Entertainment The Crisis Our Democracy Faces Isn't Just Trump – It's Also Unfettered Social Media

04:50  11 january  2021
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Social media , once sold as a tool for promoting democracy and giving ordinary people a voice they previously lacked, revealed its true identity over the And if they refuse to cooperate even then? Deplatforming, in an age where face -to- face contact has gone the way of the dodo, is the modern

The group also demanded that “tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation” are added to the default settings of internet platforms, and said that independent research must be carried out to determine how social media is affecting society and what can be done to “improve things.”

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For a minute there, I thought the worst was behind us. Let's take a tally of what happened to our democracy last week: Control of the Senate flipped from the venal grip of Mitch McConnell to the Democrats; a violent mob failed in their attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden's presidential win; Donald Trump was exposed as having incited the insurrection at the Capitol; he was banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and calls came for his resignation, impeachment or removal under the 25th Amendment because of it.

On the whole, you could say it was a turbulent and scary week, but our democracy came through it.

Late Night Hosts Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel & More Target Trump’s “Pathetic” Plea To Georgia Officials To ‘Find’ Additional Votes

  Late Night Hosts Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel & More Target Trump’s “Pathetic” Plea To Georgia Officials To ‘Find’ Additional Votes Late night hosts had a field day with Donald Trump’s latest attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s presidential win. From criticism to musical numbers, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and more targeted Trump’s demand that Georgia officials find him more votes to secure a second term. “Virtually the entirety of the Republican party started off the year by making it clear that they’re actively trying to destroy democracy,” the Late Night with Seth Meyers host said.

But it did not pose a serious threat to the nation’ s democracy .An attempt at an illegal power grab somehow keeping Donald Trump in the Oval Office was never likely to happen, let alone succeed. Trump always lacked the authority, and the mass support

It seems various other platforms are following suit, either by banning Trump completely or using other methods to stop extremist Trump supporters from planning further riots or spreading misinformation about voter fraud. Here' s a list of social media and tech companies taking action against Donald

But this isn't the end of the road. Because what became crushingly clear last week is that our democracy is vulnerable not only because of a seditious commander-in-chief, but because of the tools of 21st-century communication.

Our social media platforms hold an outsize power over whether our democracy stands or falls. The ability to amass a following, to communicate to followers directly with no regulation or mediation by our government, is not a leak in our boat but a gaping hole.

We knew before last week that the scale and power of online communication represented a risk, but we now know that we must do something about it urgently. We simply cannot depend on the ethical choices of a couple of billionaires, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who more or less control these platforms and determine their rules, to keep us safe.

Capitol Chaos: House Will Reconvene Later Tonight To Proceed With Certification Of Electoral Vote, Nancy Pelosi Says

  Capitol Chaos: House Will Reconvene Later Tonight To Proceed With Certification Of Electoral Vote, Nancy Pelosi Says Refresh for updates UPDATE, UPDATE, 4:56 PM PT: Broadcast and cable networks have been on air throughout the day covering the Capitol Hill unrest, and networks are planning to continue throughout the evening. ABC News is planning a three-hour primetime special, anchored by George Stephanopoulos, joined by David Muir and Linsey Davis. CBS News started their coverage at 1 PM ET and went fro seven hours. NBC News, on the air since 1 PM ET, planned to stay with the unrest at least through 11 PM, with Lester Holt and Savannah Guthrie anchoring.

It is easier to believe that democracy is under siege than to acknowledge that democracy put Mr. Trump in power — and only more economic fairness and solidarity can keep populists like him out. The initial fearful reaction to Mr. Trump ’ s election was understandable. He cut a new figure in recent politics.

Specifically, it ' s about punishing supporters of President Trump . If the pro- Trump mob can be depicted as "terrorists" and "traitors," then there's almost It ' s the kind of language you use when you're in the business of social control. A lot of people on the right have noted the supposed hypocrisy of media


Running such massively powerful platforms requires constant judgment calls; but the companies have proven to be unreliable stewards. Last week, Twitter and Facebook both finally concluded that Trump was using his accounts to incite violence, and banned him — Twitter permanently and Facebook at least through the end of his presidency. But as many have pointed out, they did so only after an open act of insurrection erupted in our Capitol, which narrowly avoided unimagined disaster. And they did so at the very end of the Trump administration, when he will no longer have the power to exact retribution.

This highlights the idiosyncratic nature of the problem rather than a reassurance that all turned out OK.

And let's talk about the First Amendment. I'm all for it. I will always advocate that as a free society we err on the side of "more speech." But take a beat here.

Seth Meyers Calls For Donald Trump To Be “Immediately Removed From Office” After Capitol Carnage

  Seth Meyers Calls For Donald Trump To Be “Immediately Removed From Office” After Capitol Carnage Seth Meyers, the host of NBC’s Late Night, has called for Donald Trump’s immediate removal from office after his supporters staged a siege on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of four people. In a sober opening monologue, Meyers said he wanted to offer a “clear-eyed” and “plainspoken” assessment of events in Washington D.C., which he stressed were “incited, directed, and encouraged” by the president as his four-year stint in the White House draws to an end.

Unfettered Democracy . 21 August 2019 ·. Looks like Bolsonaro has picked up the Trump technique of making And today we learn that Trump has expanded "sanctions" on Venezuela. It ' s an all-out effort to crush Unfettered Democracy . 26 July 2019 ·. This guy is just a kid, but his reasoning is fantastic.

Trump administration quietly makes it legal to bring elephant parts to the U. S . as trophies. Donald Trump is President by virtue of an antiquated electoral system specifically contrived by our founders to give slave states equal voting power to free states.

Conservatives have been squawking all weekend on their various feeds that they are being censored, that their First Amendment rights are being violated. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about this, but it's a silly argument since his feed hasn't been shut down. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders cried "censorship" over the fact that she lost tens of thousands of followers in the last week.

The Trump ban does not violate any First Amendment rules, since no one has a constitutionally protected right to say anything anywhere at anytime. Nor do you have a public right to an account on a private social media platform. And your favorite restaurant can refuse to serve you if you don't wear shirts and shoes.

Corbella: Like Trump, spreading lies on social media is dangerous to democracy

  Corbella: Like Trump, spreading lies on social media is dangerous to democracy Democracy is a fragile thing. Most of us cast our vote on a given election day, accept the results, either happily or grudgingly, and move on. We believe, wrongly, that our democracy — one of the greatest gifts we have as free people — is safe from those who might try to usurp it, just by dint of the strength of our laws, traditions and history. Wednesday’s troubling events in Washington, D.C. show how delicate our assumptions about our freedoms are. “This is a very sad day for U.S. democracy,” said McGill University political science professor Daniel Beland , who was reached in Montreal by telephone. “Canadians should draw lessons from the current pathologies of U.S.

But none of us should feel comfortable about the ability of one platform to turn on or off access to someone's followers and readers. Indeed, for years many flagged Trump's account for perceived violations of Twitter's terms of service. The argument came back that he was president and therefore more tolerance was required for head of state who made news even when he was offending sensibilities. It's hard to argue that terms of service mean anything if they are selectively applied.

It's clear that these private companies cannot be trusted to come up with meaningful moderation standards — and apply them fairly. The government or some independent public authority should set industry-wide standards for content moderation and enforcement, much like the Federal Communications Commission does for the broadcast networks that reach every American household.

Arnold Schwarzenegger — a cool actor but never my favorite politician — released a heartfelt and important video on Sunday, drawing upon his own childhood in Austria, where the sins of World War II reverberated through the social fabric in alcoholism, domestic violence and emotional pain. It began, as he points out, with Nazi lies, lies and more lies.

Canadian politicians stunned as pro-Trump mob brings chaos to U.S. Capitol

  Canadian politicians stunned as pro-Trump mob brings chaos to U.S. Capitol Canadian political leaders expressed shock and dismay at events Wednesday in Washington, D.C., as a violent mob loyal to U.S. President Donald Trump paraded through the Capitol building, stealing items and vandalizing property. "Canadians are deeply disturbed and saddened by the attack on democracy in the United States, our closest ally and neighbour," said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. "Violence will never succeed in overruling the will of the people. Democracy in the U.S. must be upheld — and it will be." Trump has been falsely alleging the U.S.

The lies reverberate. I sat in a neighborhood park today to enjoy the sunshine and overheard two men on a bench who had been sitting and talking intensely for a while. They were Baby Boomer age, with grey hair, and one wore a "NAVY" T-shirt. I kept hearing "fraud" come wafting across the warm winter breeze. After a while, it became clear they were talking about the election. Still. And one said that the judges (all 60-plus of them, I guess) refused to look at the evidence of electoral fraud.

These ideas will persist. Perpetuating them on social media encourages them to do so.

I remember meeting Zuckerberg over a year ago at a black-tie dinner to celebrate scientists in Silicon Valley. At the time, Facebook was already facing severe criticism for its failure to control hate speech, quash conspiracies and rein in President Trump's insults, lies and threats.

Introducing myself, I urged Zuckerberg to take steps to make Facebook more accountable for the content on its platform. He listened. I pleaded: "You hold our democracy in the palm of your hand," I said.

He responded: "That seems a little overstated."

I said: "I'd rather overstate it than understate it."

But now it doesn't seem so overstated, does it?  If we don't change the terms of the game, this can and will happen again.

Industry Labor Leaders Condemn Trump Supporters’ Attack On Capitol: “Shocking And Unacceptable” .
UPDATED with SAG-AFTRA statement: A growing chorus of entertainment industry union leaders is condemning Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol building by supporters of President Donald Trump – and the politicians who incited the violence. “It took three years, 50 weeks and four dead at the Capitol for far too few Republicans to abandon him. Trump didn’t destroy their party — they did,” tweeted WGA East president Beau Willimon, who also called for Trump to be impeached for a second time.

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