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18:07  01 september  2021
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Addison Rae becomes an actress: the first trailer of it is too good, soon on Netflix

 Addison Rae becomes an actress: the first trailer of it is too good, soon on Netflix Addison Rae can do everything! Star of Tiktok where she has more than 82 million subscribers, the 20-year-old influencer has already launched a single, obscured, and will soon make an actress debut. She is the movie star it's too good (he's all that in original version), available at the end of August on Netflix, and who is a remake of her is too good, released in 1999.

star reviews for about two years, Addison Rae now launches in an actress career with his first role in the Netflix movie, it's too good (He's All That in VO), alongside Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai). An actress career already criticized because, for some, the influencer has no legitimacy since it comes from social networks. The Padgett interpreter reacts to negative messages on his new vocation.

Il est trop bien : la bande-annonce en VF avec Addison Rae et Tanner Buchanan © Netflix It is too good: the VF trailer with Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan

Charli of Amelio , Dixie of Amelio , Nessa Barrett, Addison Rae , Loren Gray ... All these Influencers have become real stars thanks to Tiktok. They saw their career explode in a short time and today, they do not pass anyone unnoticed. We can say that everything succeeds. Dixie and Charli of Amelio soon land on Disney + with their own reality TV show, The Amelio Show . Addison Rae, she won the first role of the new Rom-com of Netflix, it is too well .

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She plays alongside Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai) , Rachael Leigh Cook (the original movie star she is too good) and other tiktok stars, like her ex, Bryce Hall . Its debut as an actress provoked strong reactions on social networks and if some validate its benefit, others consider that Addison Rae, who followed theater classes for 8 weeks, is not legitimate because of of his career as a Tiktokeuse.

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Director Mark Waters had fears about it: "It was the big question mark. That person, who is only a star Social networks, will she be able to succeed? (...) The very first thing I did was going on the App Store, Download Tiktok and starting to follow Addison Rae. But this Only when I finally met him that I thought, 'Oh ok. She is incredibly charming.' (...) We had to make sure she had the right tone for her performance, what we worked very hard, "he explains to Mashable.

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"It's very hard"

Addison Rae has also reacted critics in interview with Los Angeles Times: "People have a lot to say about 'Have she worked for that, she deserves, she likes -Do it even play? "It was the most difficult part to understand for me, because I love to play and I did it all my life, but people do not know it. Of a Some way, I try to make my proofs. Like, 'Hey, I like it. It's one of my passions.' It's very hard."

at least, she can count on the support of her fictional mom, Rachael Leigh Cook: "What will the critics say? What is incredible as an influencer? You can not teach people to be friendly. A lot of affinities with her. Even if she had a good start because of the incredible glory peaks she has known, you can not change the fact that his identity changes. It's a movie star. Everyone will let go of arms. "

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