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12:55  29 october  2020
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EU: Merkel meets her most important antagonist

 EU: Merkel meets her most important antagonist In the struggle for what will probably be the last major European project of her chancellorship, she has to face the Hungarian Orbán again. Both had the same sponsor. But politically they have grown far apart. © Dursun Aydemir / picture alliance / AA At least halfway: Chancellor Angela Merkel and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Merkel meets her most important antagonist On Sunday 15 years ago, Angela Merkel was sworn in as Federal Chancellor.

Merkel said she understood the "frustration" over the pandemic and the new restrictions, but she urged lawmakers and the public to do their part to slow the spread. "This debate should happen before the measures are decided, not afterwards," Lindner said during the debate in the Bundestag on Thursday.

Cause measures also come with tight border control. And according to Merkel borders can’t be controlled in this digital age which is new to everyone. Well, probably because of her decisions and statements from 2015. Cause measures also come with tight border control. And according to Merkel

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel commented in the Bundestag on the drastic corona measures decided with the federal states. Your government statement was interrupted several times by heckling.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © Kay Nietfeld / dpa / picture alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle

Chancellor Angela Merkel defended the tough cuts against an uncontrolled spread of the corona pathogen in Germany as necessary. "The measures we are taking now are appropriate, necessary and proportionate," said Merkel in her government statement in the Bundestag.

The Chancellor named averting danger to risk groups as one of the main reasons for the general contact restrictions. The danger that more and more members of risk groups will become infected is great. Elderly, people with previous illnesses and also very healthy people could become seriously ill. "That's why the other concepts don't convince me." In the current situation, the dynamic increase in the number of infections can only be prevented by a general and systematic reduction in contacts.

Angela Merkel: She is so free

 Angela Merkel: She is so free © REUTERS The majority of Germans seem, as polls suggest, quite happy to be governed by Angela Merkel until autumn 2021. For the Chancellor, the last, perhaps most difficult year of her term of office begins. Dealing with the pandemic is shaking stereotypes about Merkel that have solidified in the 15 years since she was in power. She is so free Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor since November 22, 2005, is used to celebrating special anniversaries of her Chancellorship in crisis mode.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said the European Union has a “great strategic interest” in maintaining cooperation with China in the face of a widening list of grievances with the government in Beijing.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the culprits behind recent attacks in Wurzburg and Ansbach, who came to Germany as refugees, "mock this country that has taken them in." She was speaking during a press conference in Berlin.

With regard to the closure of leisure and cultural facilities as well as the gastronomy, the Chancellor said: "I understand the frustration, yes the despair, especially in these areas." The many hygiene concepts that have been developed are not pointless, they will be needed again later. But in the current infection situation "these hygiene concepts can no longer develop their strength".

Video: Söder: Partial lockdown for everyone "bitter pill" (glomex)

Merkel warns of populism and disinformation In her speech, the CDU politician warned against lies and disinformation. Not only did they damage the democratic debate, but also the fight against the virus.

During her statement, Merkel was interrupted several times by heckling from politicians in the AfD parliamentary group. In view of the Corona resolutions by the federal and state governments, they urged the separation of powers, i.e. the participation of parliaments.

G20 summit: Angela Merkel urges cooperation on corona vaccine - Trump goes golfing

 G20 summit: Angela Merkel urges cooperation on corona vaccine - Trump goes golfing Putin offers Russia's vaccine to those in need, Merkel sets tips against Trump and China wants to facilitate international travel But not all heads of state stayed on the line at the virtual G20 summit. © Guido Bergmann / dpa Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out at the G20 summit for closer international cooperation in the distribution and dissemination of a corona vaccine.

Necessary , suitable and proportionate . Since 5 May one term has been at the centre of the debate when it comes to monetary policy: proportionality. The final question is whether the measures are proportionate in the narrow sense, meaning that their benefits outweigh their costs. I would like to

Mr Macron said the country risked being "overwhelmed by a second wave that no doubt will be harder than the first". Meanwhile, Germany will impose an emergency lockdown that is less severe but includes the closure of restaurants, gyms and theatres, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday.

Im Bundestag appellierte Kanzlerin Merkel eindringlich an die Verantwortung aller Bürger © Kay Nietfeld / dpa / picture alliance In the Bundestag, Chancellor Merkel appealed urgently to the responsibility of all citizens

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble was ultimately forced to interrupt Merkel and urge the MPs to be more disciplined. The country is in an exceptionally difficult situation, he stressed. But Schäuble also got heckling from AfD MPs. He then warned: "If you interrupt the President, you will immediately get calls to order, that is dangerous."

Federal and state

agreed on Wednesday to break the second wave of corona infection with strict contact restrictions for citizens and an extensive shutdown of all leisure activities.

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