Entertainment Barack Obama Explains To Stephen Colbert The Satisfaction Of Being President, What A Third Term Could Have Looked Like

09:15  01 december  2020
09:15  01 december  2020 Source:   deadline.com

Barack Obama Recalls How Complaining Parents Forced Him to Quit Coaching Sasha's Basketball Team

  Barack Obama Recalls How Complaining Parents Forced Him to Quit Coaching Sasha's Basketball Team Barack Obama writes in his new memoir that he “celebrated like it was the NCAA finals" when his daughter Sasha's team won the championshipThat’s, at least, according to former President Barack Obama himself.

The president guests on The Late Show to look for work and calls on young voters to come out in force for the presidential election in November.

The former president shares the advice he would give President Trump, his thoughts on the killing of George Floyd, and what's behind the divisions in Washing " Obama out:" President Barack Obama 's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner The Late Show with Stephen Colbert .

Barack Obama wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera © The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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More than four years since his time in the White House, former president Barack Obama says there are aspects of the job he misses.

Obama sat down for another set of interviews for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new memoir A Promised Land. The book, which has sold more than 1.5 million copies, takes readers on a deep dive into the president’s rise in politics and his eight years in office.

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While 44 maximized his stay in the White House as commander-in-chief, he told Colbert about how he could’ve possibly extended tenure.

Barack Obama Shares Playlist of 'Memorable Songs' from His Presidency Ahead of Memoir Release

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For Barack Obama it was a speech that he delivered in 2004 that propelled him into the limelight. I have researched and analysed Obama ’s speech that made him a president and here are six key This technique gave him an incredible ability to connect with the audience. It was like watching the

Late Show host Stephen Colbert gave Barack Obama a hilarious mock interview for a new job in a TV Colbert - 'Randy' the office manager - asked Obama some tricky questions - and offered him Colbert , wearing a fake mustache and glasses, looked at the President 's résumé at one point and

“I used to say if I can make an arrangement where I had a stand-in or front-man or front-woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines while someone was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that because I found the work fascinating,” Obama quipped.

While the hypothetical plan wouldn’t be the most constitutional or legal way to stay in office, Obama explained that it would be one way to achieve the level of satisfaction and excitement he experienced while in charge.

“Even on my worst days, I found puzzling out these big complicated, difficult issues ,especially if you were working with some great people, to be especially professionally, really satisfying,” he said.

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Since you can 't run again for another term , is there any way that we as a group can talk the First Lady into running? THE PRESIDENT : No. And so my mother-in-law had been going through some storage stuff and found our wedding video. And I popped it in -- and I look like a teenager -- and realized, boy

Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States and the first African American commander-in-chief. He served two terms , in 2008 and 2012. The son of parents from Kenya and Kansas, Obama was born and raised in Hawaii. He graduated from Columbia University and Harvard

During the interview, Colbert and Obama discussed the transition of power and the current administration, with both subject and interviewer keeping Donald Trump’s name out of the conversation. The two joked that Obama had learned there was so much he could have not done while in office after witnessing the current president’s work style.

“I think there’s a lot, follow the constitution,” Obama laughed.

While he expressed some discontent with the current White House administration, Obama shared admiration and excitement for the new generations of change-makers, saying that GenX-ers should “get out of the way.”

“They’re smarter than we were they’re more sophisticated, they’re kinder, they’re environmentally more conscious,” he said. “They believe in stuff that maybe we gave lip service to but didn’t always want to live out because it required some sacrifice. You see them living out their commitments in really powerful ways.”

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Many thought it was impossible because nothing like it had ever been done before. With a space program, everyone in our society comes to believe and expect that any problem we face can be solved. Town Hall with President Barack Obama and Steph Curry. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert .

Barack Obama has always been a leader in a true sense. Even before becoming the 44th US President and holding 2 terms at the office, Obama was a prolific politician and was revered by the American public especially from his home state of Illinois and city of Chicago from where he was

See the interview Colbert segment above.

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Former President Barack Obama supports college athletes being paid, criticizes how COVID-19 issues handled .
Several versions of a bill dealing with the NCAA and NIL are circulating through Congress. Many would enact something close to what Obama outlines.“Probably the area where I’m most frustrated is college because whatever happens at the professional level at least these are adults who are getting paid and they’re making a series of decisions that may be suboptimal for the players, but for the most part, you’re not putting other people at risk,” Obama said during an interview on the Bill Simmons podcast with Simmons and Bakari Sellers.

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