Entertainment 4th Grade Boys Find and Return Woman's Purse 3 Years After It Was Stolen: 'Do the Right Thing'

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Two young boys in Nebraska are being praised for doing the right thing after they discovered a woman's stolen purse near a creek and went out of their way to return it to her.

a person standing in front of a building: Facebook The two boys returning the stolen purse they found © Provided by People Facebook The two boys returning the stolen purse they found

Mallory Pittman-Morris said she never expected to be reunited with her bag after someone smashed her car window and stole it three years ago while she was watching her son play soccer, NBC affiliate WOWT reported.

When two fourth-graders, Eli Rempe and Sam Yarpe, showed up at her door Sunday afternoon holding that same purse, she was completely blown away.

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"I never thought I was going to see those things again," Pittman-Morris told the local outlet. "I told them this stuff has been missing for three years and you could just tell they were glowing with excitement to have found something like that."

a person standing in front of a building: The two boys returning the stolen purse they found © Facebook The two boys returning the stolen purse they found

Earlier in the day, Rempe and Yarpe said they were playing near a creek at the Papillion Soccer Fields in Papillion when they stumbled upon the bag.

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"We went down there and there's a little river that we thought was cool so we walked around and we found a purse," Rempe recalled to WOWT, noting that inside the bag were several dirty, old credit and gift cards.

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As it turns out, the creek was not too far away from where Pittman-Morris' car was broken into years ago, according to the outlet.

Though she didn't have any cash in her bag at the time, the Papillion woman admitted to feeling vulnerable because someone else was in possession of her belongings all this time.

"I was just pretty much worried that someone had my identity or was going to use my cards," she shared with WOWT. "Luckily, I didn’t have any cash or anything in there, but it's kind of unsettling knowing someone has your stuff."

After the boys made the discovery, they decided to do something about it — and set out to find Pittman-Morris so they could personally return the bag.

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"It’s a nice deed," Rempe told the outlet of their decision. "We felt like because she lost all that stuff and it was really important."

"And my mom says normally it's a pain to replace credit cards and stuff because she had a lot of cards in there," added Yarpe.

Through Facebook, and with the help of a parent, the boys were able to successfully contact Pittman-Morris before delivering the purse to her house this weekend, WOWT reported.

"It just restored my faith in humanity," Pittman-Morris said of the boys' kind gesture. "That there's still good people out there."

As a token of appreciation, Pittman-Morris gave Yarpe and Rempe some candy — but the boys said their actions had nothing to do with getting a reward and everything to do with simply being a good person.

"[You should] return it," Rempe explained to WOWT. "And do the right thing and not do the wrong thing."

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