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14:50  27 october  2020
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Hong Kong: Carrie Lam hails the "return of peace" for the Chinese National Day

 Hong Kong: Carrie Lam hails the © Jayne RUSSELL Fishing boats carrying Chinese slogans and flags float in formation in Hong Kong Bay on the occasion of Chinese National Day, October 1, 2020 Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Thursday hailed the "return of peace" to the city, on the anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China marked by the mobilization of thousands of police officers to prevent any important gathering of the pro-democracy movement.

In July Chung and Ho, were among four student activists arrested under the Beijing-imposed national security law, for allegedly advocating online for an independent Hong Kong . He feared he would face further charges and have his bail revoked, prompting him to seek asylum at the American consulate .

Hong Kong (CNN) Hong Kong police have issued arrest warrants for six overseas-based democracy activists who are According to Chu's biography, he has lived in the US as an American citizen for more than two decades. In a statement posted online, the United States China Commission, a

  Hong Kong: un jeune militant arrêté près du consulat américain © Provided by Le Point

A young Hong Kong activist, one of the first to be arrested under the new national security law, was arrested again Tuesday near the American consulate, said media and activists of the semi-autonomous territory.

Tony Chung, 19, was taken away by men while in a cafe opposite the US Consulate, the South China Morning Post reported, citing one of its reporters who witnessed the events. .

The Post, along with media outlets HK01 and iCable News, cited sources familiar with the investigation as saying Mr. Chung was arrested by the police unit in charge of enforcing the national security law in Hong Kong. .

Kelly McParland: Canada needs more than just words in its spat with China

  Kelly McParland: Canada needs more than just words in its spat with China Numerous headlines on Friday claimed that Canada and China were in a “war of words.” Sigh. Of course they would. Like it or not, Canada is not a place the world looks to for decisiveness. God forbid we should take a clear stand. With us, it’s always words. Tough talk. A harsh (but not too harsh) rebuke. A slight toughening of the prime ministerial response to the latest insult. Last week, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations, Bob Rae, got positive ratings for telling a Chinese representative that Canada “won’t forget” Beijing’s ongoing displays of diplomatic bullying. Gee, that’s nice.

Nearly 300 protesters were arrested in Hong Kong Sunday, with most detained on suspicion of illegal assembly, according to the city's police force.

One of Hong Kong ’s most strident pro-democracy figures has been arrested and the offices of the newspaper he owns searched by police in a stark In a separate incident the pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow was also arrested under the new law, her fellow activist Nathan Law said.

A pro-independence group, "Student Localism", of which he was a member before the entry into force in June of this legislation, said Tuesday on Facebook that the teenager had "disappeared", specifying that two other ex- adherents were arrested Tuesday by police.

Police later confirmed the three arrests, saying they were linked to an ongoing investigation of the group for "incitement to secession", one of the new national security offenses.

A previously unknown group calling themselves "Friends of Hong Kong" alerted the media to the arrest in a statement, claiming that its members tried to obtain an asylum application for Mr. Chung through the US consulate .

"Our plan was for him to enter the consulate office today," a member of this group told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Canada-China spat heats up over ambassador's alleged threat

  Canada-China spat heats up over ambassador's alleged threat TORONTO — The diplomatic spat between Canada and China grew more heated on Monday as Beijing denounced press criticism of its ambassador to Ottawa, only to have Canada's deputy prime minister and opposition leader echo the criticism. The exchange comes at a moment when ties between the countries are at their lowest point in years, largely due to China’ outrage over Canada’s detention of a top executive of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei and the subsequent arrest of two Canadians.

HONG KONG — He has been locked up for more than a year in a secluded island jail, but the bespectacled Hong Kong ’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, and Beijing officials have repeatedly denounced Mr A group called Hong Kong Indigenous, in which Mr. Leung was a leading activist

Young Thai activists are embracing Hong Kong tactics. By Preeti Jha. BBC News. Hong Kong has seen more than 1,000 underage protesters arrested in mass anti-government protests.

AFP was unable to verify that this group was helping the young man to apply for asylum.

According to their statement, they saw four men enter the cafe on Tuesday morning and arrest Mr. Chung.

Videos from a surveillance camera, located in a car that was parked in front of the building and obtained by AFP, showed three men, their faces covered with a mask, escorting an individual in a dark t-shirt who seems to have his hands behind his back.

According to "Friends of Hong Kong", the clothes worn by this escorted man correspond to those worn by Mr. Chung on Tuesday morning.

Calls to her phone went unanswered.

The Hong Kong police and the US consulate did not respond to our requests for information.

Mr. Chung was arrested in July with three other people, including a 16-year-old minor, for "inciting secession" after posting messages on social media.

Released on bail, he was forbidden to leave Hong Kong territory for the duration of the investigation.

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Hong Kong: London once again accuses Beijing of having violated the 1984 Declaration .
HONG-KONG-GB: Hong Kong: London once again accuses Beijing of having violated the 1984 Declaration © Reuters / Toby Melville HONG KONG: LONDON ACCUSES BEIJING AGAIN OF VIOLATION OF 1984 LONDON DECLARATION (Reuters) - Britain on Thursday accused China of violating the 1984 Joint Declaration, which was the basis of Hong's handover Kong, by imposing on the "special administrative territory" new rules disqualifying elected parliamentarians.

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