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04:15  05 december  2020
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George Clooney Worried He Wouldn't See Twins Again After Accident: I 'Thought That This Was It'

  George Clooney Worried He Wouldn't See Twins Again After Accident: I 'Thought That This Was It' George Clooney recalls being "launched" from his motorcycle in 2018 and that it "knocked me out of my shoes"Back in the summer of 2018, the Oscar winner, 59, was in Italy shooting his Hulu series Catch-22 when, on his way to the set, he crashed his motorcycle into a car and went airborne and pummeled to the ground. In the immediate aftermath of the accident, he was thinking about his twins, son Alexander and daughter Ella, whom he welcomed in June 2017 with wife Amal.

'The twins have my wife’ s brains – but I do the PRANKS!' George Clooney says getting his toddlers George Clooney , 58, revealed how he balances his career with his family life He and Amal, 41, have overhauled their lifestyle since becoming parents own children have changed his life, and why he thinks the Sussexes will make great parents.

Don't annoy George Clooney or else. After his Gravity co-star Sandra Bullock said she wasn't attracted to the hunky movie star, he retorted with a bit of humour. Don't tell George Clooney you have zero interest in getting romantic with him. Three days after his Gravity co-star Sandra Bullock - who he ' s

He is considered one of the coolest fathers in Hollywood and still makes millions of people worldwide rave about it. George Clooney (59) has found his dream woman in the beautiful human rights activist Amal (42). And their twins, Ella and Alexander (both 3), keep the charming actor young.

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In an interview with RTL, George talked openly about the closet and told how he spent his time with his small family during the corona pandemic. In addition, the 59-year-old revealed why he avoids any personal contact with other people, especially for his son Alexander in the current situation.

George Clooney: Amal said, "That's it"

 George Clooney: Amal said, Not only is he one of Hollywood's most successful stars, he's also a loving husband and father of two. George Clooney (59) said yes to his Amal (42) around six years ago. Since then, the two have been an absolute dream couple - even if separation rumors make the rounds from time to time! © Getty Images gettyimages-1149317943.jpg Last year George was spotted on vacation without his family. You can see how relaxed the actor was in the video above.

Being friends with George Clooney is probably cool enough. Now it's been revealed he ' s given million to each of his 14 best pals to thank them for helping him. Rande Gerber, who has been close to the actor for years, told MSNBC's Headliners that George did it as a surprise in 2013.

George : Wolfpack! Very good, yeah! Jack: Famous for his family films, today in the press conference Brad Bird was asked, what is the secret to making films that appeal to all audiences? Jack: So, which of these transportation devices would George Clooney like the most? Teleportation …

Last year, George was unexpectedly spotted on vacation without a family. You can see how relaxed the actor seemed in the video below.

George Clooney: "We haven't left the house since March"

The beaming man told RTL why he almost never leaves his luxury villa in California: " It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that their children are safe And my son has asthma , so Covid disease could be more dangerous for him. I also have asthma. We haven't left the house since March, but we go out for a walk. Although, we are not even allowed to walk on the street. We have to stay inside for now! "

The reason: There is currently a second lockdown in California. But George is still anything but boring. With a smile he admitted: " I rewired some lamps. I recently repaired the sewing machine. Now I do things and fix things that I always had others repaired back then."

Amal Clooney Teases Meryl Streep in Speech: 'We've Both Been Married to My Husband' George Clooney

  Amal Clooney Teases Meryl Streep in Speech: 'We've Both Been Married to My Husband' George Clooney Meryl Streep and George Clooney voiced married foxes in the 2009 animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox Amal Clooney has a very unique bond with Meryl Streep. After the Oscar-winning actress, 71, presented Amal, 42, with the 2020 Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award at the CPJ International Press Freedom Awards on Thursday, Amal teased Streep in her acceptance speech for the actress' relationship with the human rights lawyer's famous husband, George Clooney. "You are an inspiration as a woman, as an artist, as a press-freedom advocate," Amal told Streep during the online ceremony.

He ' s slightly better when speaking with customers, but he needs to get away with think about who he ' s speaking to when he ' s pitching our products to them. And he just doesn't know how to say no to people without causing offence.

He blamed me _ the CD player. (damage) 16. George Clooney is proud 1. She is looking forward to visiting his aunt in Chicago. 2. My wife is keen on singing pop songs. 16. George Clooney is proud of taking part in humanitarian projects. 17. I’m tired of repeating the same

George Clooney about Amal: "A fascinating, beautiful creature"

Wife Amal in particular seems like a solid rock for the Hollywood star during the Corona crisis. In the RTL interview, George Clooney enthused: "I couldn't imagine anyone I would rather spend every second with. We eat together every evening and we never run out of things to talk about. She is a fascinating, beautiful human being ."

The two are not only a well-rehearsed team on the red carpets of the world. George and Amal also seem to play special roles in raising their twins. "The happiest moments are and have always been with my wife and with my two children who only have nonsense in their head. They make me laugh. With my wife they speak foreign languages ​​, they read and write. And I teach them how to Making fun of people. It's fun, "says the 59-year-old film star openly.

What a radiant beauty! In the following video we show you Amal's "comeback" performance, where she at least brought back the summer in fashion after her six-month break.

Amal Clooney: "We were both married to my husband"

 Amal Clooney: She has been happily married to heartthrob George Clooney (59) for six years and gave birth to two children with him. Amal Clooney (42) is not only a loving wife and mother - she is also a successful human rights activist and style icon. © Getty Images gettyimages-1161357065.jpg Fantastically beautiful! We show you one of Amal's countless styling tricks in the video above.

5) As Ivan grew up, he got taller and taller. 3. Mark is very much faster than his brother. 4. My new laptop is by far better than my old one. I think Brad Pitt is younger than George Clooney . 2. It would be fairly / totally irresponsible of you to leave the children on their own in the park in the evening.

He ' s the person to ask for that five pounds you are owed (e-g) - с легким характером, беспечный- relaxed and not easily upset or worried. He is a typical ‚angry young man' (r) бунтарский, непослушный difficult to control and do not behave in the way that is expected.

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