Entertainment Anne Sila (The Voice All-Stars): This terrible personal drama she has lived a few months before her first participation in The Voice

22:15  11 september  2021
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Anne Sila (The Voice All-Stars) : ce terrible drame personnel qu'elle a vécu quelques mois avant sa première participation à The Voice © Screenshot TF1 Anne Sila (The Voice All-Stars): this terrible Personal drama she has lived a few months before the first participation in The Voice in The Voice All-Stars on TF1, Anne Silaf confided that The Voice had "saved life" in 2014. A participation that followed a terrible personal drama.

upsetting Anne Sila ! This Saturday 11 September 2021, the 31 year old singer is back in The Voice All-Stars on TF1. Six years after his revelation during the fourth season broadcast in 2015, the finalist of Florent Pagny will retighten his luck with "I would come to pick you up," the famous title of Gilbert Bécaud. " This title corresponds to what I imagine of this new adventure. I come back to look for the public, I come back Find Florent Pagny " explains Anne Sila to the cameras of The Voice before starting on the scene of The show. The artist will especially have very strong words about his first participation in the hook TV. " I can say that The Voice saved my life. At the time, I was in a slightly complicated situation, I was coming out of a little traumatic event. I was lucky because That I am go far in the show and that it really kept me in life , "she explains.

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" I can say that The Voice saved my life"

Indeed, May 29, 2014, Anne Sila was a victim of a terrible aggression in the neighborhood La Croix -Rousse in Lyon. This had been reported at the time our colleagues of the progress and Closer . Six months before his participation in the TF1 show, the 25-year-old woman was stabbed by her companion several times.

" insomniac for several days, the man would have given confused words in the morning. A few hours later, in a second state, he grabbed a small kitchen knife and throws himself on his friend. Then on the Manager. Without reason. Himself did not know how to explain his gesture to the police ", had reported the regional daily. Anne Sila had been by twenty knife shots, his manager who tried to intervene had been reached thirty times.

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Fortunately, the two women had managed to escape and the aggressor had been quickly arrested by the municipal police. He had been indicted for attempting to murder on the volunteer manager and violence aggravated on Anne Sila. " After attending the walls of a court of the courthouse, it had been transferred to the specially furnished hospital unit for detainees at the Vinatier hospital" clarified our colleagues of Progress .

"Today, I'm better"

six years later, Anne-Sila seems to have defeated his demons. " Today, I'm better. I live very happy moments ," she told us. Life always has a lot of beautiful things and moments a little less pretty but that's sure that Go better. I'm happy because I think I'll get even more enjoying this second experience in The Voice . I will realize the chance I have ".

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#ThevoicEallStars - emotion at the coaches while listening Anne Sila Take "I come back to get you"!

#ThevoicEallStarselle marked the story of The Voice, and The Voice scored one's life. ???? Discover Anne Sila's performance in The Voice All Stars! ✨RDV Saturday from 21h05 with Jenifer, Zazie, Florent Pagny, Mika, Patrick Fiori and Nikos Aliagas on TF1 and MyTF1 ✌️

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