trail with the former Vice President in Florida and the latter in Pennsylvania.

The Commission on Presidential Debates scheduled a town hall debate for Oct. 15 months ago, but called it off last week after Trump rejected the commission’s switch to an all-virtual format. As Trump blasted the change in plans, Biden’s campaign scheduled their own town hall with ABC that same night.

At this point Biden and Trump are penciled in to have a final debate on October 22, which was the date originally set for their third meet-up.

Video: Trump delivers remarks to the public at White House (Associated Press)

Four ways Joe Biden's presidency could impact the world of sports .
Joe Biden's policies could have a significant impact on sports in America, including how and when fans can return to events in bigger numbers.Decisions on many key sports issues — such as stadium financing and sports gambling — are often made at the state or local level, so a change in the White House probably won't prompt a dramatic shift. In other ways, though, the election of Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, could lead to change.

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