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23:05  10 september  2021
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"That convinces nobody": leading CDU politicians criticize the election campaign of their party

 in the CDU stimulates displeasure about the election campaign. A debate on the candidate Lachet wants Schleswig-Holstein's Prime Minister Günther but not. © Photo: Imago / Stefan Zeitz Election Poster of the CDU in Berlin In the face of weak survey values ​​, leading CDU politicians demand more momentum in the election campaign of their own party. Schleswig-Holstein's Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) told the "Handelsblatt" to the previous election campaign: "That convinces no one." It now n

Dusseldorf. For years, the CDU chancellor candidate has spoken out of a complete adoption law of homosexual couples. In a ZDF program, he claimed that he had been in 2017 - though interviews prove the opposite. How can that be?

 CDU-Kanzlerkandidat Armin Laschet zu Gast in der Sendung „Klartext“ im ZDF. © Claudius Pflug CDU Chancellor Candidate Armin Lashet visits the program "Klebtext" in ZDF.

on Homoehe, CDU Chancellor's Candidate Armin Laschet previously had quite clear views. In 2013 he was asked in an interview with the "world" whether he was against a comprehensive adoption right for homosexuals. LASTS ANSWER: "Yes. Children should have the right to a mother and a father. " This right of children predominates the right of couples on a child.

protection against Taliban: Lashing wants 1000 Afghans

 protection against Taliban: Lashing wants 1000 Afghans The Chancellor's candidate of the Union is committed to female refugees from Afghanistan. In addition to the 800 squares for staff from the crisis area, Armin Laschet has provided another 1000 places for women from Afghanistan.

On Thursday evening, this suddenly sounded very different. When a viewer in the ZDF broadcast "Klartext, Mr. Lashet!" asked why the Union prevented that her son had legally two parents, said Lashet, he would have voted for all for the marriage for all in 2017. At that time, the decision was in the Bundestag on the vote. At that time, as Prime Minister of NRW, Laschet was not allowed to vote.

The woman is Christina Klitzsch-Eulenburg. She has founded the initiative "Nodoption", which she wants to achieve that the conditions for homosexual couples improve in Germany. For even though she takes care of a son with her wife, the legislator does not recognize her motherhood - because her partner has brought the child to the world. If the physical mother was a bit, the child would be an orphan and should not be automatically at Christina Klitzsch-Eulenburg. A way out of this situation is currently only the adoption as a stepchild, which would, however, be connected to a complex process.

Germany. At 5 weeks of elections, Merkel flies to the rescue of his dolphin

 Germany. At 5 weeks of elections, Merkel flies to the rescue of his dolphin © Reuters / Annegret Hilse Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia and Candidate for Chancellor of the CU / CSU Armin Laschet Gestures AS German Chancellor Angela Merkel Claps During A CDU / CSU Campaign Kick Off Ahead of the Federal Election at Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany, August 21, 2021. Reuters / Annegret Hilse At a meeting, Angela Merkel provided support on Saturday, August 21, to the one who is supposed to succeed him At the Chancery, Armin Leschet.

The rules for men are very different. They are legally considered a father when they are married to the mother at the time of birth or acknowledge the paternity. Whether it's about the physical child, is two-ranking.

Armin Laschet knows the problem, the topic employs politics for years. Recently, the SPD wanted to change the scheme, mothers equal to the fathers. But the Union blocked against such plans.

in the ZDF broadcast sounds lashing, as if he has nothing to do with it. He presses for a clear answer, as long as until presenter Bettina praised him directly asks him, as he, Laschet, because on the topic would be. Lashet said he would find it respectable that Angela Merkel had voted in 2017, when the vote on marriage for all in the Bundestag had voted. He would have voted for it.

The statement surprised. In 2017 he had received editors of the "mirror" in his office in Düsseldorf as a newly chosen NRW Prime Minister. Also then you talked about the marriage for all - and his attitude. And Laschet clearly made it for the degradation of discrimination, but marriage is an alliance between man and woman. a corresponding request of the SPD to introduce marriage to all, he would not have agreed like Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Veh: That's why Lewandowski is better than Haaland

 Veh: That's why Lewandowski is better than Haaland Armin Veh explains in the steelwork double pass, which is why Robert Lewandowski is the better striker as Erling Haaland for him. Veh explains Haaland's weaknesses. © Provided by sport1.de VEH: That's why Lewandowski is better than Haaland Who is the better striker? Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern or Erling Haaland from BVB? (News: All current information about the Bundesliga) A clear opinion to this has Armin Veh.

on Friday, a day after the broadcast, he now precise his statement over the "Tagesspiegel": "At that time I would have acted as Angela Merkel: she approved the way, but in the vote considered its concerns. Today I would have voted for the law. "As a reason for the sensory change, the social change called: Today it was clear," that the legal concerns have less weight than social peace and respect that the 'marriage to all' has brought " , so lashed. And on: "Our company lives on responsibility for each other." Pressing marriage and family. "It remains unclear whether the believer Catholic Lashing has also changed his personal opinion on the topic - or has only given up its political resistance.

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