Entertainment United Kingdom: "Dominic knows where all corpses are buried"

01:50  26 april  2021
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'Like finding the Mona Lisa': Historian learns freed slave buried in Hamilton Cemetery is U.S. Civil War vet

  'Like finding the Mona Lisa': Historian learns freed slave buried in Hamilton Cemetery is U.S. Civil War vet Historian Robin McKee found an unmarked grave in Hamilton Cemetery while doing research for his Civil War-themed tour, a discovery that took him to Washington, D.C., where he found the records of Nelson Stevens — a freed slave and veteran McKee believes is the first Black man in Canada to be honoured with a U.S. Civil War headstone.McKee found Nelson Stevens's unmarked grave in 2007 while doing research for his Civil War-themed tour — one of several tours he has been conducting in the cemetery for 20 years.

of the former boris Johnson chiefberater could become even dangerous to the premier. And the war between the two has just begun.

Dominic Cummings (links), früherer Chefberater des Premiers (rechts) und Vordenker der Brexit-Kampagne. © AFP Dominic Cummings (left), earlier chief adviser of the Premier (right) and thinker of the Brexit campaign. "Dominic knows where all corpses are buried"

is believed in the British newspapers, Dominic Cummings explained the war to his former boss Boris Johnson. "It's sad to see the prime minister and office so far below the integrity and competence standards that deserves this country," he writes in his private blog. As an example, Cummings calls the almost 60 000 pounds expensive renovation of Johnson's apartment, in which he lives with his fiancee and the common son. He, Cummings, have said the premier that he "secretly" pay donors of the conservative party "secretly" for "unethical, stupid" and "possibly illegal". When Johnson so do so, as he intended, he will "almost certainly" violate the rules on disclosure of party donations.

NHL postpones Wednesday's Calgary-Vancouver game

  NHL postpones Wednesday's Calgary-Vancouver game The NHL has decided to ere on the side of caution as a result of Adam Gaudette’s positive COVID-19 test. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports (Twitter link) that tonight’s game between the Canucks and Flames has been postponed.  TSN’s Frank Seravalli tweets that the decision was made after more information has surfaced regarding Vancouver’s test results; that information obviously has not yet been made public.

It is a reproach that heavily weighs. To what extent Johnson actually persecuted this plan is unclear. According to the government, he has finally paid the housing renovation itself. But that does not exclude that he possibly asked for donations and could provide cummings for it. That's why Johnson should now be concerned, because if there is someone who has stressful material, then it is probably cummings.

of the 49-year-old political strategists was considered his constraint with the premier as his closest confidant. Johnson rose so much on him that he even stood behind his boss consultant when he had broken the Corona rules during the Lockdown in the spring of 2020. Cummings was indispensable for the premier for a long time. He not only invented the slogan "Get Brexit Done" and helped Johnson in 2019 to election victory. He moved the Tories so far to the right that the Brexit Party was superfluous by Nigel Farage. Since the Conservative Party has no conservative party, Cummings did not care.

NHL postpones Canucks' next three games due to COVID

  NHL postpones Canucks' next three games due to COVID The NHL has postponed three more games for the Vancouver Canucks, shutting them down through April 6 after Travis Hamonic was added to the COVID protocol on Thursday. Hamonic joined Adam Gaudette, who has tested positive for coronavirus and a member of the team’s coaching staff. © Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports The NHL has shut down the Canucks through April 6. The league is hoping that the Canucks will be able to play on April 8 against the Calgary Flames, but games against the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets in the coming days will have to be pushed. All practices have also been canceled for the time being.

in London states that Cummings have enough material to "destroy" Johnson

as Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister, he made ministries to destroy, and moved all important decisions. Government officials met him with a mix of respect and fear. The thinker of the "Vote Leave" campaign at the Brexit referendum was not only sharpener, he was also a control fun. So it is to be assumed that Cummings has taken all sorts of documents after his retreat in November 2020, which Johnson could harm.

The Sunday Times relies on employees in 10 Downing Street, which assume that Cummings have enough compromising material to "destroy" Johnson. "Dominic has copies of everything and knows where all corps are buried," quotes the newspaper a familiar of Cummings. He has urged the Prime Minister in autumn to impose a Lockdown and have "many evidence that show that his decision to be delayed led to devastating consequences".

Mozambique Attack: The Rescapé haunted by the corpses

 Mozambique Attack: The Rescapé haunted by the corpses © Alfredo Zuniga images in northern Mozambique, a ferry carrying 1.200 people who fled the violence arrives in Pemba. A week earlier, the small town of Palma was targeted by a jihadist attack who made dozens of deaths. of his frightened flight, Mariamo Ansane, survivors of the recent Jihadist attack who officially made dozens of deaths in Palma, in northeastern Mozambique, remembers the corpses scattered on the way.

According to Sunday Times , Cummings wants to make the premier personally responsible for the high number of Corona-dead in the United Kingdom. On May 26, he will be talking and answer before a Parliamentary Committee, which examines the government's response to the pandemic. Until then you are afraid of 10 Downing Street more attacks on Johnson.

unlike the premier, Cummings does not have much to lose much. A return to the center of power is considered excluded from Johnson. The relationship between the two is tattered after Cummings had given up his job five months ago in the dispute with the premier. At that time, it was speculated that Johnson should have made his consultant responsible for having pierced a Lockdown plan to journalists in order to put pressure on the apparently tolerant premier. Cummings denies that. As it looks, the war between the two has just begun.

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