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11:05  27 november  2020
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‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Exhibition Awaiting Another Release Date Change; Shortened Theatrical Window Not In The Cards

  ‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Exhibition Awaiting Another Release Date Change; Shortened Theatrical Window Not In The Cards Not to send everyone screaming for the exits, but it wouldn’t be out of the question if Warner Bros. moves Wonder Woman 1984 off its Christmas Day global theatrical release. Facts are facts, whether former Vice President Joe Biden takes the U.S. presidency or President Donald Trump continues: Movie theaters in New York City and Los Angeles remain closed, and even worse, Western Europe — meaning UK, Germany, France, Italy, and a curfewed Spain — is largely closed down, those countries having repped 16% of the 2017 first pic’s $409.3M overseas box office.

Cinema is one of the major source of entertainment in this global village. Long back cinema served the purpose of educating but in these days it is only just meant for entertainment and it does not teach moral values to the people.Today, people do not like taking advice and films based on giving advice

8. Natural threats . A. Water is the most important resource for mankind. It is a condition for all life on our planet, a factor for any social and technological A. Sure, we ’ re virtually connected to our phones 24/7 now, but what if we could be literally plugged in to our phones? That’s already starting to happen.

After a year turned upside down by the Covid, what future for the cinema? Between postponement of releases, transfer of films to platforms, boom in streaming, canceled or reinvented festivals, we take stock of a new scenario in 2020!

Les salles de cinéma sont-elles menacées de disparition ? Notre débat en podcast © AlloCiné Are cinemas threatened with disappearance? Our debate in the

podcast After lowering the curtain for 100 days in the spring, cinemas were shut down a second time in France. If they should soon reopen their doors (from December 15, if sanitary conditions are met ), this is the first time in the history of cinema that theaters will have remained closed for so long (more than a third of the year, inevitably impacting the number of film releases, and the box office figures for the year )

Spotify Scoops Up Podcast Ad Platform Megaphone in $235M Acquisition

  Spotify Scoops Up Podcast Ad Platform Megaphone in $235M Acquisition Spotify has once again increased its focus on the podcasting realm with another acquisition, this time of podcasting advertising platform Megaphone from Graham Holdings Company for $235 million. Megaphone, according to a press release, provides advertising hosting and ad-insertion for podcasting publishers, and sells targeted ads for brands.

One million of the planet's eight million species are threatened with extinction by humans, UN scientists warned in landmark report, with shrinking habitat, exploitation of natural resources, climate change and pollution the main drivers.

Dr. Tom Moore As Darwinian entities with strong physiological and psychological drives towards personal survival and reproduction, humans share many

Coronavirus & cinema: year 0 of the French box office

This new issue of our podcast Spotlight will focus on this particular year, which no scenario had anticipated. A year that saw the film industry, and more broadly the culture sector, turned upside down, which also saw the deployment, or rather the strengthening, of streaming with in particular the arrival of Disney + in the spring.

Our podcast welcomes two guests:

Sophie Dulac, president of the Maison Dulac Cinéma structure. Producer, distributor and operator of cinemas in Paris (Le Majestic Passy, ​​Le Majestic Bastille, Le Reflet Médicis, L’Escurial and L’Arlequin). President of the Champs Elysées Film Festival. Patrick Fabre, artistic director of the Festival de Saint Jean-de-Luz, documentary maker (César Première, for Canal +), journalist

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‘Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen’ Podcast Fingers Suspect In Long Running Scam — Shocker — She’s A He

  ‘Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen’ Podcast Fingers Suspect In Long Running Scam — Shocker — She’s A He The notorious scam artist known as the Hollywood Con Queen has preyed upon aspiring members of the Hollywood community who’ve been drawn to Jakarta where they are separated from their savings. The scammer who has used the identities of respected Hollywood executives might not be able to operate under the cloak of deception much longer. Tonight in its ninth and next to last episode, the podcast Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen divulges the identity of a person the makers call a prime suspect.

Humans have a huge impact on our planet's environment. Let's take a look at what they won't tell you about Evidence suggests that there have been five previous ones throughout our planet’s history and that There’s an ongoing debate of whether these species and many others are not around anymore

5. threatened with extinction . 6. remaining in the wild live in Africa. 7. such as providing incentives to communities to protect. According to a new study published And how should the resulting tax receipts be distributed? Such questions will no doubt lead to fiery debate around the Monopoly board — but

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Summary of the show:

1 / The future of the cinema

Is the theater really threatened with closure?

Focus: what is happening in the United States? (by Olivier Pallaruelo, AlloCiné journalist)

2 / The deployment of

Disney / Warner platforms ... Towards an evolution of distribution models?

What cohabitation can we imagine between them and the cinema? Should we review the media chronology?

3 / How is 2021 shaping up

How do you plan for the coming months?

Are we heading towards a big traffic jam of exits? Should we be optimistic about the festivals being held in 2021?

> The show is prepared and presented by Brigitte Baronnet (@BBaronnet), with Olivier Pallaruelo (@olivepal). Editing: Brigitte Baronnet. Mixing and dressing: Philippe Pouzelgue.

Feel free to share, rate, comment on the show and follow the "Spotlight" feed on podcast platforms. It is available on Deezer, Spotify, Apple Podcasts ...

"A feeling of rebellion": anger roars in cinemas after the announcements of Castex .
© STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP The day after the announcement of the continued closure of cultural venues until at least January 7, film industry professionals are angry. Some are even considering reopening illegally, while the National Federation of French Cinemas is considering filing an appeal. Three weeks of additional closure do not pass.

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