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There are fantastic pictures from the Thor 4 set. Chris Hemsworth wears the ugliest leather jacket since ugly leather jackets were invented. What does that mean for the Marvel movie?

Neues Thor 4-Bild: Wenn Chris Hemsworth 2 Stunden so rumläuft, wird das der beste MCU-Film © Walt Disney Pictures New Thor 4 picture: If Chris Hemsworth walks around like that for 2 hours, it will be the best MCU movie

The longer you look at the new set pictures of Thor 4: Love and Thunder , the more you discover her on it. If you can even take your eyes off the main character.

Let's call it the Chris Hemsworth magnetism: Even if Marvel colleague Chris Pratt is wearing a very eye-catching purple leather coat with shoulder pads next to him, we first look to the left, to the Australian who has his Mjölnir on his sleeve and an "interesting one." "Wearing costume.

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Deal Label: Description: URL: Deal-Partner: Amazon Disney + MediaMarkt Saturn Sky Other Button-Labeling: The most bizarre Thor costume: You have to see these pictures by Chris Hemsworth.

My questions about the photos:

How did the god of thunder get this Leather jacket that makes up for its comprehensible sleevelessness with an oversized lapel? Who put those sky blue pants out of him? And will he wear the outfit for the whole movie?

My answers are not guaranteed to be correct:

It is a gift from Star Lord. A very cruel person. We hope so.

Chris Hemsworth regularly breaks the arrogance and attractiveness of his Thor , which has been part of the character's program since appearance 1. After the "Fat Thor" in Endgame, putting him in this - sorry to all leather fans, ugly - leather jacket for 2 hours, which Metallica singer James Hetfield would be jealous of, would be the next step in the deconstruction of the figure.

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In Love and Thunder the vain god of thunder tries out fashionable things. That fits in with everything we know about the film so far.

Guardians Crossover: The Marvel Meeting Thor 4 Enters New Territories

Not much is known about the plot of Thor 4. However, since the thunder god will meet his great mortal love Jane Foster again after almost 10 years of abstinence, we can assume that a large part of the plot takes place on earth. Also safe: The dream of many Marvel fans, a Guardian Thor crossover, is coming true . A fish-out of water scenario is likely. The Guardians and Thor encounter each other on the edges of western civilization, like Diana in Wonder Woman or Thor in Thor 1.

There are more pictures of Chris Hemsworth on the Thor set: Here in the Vin Diesel-Lool

As a "tourist guide" of the The earth-tested Peter Quill / Star Lord, who could outfit his fellow campaigners with supposedly suitable outfits, offers himself to a colorful group. Now we're back to the bizarre leather jacket in the picture.

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Has Star dressed Lord Thor, possibly purposely put him in a ridiculous outfit? It would be a great running gag that would run through the entire film.

And even more Thor 4 pictures: Here you can also see Nebula

Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor are two of the most popular and, above all, funniest MCU currents in recent years. In addition, two characters meet who were introduced with a sparkling dynamic: Star Lord and Thor don't like each other, but are Best Buddys Forever material once they have overcome their differences.

I'll make a commitment: Here we see the making of the most entertaining MCU film since the beginning of the MCU.

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What do you expect from Thor and the Guardians in Thor 4?

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