Entertainment ABC News Frustrated That NBC Scheduled Trump Town Hall for Same Time as Biden Event

02:41  15 october  2020
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NBC News ' decision to host a town hall event with President Trump at the exact same time as ABC ’s already scheduled event with Democratic nominee Joe The issue was a hot topic on Twitter, where some people even speculated that NBC is trying to help Trump by scheduling the events for the

DONALD Trump 's NBC town - hall style event is set to air at the same time as Joe Biden 's ABC event , as they compete for viewers You KNOW this. If you broadcast against Biden Town Hall , you will be DO NOT SCHEDULE AGAINST the other Town Hall . Schedule ANOTHER TIME SLOT."

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie © TheWrap Donald Trump

ABC News was surprised that NBC News decided to schedule its town hall with Donald Trump at the same time as Joe Biden's was slated to air on their network, an insider tells TheWrap.

NBC News defended its decision on the timing, saying the network is following the same exact plan — including the format, duration and time slot — it did for Biden one week ago, an executive with knowledge of the planning told TheWrap.

AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate

  AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of fabrications and fear-mongering in a belligerent debate with Joe Biden, at one point claiming that the U.S. death toll would have been 10 times higher under the Democrat because he wanted open borders in the pandemic. Biden preached no such thing. Trump barrelled into the debate Tuesday night as unconstrained by the facts as at his rallies, but this time having his campaign opponent and frequently the Fox News moderator, Chris Wallace, calling him out in real time, or trying. Biden stumbled on the record at times as the angry words flew from both men on the Cleveland stage.

NBC held a town hall on Oct. 5 with Biden in Miami that started at 8 p.m., and the network would likely prefer to start a similar event with Trump at the same time A Trump town hall on Thursday would likely air on all three networks, once again. Representatives of the Trump campaign and the Trump

President Donald Trump will participate in a town hall with NBC News on Thursday night, setting up a competing television event with Joe Biden in lieu of a presidential debate in which voters would have seen both presidential candidates engage with each other and discuss issues head-to-head.

"The Trump campaign did not dictate or request the time slot, nor express any preference," an NBC News spokesperson told TheWrap.

The original plan, of course, was for all networks to air the second debate between Trump and Biden, but Trump pulled out of the debate once the bipartisan commission in charge made it virtual after Trump tested positive for COVID-19. ABC News quickly announced a Thursday town hall with Biden to replace the event and NBC News followed suit Wednesday morning with a Trump town hall for the same time.

Video: President Trump joins 'Hannity' in an exclusive interview (FOX News)

An NBC insider pointed out that ABC's town hall with President Trump last month aired at 9 p.m., an hour after the one on Thursday is slated. NBC, the person said, stuck with the 8 p.m. time slot Biden got last week because either way, the hour-long Trump town hall would still overlap with ABC's 90-minute Biden event.

No POTUS Debate This Week, But Biden & Trump Likely Facing Off If Incumbent Gets Negative COVID-19 Result

  No POTUS Debate This Week, But Biden & Trump Likely Facing Off If Incumbent Gets Negative COVID-19 Result Joe Biden and Donald Trump won’t be meeting up face-to-face on October 15 for another debate, but the candidates look likely to be dueling across the dial later this week, with one caveat. Since last week when the second POTUS debate fell apart over coronavirus safety protocols, former Vice-President has had a primetime town hall scheduled on Thursday in Philadelphia with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. Never willing to cede precious primetime themselves, the poll sagging Trump campaign has been in talks with NBC News for its own solo outdoor event that same night to be hosted by Savannah Guthrie.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will join ABC News for a town hall , scheduled after President Donald Trump backed out The former vice president will answer questions from voters at the primetime event in Philadelphia. ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos will moderate.

Donald Trump has scheduled a televised town hall event to be broadcast at the same time on The Biden event , hosted by George Stephanopoulos, will take place in Philadelphia and air on the ABC Both events were scheduled to start at 8pm ET. NBC told viewers on Wednesday that health

One ABC News insider didn't quite buy that, pointing out to TheWrap that once the debate was scrapped, NBC, like any network that would have simulcast Trump-Biden 2, had the 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. hours open. The ABC News insider said NBC could have chosen to air Trump's town hall after Biden's concluded, which would have been more "considerate" to the viewer, opining that Americans should have an opportunity to watch both candidates' respective town halls.

The #BoycottNBC tag trended Wednesday on Twitter as observers complained that NBC — which made Trump famous with "The Apprentice" years ago — was being unfair. A voter can't, after all, watch two channels at once.

Trump's Thursday town hall is scheduled to last an hour while Biden's will be 90 minutes. Additionally, the town halls will air on the streaming platforms of ABC News and NBC News. Two million viewers watched Biden's NBC News town hall from last week on the NBC News NOW app, according to the insider.

The ABC News insider pointed out that not every American has access to a DVR or streaming platforms, which are the two easiest ways for someone to watch the town hall they missed on broadcast television.

As far as ABC News is concerned, according to that insider, the choice to go head-to-head is a play for TV ratings by NBC — and doubly so when one considers that NBCUniversal is simulcasting the Trump town hall across multiple networks, broadcast and cable. ABC, which is owned by Disney and has cable channels like ESPN and Freeform, does not have that same option.

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