Entertainment Benoit Pair: her new companion Julie Bertin has lived a terrible drama

18:50  09 may  2021
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Julie Gayet Victim of the crisis: his plan B in Corrèze

 Julie Gayet Victim of the crisis: his plan B in Corrèze © Denis Guignéburg / Bestimage Julie Gayet Victim of the crisis: his plan B in Corrèze as any great name of the cultural scene, Julie Gayet suffered from the crisis sanitary provoked by coronavirus. Fortunately, and as the mountain recently noted, the actress found something bouncing in Tulle. Coronavirus: a blow of the hottest for the cultural sector. Julie Gayet can not say the opposite. For if it connects the roles and filming, the production company of the actress is at a dead point.

Benoit Paire : sa nouvelle compagne Julie Bertin a vécu un terrible drame © Dominique Jacovides / Bestimage Benoit Pair: her new companion Julie Bertin has lived a terrible drama after a long period of celibacy as a result of a difficult rupture With the singer Shy'm, Benoit Pair has found love. Julie Bertin, her new companion also has past injuries.

Benoit Pair is no longer a heart to take . Its new companion is not an unknown. Tele-reality fans know it well since it is Julie Bertin. The 28-year-old woman with a well-tempered character , participated in the perfect 10-pairs emissions in 2019 and the villa of broken hearts the same year and in 2021. If six months, the athlete and the pretty brunette live a Beautiful love story, The reality TV star has struggled to recover from a terrible drama . In full turning of 10 perfect couples, Julie Bertin learned a new upset.

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As she explained to the microphone of the YouTubeur Sam Zirah, one of her old spouses died

. "I learned a bad news. And I learned that my ex had died. It's something that has completely upset me. It's a person with whom I stayed six years old. Even though it was a very conflictual relationship, "she started before pursuing:" It's something that marked me. It's part of my life and my career. to learn it in full turning, it m 'completely mined. " If she hesitated to leave the show at that time, she finally continued adventure on the advice of the producer. Julie Bertin also evoked her relationship with her deceased ex-companion: "

it was six months that it was over.

I had on the phone a little bit anyway. It's not like we had cut short . There was hope anyway to be able to recover together (...) I know that he was not at all so that I go on TV (...) I listened to me, I was ahead. Fortunately I had Charlene and Antoine who were there for me. The last weeks of filming were hard for me. " of sad confidences who have marked the young woman .

Public Magazine - Dany Boon, soon the wedding with Laurence!

 Public Magazine - Dany Boon, soon the wedding with Laurence! This week is that of love and decommours in public. We first inform you of imminent projects that the most famous Ch'ti of France form with his new darling, the beautiful Laurence. Discover also in this issue that now shares the life of Tennisman Benoît Pair: Beauty Julie. They seem to fight for the same man: who of Camille Lellouche or Denitsa, will Rayane Bensetti choose? Are the Bennifer back? It's all the harm that you want to J. Lo and Ben Affleck.

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A beautiful love story now, Julie Bertin is happier than ever in the

arms of French sportsman

. It is also she who revealed his love story in the open day with Benoit Pair . In an assignment of questions / answers on Instagram with its community, the reality-based candidate has made many confidences on this nascent relationship. If they first discussed social networks, they quickly decided to To meet. " We saw when my shoot in wedding dress in Avignon and PAF, it made chocapics ," she answered a subscriber. And if she was not a great adept of tennis, she is now obliged to put it. "I get up tennis, I eat tennis, I sleep tennis ... In real, I begins to appreciate more and more, "she entrusted amused. A beautiful story that starts and will allow Julie Bertin and Benoit pair to forget their past wounds. Article written in collaboration with 6medias.

Benoît Pair and Julie Bertin Separated: "Disgusting", the reality candidate speaks .
to support his darling Benoît pair as it should, Julie Bertin made the trip to Paris. Unfortunately, the couple could not be brought together because of the Covid-19 ... © Instagram / Juliebrtn_off Benoît Pair and Julie Bertin separated: "Disgusting", the reality candidate spends for several months, Tennisman Benoît Pair is in a relationship with Julie Bertin.

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