Entertainment 'Snake Eyes' Basically Rolls Itself as Early Reactions Range from 'Generic' to Clenched Teeth Emoji

08:56  22 july  2021
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Alberta paleontologists find dramatic change in bite force as tyrannosaurs matured

  Alberta paleontologists find dramatic change in bite force as tyrannosaurs matured Tyrannosaurs are well known as having been ferocious predators at the top of the food chain millions of years ago, but a study led by an Alberta-based researcher shows the reptiles didn't start out life that way. François Therrien, curator of dinosaur paleoecology at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alta., said the study focused on tyrannosaur teeth and their dramatic change as they matured. He collaborated with Darla Zelenitsky and Jared Voris of the University of Calgary, as well as Kohei Tanaka of the University of Tsukuba in Japan.

The social media embargo for the "GI-Joe" movie spinoff "Snake Eyes" has lifted, and it looks like the movie has, uh, rolled itself as the early reactions are overwhelmingly negative.

snake eyes © TheWrap snake eyes

Fans who saw recent early screenings generally had praise for co-star Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, but that's generally it. The rest, with a few exceptions, was pretty thoroughly dismissed.

Feedback for the movie, which focuses on the fan-favorite masked commando's origins (played by Henry Golding), ranged from constructive criticism to outright reading for filth. Some fans complained about its pacing, others about the story and script, and quite a few about the aesthetic choices of director Robert Schwentke.

Officers called to Victoria apartment to corral boa constrictor on the loose

  Officers called to Victoria apartment to corral boa constrictor on the loose Victoria police say they are looking for the owner of a large snake found on the loose at a downtown apartment complex. Const. Cam MacIntyre says police were called Tuesday night after a resident reported seeing a snake on a ground-floor patio. He says officers were able to corral the 1.2-metre snake and place it in a cardboard box without incident. MacIntyre says the snake, believed to be a boa constrictor, was taken to the Victoria Animal Control Services shelter, where it awaits its owner.

Some examples:

"I was pretty letdown. Generic story and bad script plague this reboot…" said YouTuber Nichols Whitcomb.

"Ultimately is all hiss and no strike. There are some truly breathtaking action sequences but they get muddled down by the weak plot" was the verdict of That Hashtag Show.

"It's a generic origin story with one strong performance by Andrew Koji," said critic Aaron Neuwirth.

And even TheWrap's resident Snake Eyes fanboy, Umberto Gonzales, came away with a bad taste in his mouth, calling the movie, and we quote, "an unmitigated disaster." Ouch!

There were some rare good reviews too, though we'll confess they seem a bit… effusive compared to the more muted negative reviews. But you can judge for yourself. Read on for a sampling.

Snake venom shows promise as skin glue for closing life-threatening wounds

  Snake venom shows promise as skin glue for closing life-threatening wounds Scientists from Western University in London, Ont., the University of Manitoba and China have found a way to harness the blood-clotting properties of venom from a South American snake as a type of skin glue they say is so effective, it could stop life-threatening bleeding within a minute.The work also involves the University of Manitoba and the Army Medical University in Chongqing, China. It looks at the potential healing properties of an enzyme contained in the venom of the lancehead pit viper, known as batroxobin or reptilase.

"Crazy Rich Asians" breakout Henry Golding stars as Snake Eyes, "Warrior" headliner Andrew Koji plays Storm Shadow, "Ready or Not" actress Samara Weaving stars as Scarlett, and "Money Heist" breakout star Úrsula Corberó stars as the Baroness.

"Beauty and The Beast" screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos wrote the screenplay, and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Brian Goldner produced the film. Jeff Waxman is executive producing. Hasbro/eOne and Skydance co-produced, while MGM co-financed.

The story centers on Snake Eyes' origins where he tries to become a member of the Arashikage Clan, a ninja clan based in Japan. According to "G.I. Joe vs. Cobra: The Essential Guide," the Arashikage worked as shadowy assassins for generations, using deception to earn their keep as ninjas, as well as developing a reputation for being able to perform impossible tasks.

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