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16:40  27 october  2020
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  8 Actors Who Lied About Starring in Marvel and DC Roles, From Paul Rudd to Jason Momoa (Photos) TheWrap takes a look at superhero movie actors who denied being in talks to star in either Marvel or DC Movies (although they really are). Non-disclosure agreements contractually prohibits actors from discussing their casting in Marvel or DC Movies, let alone confirming it with news outlets. Here are the 8 actors who we assume lied for contractual reasons about their roles in superhero movies. Paul Rudd When Paul Rudd was asked in 2013 if he was playing Ant-Man for Marvel Studios, Rudd very coyly said that it was "It's all rumor, man". He followed up by saying that he knew nothing about the role.

As early as 2019, ProSieben cooperated with Disney to show films by the comic giant for a whole day on Marvel Day at the beginning of December. There will be a new edition in 2020 - with the free TV premiere of “Black Panther” as the highlight.

ProSieben zeigt wieder einen ganzen Tag lang Marvel-Filme © Walt Disney ProSieben shows again a whole day of Marvel films

Marvel fans who also watch their favorite films on free TV with commercial breaks will also get their money's worth in December 2020. Because on December 6, 2020, ProSieben will again have Marvel Day.

The new edition will be even bigger than the successful first round of 2019, which received strong ratings and made ProSieben the most watched TV channel of the day in the so-called advertising-relevant target group. Because this year there are seven Marvel films (last year there were five) and again numerous animated short films in between.

Suicide Squad 2 saves James Gunn from Marvel's CGI boredom (says James Gunn)

 Suicide Squad 2 saves James Gunn from Marvel's CGI boredom (says James Gunn) Before shooting Guardians of the Galaxy 3, James Gunn completes The Suicide Squad. The second film in the series beats some Marvel films with the use of effects. © Warner Bros. Suicide Squad 2 saves James Gunn from Marvel's CGI boredom (says James Gunn) More blood, more figure deaths - that was to be expected from James Gunn's The Suicide Squad (a.k.a. Suicide Squad 2). With the dark DC material, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy can let off steam for a more adult audience.

" Black Panther " with Chadwick Boseman will be shown for the first time ever on free TV.

The complete program of Marvel Day

Below we have the program announced by ProSieben for Marvel Day on December 6, 2020:

8:05 am: " X-Men 2 " 10:18 am: "Marvel Short : Captain America "10:20 am:" Captain America: The First Avenger "12:28 pm:" Marvel Short: Doctor Strange & Loki "12:30 pm:" Doctor Strange "2:38 pm:" Marvel Short: Guardians of the Galaxy "2:40 pm:" Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 "5:34 pm:" Marvel Short: Thor Ragnarok "5:35 pm:" Thor: Day of Decision " 8:15 pm: " Black Panther " 11:00 pm: " The First Avenger: Civil War "

Marvel fans who want to access their favorite films at any time outside of the ProSieben campaign can get access to their favorite films from Disney + the possibility. Because on the in-house streaming service of the Maushaus, the majority of Marvel productions are available on subscription - and soon the first exclusive series that are closely linked to the MCU.

» All Marvel films on Disney + *

" WandaVision ": Trailer for the first new Marvel series on Disney +

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