Entertainment The big celebrity cheek: Jürgen Milski bursts the collar: "Poop!"

10:56  25 february  2021
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Klopp criticizes "brutal" Chelsea

 Klopp criticizes Jürgen Klopp cannot understand Chelsea's change of coach, but congratulates Thomas Tuchel. He can't give him advice - he's missing the number. © imago images He was "always very lucky" with his clubs, says Jürgen Klopp. "I'm not a good weather coach," said Jürgen Klopp on Wednesday in view of the current low at Liverpool FC. "I never was." And Chelsea FC felt that too.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have picked up the greatest hobbies. Because fitness studios and museums are closed, some have relocated their muscles and their aesthetic sense to the kitchen. It is sizzled and baked. The hip gold can be viewed everywhere afterwards. And because you always need new ideas, "Das große Celebribacken" is a nice suggestion. If it works for the so-called celebrities.

Das große Promibacken © SAT.1 / Claudius Pflug The big celebrity baking The celebrities have respect for the tasks of "The big celebrity baking"

There will be a "Golden Cup Cake" plus 10,000 euros for a model , two singers, a dancer, an athlete, a presenter and an ex-wife. The task is to conjure up a 12Х- $ centimeter Black Forest cherry tart slice. "Crass shit", moans Mirja du Mont, the former wife of the actor Sky du Mont. "I'm really broken, like after a marathon," complains the woman, an ex. Another, moderator Daniel Boschmann, starts right at the beginning two sensory organs mixed up: "Look how it smells!"

Premier League: Klopp's moving story about his father

 Premier League: Klopp's moving story about his father coach Jürgen Klopp from Liverpool FC gave emotional insights into the relationship with his father. "If I sometimes read in retrospect how I describe my father, that doesn't sound fair," says Klopp in the documentary "The End of the Storm", which has been shown on DAZN in Germany since Wednesday. © Provided by SPOX Jürgen Klopp started his coaching career at Mainz 05. "He was an incredible footballer. When he was 18, Kaiserslautern - at that time still a big club - offered him a contract.

celebrity candidate Jürgen gave us rare insights into his private life in an interview. You can see what he said in the video below.

Ekaterina Leonova's art of baking is "Champions League" level

Who will get the first round? The Swiss Luca Hänni convinces with "Amarena cuts". Moderator Daniel Boschmann receives even more praise for his cherry work. Not only did he measure the cuts perfectly, he also delivered a powerful reinterpretation. Model Franziska Knuppe is also praised as "very successful, very tasty". After just under an hour, the viewer has an optical sugar shock. Pascal Hens, former handball professional, curses: "Sucks!" That would be rather unfavorable for a good jury rating. "Champions League!" - This is the jury's verdict that dancer Ekaterina Leonova picked up.

Hertha investor Windhorst: Klinsmann's analysis and impulses "not so wrong"

 Hertha investor Windhorst: Klinsmann's analysis and impulses Just over a year after Jürgen Klinsmann's spectacular departure from Hertha BSC , investor Lars Windhorst realized that some of the ex-trainer's analyzes and impulses were not at all like that were wrong. The door to a return is still closed. © Provided by 90min Jürgen Klinsmann. | PressFocus / MB Media / Getty Images Hertha investor Lars Windhorst is still convinced today that it could have worked quite well for the Berliners under Jürgen Klinsmann.

Have you ever conjured up bagels from Pumpernickel? Can't be that difficult, can it? Just. Like the outfit of presenter Enie van de Meiklokjes. Her dress looks similar to the rolled out paste that comes out of the blender for the bagel. Red mayonnaise on your head - the TV costume is ready. Carnival is just over.

Jürgen Milski desperate over the pastries

Of course, the celebrity baker must also be able to calculate in this competition. Quarter, divide, multiply. If you miscalculate, you will quickly have cement on the sheet or flabby mush. "This is now a very embarrassing bunch", Daniel Boschmann admits to his work, which looks like a dog poo. He realizes: "I forgot the shitty flour!" Ball punch man Milski judges "Poop!" about his dough. It ends up on the ground. "It now looks like you've relieved yourself," moderator Enie wonders. After all, Jürgen Milski is used to Shitstorms. The last time there was bitter criticism a few weeks ago, when the good-mood sounder vehemently opposed the renaming of "Gypsy Sauce" and therefore officially accused of antiziganism.

“The big celebrity baking” -blamage: “I forgot the shitty flour!”

 “The big celebrity baking” -blamage: “I forgot the shitty flour!” “The big celebrity baking” went haywire on Wednesday evening: Especially for Jürgen Milski it was anything but smooth in the first episode. © SAT.1 / Claudius Pflug Jürgen Milski promibacken “The big celebrity baking” went into the next round on Wednesday evening. The task for the celebrities was to bake a 12Х- $ Black Forest cake slice. While Luca Hänni (26) and ex- "Let's Dance" dancer Ekaterina Leonova (33) were able to convince with their creations, other participants struggled.

The baking fun is over for Mirja du Mont.

Baking can be so easy - if only it weren't for the jury. "Dough guidance" is a criterion; the cut edges also need to be precise. Likewise, the "complete volume" and the "beautiful stand" as well as "the stability upwards" must be skillful. The experts Betty and Christian get to work with the precision of surgeons. And choose the “Baker of the Week” - Franziska Knuppe. And send Mirja du Mont back to the stove at home.

After the Flokati cake has been prepared, the viewer feels as if he was mentally put on the carpet shortly before the diabetes illness. Cream filling, fruit filling, biscuit, brittle, marzipan, butter dough, chocolate mousse and sugar foam - it's high time the gyms reopen!

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