Entertainment Nick Yelloly to Hack Code in Spielberg: "Would like to put a whole salary ..."

16:30  11 june  2021
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BMW and Corvette apply to the ADAC GT Masters in Spielberg as a favorite, but Nick Yelloly and Jeffrey Schmidt are careful from different reasons ...

"I Would like to spend my whole salary, but I'm currently not so confident, "says Schubert-Pilot Nick Yelloly asked how much money he would put on an BMW victory at the ADAC GT Masters in Spielberg .

The only BMW travels in the field as one of the top favorites in Styria. Three of the last four victories there went to the account of the BMW M6 GT3. But Yelloly occurs after 2nd place in the first free workout on the euphoriebremse.

Nick Yelloly resiles BMW weakness in Qualifying

"We were fine here in the race, but had no poles for a long time. The Lamborghini was, as far as I remember, last year on pole and we were second in the first qualifying. Looking at the moment As if we had problems with the topspeed problems, especially against Porsche and Audi. But that would have to be one of the strengths, "the Briton is pessimistic.

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His memory does not meet him: 2020 the poles went to Lamborghini in both qualifying, each in front of a BMW. The last Spielberg pole of a Munich brand dates on June 8, 2019, when Nicolai Sylvest prevailed in Saturday time training.

The hope for a new pole does not give up yelloly anyway. Alone alone, because in the first free practice, the cards have not yet revealed. However, he relies mainly on the schedule in Spielberg : "The qualifying is a little earlier in the morning. That should help us with the performance and in the run, because the conditions are a little cooler."

Jeffrey Schmidt fears: Corvette braked by the BOP

next to the BMW also includes Callaway Competition's Corvette to the Absolute Favorites in Spielberg. Driver Jeffrey Schmidt does not make a secret from his ambitions. "I hope I have luggage on the return flight that the suitcase is too heavy in the form of two trophies," laughs the Swiss.

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The statistics clearly speaks for Corvette: nine of the 20 races of the ADAC GT Masters in Spielberg went to the US steam hammer. Schmidt's teammate Marvin Kirchhöfer even won in both runs in 2018. But that's not how easy, says Schmidt.

"In the past, it was a little easier for the Corvette to take ahead. But now the BOP is a good job that there is no outliers anymore. There is also the ADAC GT Masters that you never know in the morning Who stands at the top of the afternoon. Therefore, it is certainly a little more difficult than in the years before, "says Schmidt.

He suspects that Corvette has lost the topspeed advantage from the past due to the BOP classification, which takes over the ADAC GT Masters from the SRO around Stephane Ratel: "We have already seen last year: we are at once Only in midfield. That's no different this weekend. Therefore, it will be a hard fight. "

Thomas Preinning: How good is the Porsche package in Spielberg?

A tough fight will be in the closely competitive ADAC GT Masters also for the pilots of other manufactories. Two Porsche and two Lamborghini had the nose in the first free workout, which also makes Porsche Pilot Thomas Preinning a little more optimistic forward.

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"Usually we do something heavier on such power sections. But we have actually traveled with a very good package this time and are super prepared. Nonetheless, one could not expect us to be so good from the beginning, especially with so many cars "He pleases himself after himself with Bernhard teammate Christian Engelhart landed in fourth place.

Nick Yelloly © Provil by Motorsport.com Nick Yelloly

Nick Yelloly was fourth with Jesse Krohn in Oschersleben's fourth and second

photo: Alexander Trienitz

Nevertheless, preinning is not a concrete goals for the race: "It will, even if it looks very good now To be great in the quality and Sunday too tight. We just have to get the most out of the maximum. In the optimal fall we are at the front two times. If not, we have to keep a cool head and score because it's a long season. " That should be the motto for everyone, no matter how well the chances are in Spielberg.

with image material from ADAC Motorsport.

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