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How to Improve Your Kissing . There are perhaps a few things more magical than a perfectly executed kiss . Follow the suggestions below to learn about the basic techniques associated with an awesome smooch and find out how you can step up your kissing game.

Before you kiss a girl, you 'll have to make sure that she's interested in you . Do this by flirting and paying her compliments; pay attention to how she responds to get a hint about how she feels. Test the waters by

beziehung-richtig-kuessen.jpg © Getty Images relationship-correct-kuessen.jpg It's about kissing. Smooch. To make out.

Now you will exclaim: "Oh damn, I thought I was here on GQ.de and not on BRAVO.de!" I don't care, we will talk about it now, you and me. Why? Because you love women and you care about your partner's well-being. For this reason I am now telling you one unpleasant, no, two unpleasant truths at the same time: Women find sex without (skilled) smooching shabby. And relationships with men who, after five years of partnership, still bang us three times a week but no longer want to kiss, make us sad, perplexed and angry.

Kisses are a topic that drives a wedge between the sexes: women love them, men find them okay at best. Sometimes very cheeky general claims. While for many gentlemen kisses with tongue provide at most an effective intro for the act itself, at least all women I know are kiss fanatics. First Date Sex? Lame. Arrange a smooch date? Hot! My extra tip on the side: suggest this to your Tinder acquaintance, they will fall in love with you straight away.

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Make sure you make it clear that it will just be the two of you so you can manage any expectations. If the conversation naturally slows and the two of you are making eye contact and smiling, this is a good moment for a kiss . Once you have read the correct body language from her, proceed to

Kissing in a way shows us how human we are, and how we’re connected with each other in ways that are so intimate, but we tend to ignore these connections in waking life. This can mean you are something like that , a straight shooter. Given the show is to correct wrongs then this is your superego.

Many men I have spoken to over the years find kisses with their partner an unnecessary, teen-esque chatter that may be appealing when you are first in love, but quickly becomes a nuisance afterwards. Women, on the other hand, complain about the male reluctance to kiss and the often poor execution on the male side.

So we have to work on two points: Your desire to kiss and your technique.

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First the technology. Dont’s: open your eyes. Poke her tongue down her throat. Put your tongue motionless in the lady's mouth and hope that it's over soon. Suck on her tongue (acceptable in moderation or during sex, but an involuntarily weird move when just making out). Drooling - dried saliva smeared all over the face smells worse than two-hour-old whipped cream, and no woman will ever date you or even whatsapp with you after a drool attack.

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There are many theories about how kissing originated and why we do it. Some scientists believe that kissing is a learned behavior, since roughly Women experience a flood of oxytocin during childbirth and breastfeeding, strengthening the mother-child bond. Speaking of feeding, many believe that

Though liking these women doesn't make her a lesbian, it indicates that she's accepting of women who like to kiss women . When you kiss her, hold her and make it romantic and sweet. If this is your first kiss of many with this girl, you 'll both have very fond memories of this moment, so make it count.

Dos: Close your eyes. Bite the lady's lips lightly (!). Let your tongues play with each other, sometimes slowly, then again demanding. Take her face in both hands. Kiss her deeply and lovingly, sometimes without your tongue. Enjoy.

It works, right?

Let's get to the much more difficult part, the lack of desire to make out. First, try to find out where the problem is coming from. Is it because the romance has fizzled out in your relationship? That the exciting lover of yore has become your best friend, with whom kisses feel strange? Or maybe your dream woman just can't kiss and has never been able to? If the latter is the case, I advise you to grab her, kiss her and then, when she lets the lifeless tongue plop into your mouth again, say, “Not like that, baby. I'll show you how it's done ... "Then show her how it's done. Be her teacher, her Miyagi-san of make-out. Uh.

If too much intimacy and too little romance is the reason for the rare kissing sessions in your partnership, I recommend an Date Night Out , the cozy atmosphere of a club or park, a little alcohol, a little horniness and lots of memories of your early days together. Before you do each other's laundry, tell your dream woman, “I just want to make out with you. Like in the past, sometimes I miss that. ”She will be carried away and smooch you to the ground.

Chances are you'll make love, not fuck, that night. (I have a few tips for you here for you ). Most of all, you'll see how good it feels to kiss your loved one every now and then, just like that. And that it brings you two closer together than any quick bedtime act.

Mimi Erhardt is a sex columnist for GQ and GQ.de. You can find out more about the author here .

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