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Gabriel Bump named 2020 winner of the Ernest Gaines Award

  Gabriel Bump named 2020 winner of the Ernest Gaines Award NEW ORLEANS — Chicago's South Side comes alive through the writings of Gabriel Bump's debut novel, “Everywhere You Don't Belong," which has earned him recognition as the 2020 winner of the Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. The nationally acclaimed award, which recognizes outstanding work from African American fiction writers, is in its 14th year and comes with a $15,000 prize given by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. Bump will receive the award in a virtual ceremony Jan. 28. “When I got the call, I spent a couple of minutes making sure they were serious and I wasn't being pranked,” Bump told The Associated Press.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction —that’s definitely the case with these true stories , full of twists and turns or unlikely coincidences and miraculous conclusions. These unbelievable stories inspired books, movies, and documentaries that recount their incredible tales. Warning—spoiler alert!

Stranger Than Fiction : True Stories (published in the United Kingdom & Australia as Nonfiction) is a non- fiction book by Chuck Palahniuk, published in 2004. It is a collection of essays, stories , and interviews written for various magazines and newspapers.

After months of gradual gains, Canada's labour market is in a funk again.

a woman sitting at a table using a laptop computer: While the economy is once again shedding jobs amid stricter COVID-19 restrictions, the pandemic is also creating new demand for a variety of roles. © Getty Images While the economy is once again shedding jobs amid stricter COVID-19 restrictions, the pandemic is also creating new demand for a variety of roles.

Statistics show the economy shed 63,000 positions in December, and many analysts expect the trend to continue as governments tighten COVID-19 restrictions amid rising case counts.

But while the new round of lockdowns is once again disproportionately hitting the same service-sector industries that saw the steepest job losses in March and April, a new report by Randstad, one of the world's largest HR firms, shows the pandemic is also creating new roles in other corners of the economy.

Big Five: Yasmine, the daughter of Marc Lavoine in the cast of the Christmas film of France 2

 Big Five: Yasmine, the daughter of Marc Lavoine in the cast of the Christmas film of France 2 She plays the character of Sky in the Christmas fiction broadcast tonight on France 2. Interview with Yasmine Lavoine .... © Serge Desrosiers - FTV - Mai Juin Production She plays the character of Sky in the Christmas fiction broadcast this evening on France 2. Interview with Yasmine Lavoine ....

Here are some of the most insane instances of reality being much more blood curdling and odious than anything encountered in fiction . While some of these can run the gamut of “ true crime” stories rather than “newsy” tidbits of strange happenings, they definitely verge on the more extreme side of

More Than Money: True Stories of People Who Learned Life's Ultimate Lesson. . Whether you're writing flash fiction , a short story , a novel, or an epic trilogy, you'll come away

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The positions that are seeing the fastest-growing demand from employers reflect how companies are adapting to the new reality, says Carolyn Levy of Randstad Canada. And many of those trends are likely to survive the pandemic, she adds.

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Here are the big shifts afoot in the Canadian labour market and the top jobs associated with them, according to Randstad's 2021 jobs forecast:

Shift to online sales — customer service representatives, delivery drivers, IT and support desk specialists, procurement and supply chain specialists, warehouse workers

With companies now forced to attend to customers and clients remotely, many are finding they need to hire more customer service representatives, Levy says. Seniors, in particular, have been more likely to struggle with the shift to online purchases, highlighting the need for support from customer service pros, she adds.

Literary lion buried in unmarked grave sparks call for change in Nova Scotia

  Literary lion buried in unmarked grave sparks call for change in Nova Scotia They die alone. Most are poor. Many have been in bad health for some time. Often, they are estranged from their families. Sometimes, they're the last survivors of a long-gone lineage. They may live in small apartments, tents, or live with no home at all and die in the woods or on the streets. The one thing that binds them together is their final fate: to be declared "unclaimed remains," and left with no one to bury them but the province of Nova Scotia. Since the spring, 42 people have met this fate. One was an older man in Spryfield who died alone in his home. No one in the area knew much about him.

Stranger Than Fiction book. Read 819 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From the bestselling author of Fight Club and Diary, a This is a collection of true stories of very bizarre things that have occurred or occur regularly. They are all as the old adage goes: So strange they

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Delivery drivers, unsurprisingly, also feature prominently in Randstad's list. But while delivery jobs have been in high demand for the past few years in Canada, it's the need for short-distance deliveries within cities that has driven growth in the pandemic, Levy says.

IT workers have been helping companies create or upgrade their online store, while supply chain specialists have been helping them rejig for an online-only business model, according to Levy. And with more goods now shipped directly from warehouses to customers' homes, the need for warehouse workers has also increased.

Shift to work-from-home — administrative assistants, IT specialists, security analysts and architects

Many businesses were moving away from traditional administrative assistant roles before the pandemic, Levy says. Companies figured they could do without receptionists, for example, and automating processes like checking in customers.

Critics Choice Super Awards Full Winners List: ‘Palm Springs’, ‘Soul’, ‘The Boys’ Among Top Honorees

  Critics Choice Super Awards Full Winners List: ‘Palm Springs’, ‘Soul’, ‘The Boys’ Among Top Honorees The Critics Choice Association (CCA) is set to host its inaugural Critics Choice Super Awards on Sunday night on The CW. Like many televised awards ceremonies in the past 10 months, the Critics Choice Super Awards follows Covid-19 safety protocols with writer-director Kevin Smith and actress Dani Fernandez as hosts. The full show will be available to stream for free on The CW App and cwtv.com on Monday. The Super Awards honor the most popular, fan-obsessed genres across both television and movies, including Superhero/Comic Book, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, Action and Animation.

Ficton and nonfiction: Stories of local, regional or national history /current events. Can be documented fact or fact based stories .

Stranger Than Fiction : Tr has been added to your Cart. There’s the idea of fiction as a safe laboratory for exploring ourselves and our world. For experimenting with a persona or character and social organization, trying on costumes and running a social model until it breaks down.

But with the shift to remote work, many firms are finding they need someone in charge of managing logistics, keeping track of schedules, and, say, corralling large numbers of people into a Zoom meeting, Levy says.

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The work-from-home revolution has also put a strain on companies' IT departments, prompting many to hire some extra help, according to Levy.

"Everybody (is) moving to the cloud ... so you're able to access your data from anywhere," she says.

But as more sensitive company data migrates online, employers are also beefing up the ranks of cybersecurity specialists that can ensure the information is protected from hackers and other digital threats, Levy says.

Extraordinary demand on essential retail services — essential retail workers, procurement and supply chain specialists, cleaners and maintenance workers, warehouse workers

For grocery stores and other essential retailers, the challenge has been to keep the shelves stocked in the face of unprecedented demand and unusual shopping patterns, like the toilet paper shortage and baking mania of the first months of the pandemic.

Italian police find stolen copy of Leonardo 'Salvator Mundi'

  Italian police find stolen copy of Leonardo 'Salvator Mundi' ROME — Italian police have recovered a 500-year-old copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th century “Salvator Mundi” painting of Jesus Christ that was stolen from a Naples church during the pandemic without the priests even realizing it was gone. The discovery was made when Naples police working on a bigger operation found the painting hidden in an apartment. Police chief Alfredo Fabbrocini said the apartment owner was detained after he offered a “less than credible” explanation that he had “casually” bought it at a market. The painting is a copy of the “Salvator Mundi” (Savior of the World) by Leonardo that sold for a record $450 million at a Christie’s auction in 2017.

And the need for essential retail workers and supply chain specialists persists in the second wave, Levy says.

Essential businesses are also having to hire extra cleaning staff to make sure they abide by health care directives and warehouse staff to keep goods moving.

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Extraordinary demand on the healthcare system — registered nurses

The demand for registered nurses comes from across the health care sector, whether it's hospitals, long-term care homes or vaccine clinics, Levy says.

Across the whole system demand is "through the roof," she says.

Job seekers may find opportunity in unexpected places

A silver lining of the pandemic economy is that many of the workers displaced by the COVID-19 restrictions may well qualify for the jobs the health crisis is creating, Levy says.

For example, travel booking agents, flight attendants and hotel workers likely have the right skills for customer representative or essential retail jobs, she says.

Job seekers should keep an open mind and look for opportunities that aren't necessarily in their industry, she says.

"Don't wait for things to return back to normal," she says. "We're going to have a new normal."

Review: Journalist’s first collection of fiction excels .
“Land of Big Numbers,” by Te-Ping Chen (Mariner Books) A Chinese tech company recently made headlines for its use of “smart” cushions in office chairs to monitor its employees’ workplace performance. It’s the kind of creepy surveillance you’d expect in the dystopian fiction of George Saunders — and now, the blazingly talented newcomer Te-Ping Chen. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Chen is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal who spent several years covering Hong Kong and Beijing for the newspaper.

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