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09:40  22 october  2020
09:40  22 october  2020 Source:   public.fr

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While fraud victimisation showed little variation across different demographic groups, the likelihood of being a victim was generally lower in older age groups and greater in higher income households. In 63% of fraud incidents, there had been no contact between the victim and the offender

From voter fraud to bank account fraud , Americans' personal information is more vulnerable than ever. Elderly people can also be less likely to keep an eye on their bank account information. Don’t Be a Victim of Fraud ! Sometimes it can feel like you’re just a sitting duck waiting for these types of

Les victimes de fraudes de moins en moins remboursées © seksan Mongkhonkhamsao / Getty Images Victims of fraud less and less reimbursed According to UFC-Que Choisir, at least 30% of victims of fraud have not been reimbursed by their bank this year.

Are the banks less and less there? Nearly a third of victims of fraud have not been reimbursed by their banking establishment over the past twelve months, a figure increasing despite more protective regulations for consumers, the UFC-Que Choisir association alerted Thursday, October 22. . In total, 30% of fraud victims have not been reimbursed this year, shows a survey carried out by the consumer defense association, against 26% the previous year or against 20% according to a figure from the Ministry of Interior released at the time. This survey was carried out between September 2 and 9 among 1,535 consumers who were victims of fraud over the past twelve months and who subscribed to the UFC-Que Choisir newsletter.

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For example, individuals living in the least deprived areas were shown to be more likely to be a victim of fraud (7.2%) than those living in the most deprived Where the financial institution has reimbursed the individual for their losses, Action Fraud will deem the financial institution rather than the account

More victims of "push" payment scams will be reimbursed by their bank under agreed new rules. Previously, because the payments were approved by victims , they were less likely to receive compensation. Now banks and building societies have agreed to do more to protect customers.

For Matthieu Robin, in charge of the financial sector for UFC-Que Choisir, interviewed by AFP, this decrease in reimbursements is all the more worrying "knowing that the legal framework is greatly improved for consumers who are victims of fraud today 'hui ". Since September 14, 2019, the use of single-use codes as a means of authentication on the internet is no longer considered sufficient and the victim can no longer be accused of negligence, the only reason allowing banks to be exempt from reimbursement. of fraud.

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From now on, a password or a digital recognition system must be used, and according to UFC-Que Choisir, only 46% of consumers are equipped with a "strong authentication device". "Banks are late in securing remote transactions", pointed out the association in a statement, which denounces "maneuvers to escape their obligation to reimburse the sums due to the victims".

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It had taken the criminals less than 24 hours, using 33 fraudulent payments, to empty her account of about £180,000. It means people who fall victim to this type of fraud are much more likely to be refunded by their banks, which have agreed to fund any compensation until the end of this year at least .

Less brain means less of that signaling people describe as a "gut feeling" that something may be amiss. In addition, connectivity of the brain — for example, how the insula talks to the temporal lobe — also fades as we travel through the decades, Spreng said. This, too, can make it harder for older

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Asked by AFP, the French Banking Federation swept aside the accusations by explaining that once the fraud revealed by the customer, "each bank then organizes itself to assess the situation, depending on the circumstances and the type of fraud, and ensure treatment ". These frauds, which mainly concern contactless payments and online payments, could increase by 20% this year and reach 600 million euros, driven by the confinement which has resulted in increased use of these means of payment. All the more so since the ceiling for contactless payment has been raised to 50 euros and even the opposition of the card does not allow this payment system to be blocked, as long as the ceiling is not reached, that is, ie up to 150 euros cumulated or five transactions.

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