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16:50  17 september  2021
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Indo-Pacific: Paris, great loser of the alliance between Canberra, Washington and London?

 Indo-Pacific: Paris, great loser of the alliance between Canberra, Washington and London? © AP - Indra Beaufort The USS Georgia, Nuclear Navy Navy, in the Gulf Waters, December 21, 2020. (picture of illustration) The United States, the United Kingdom and Canberra announced, Wednesday, September 15, the establishment of a new security and defense partnership. Australia must have several US nuclear submarines. She renounces, at the passage, to a fare-made French submarine command signed in 2016.

  Sous-marins : en Australie, au Royaume-Uni et aux Etats-Unis, la presse partagée entre pragmatisme et stratégie mondiale © Copyright 2021, Obs

in the aftermath of the announcement of the torpedoing of the "contract of the century French submarines to Australia for the benefit of a new "Indo-Pacific" alliance grouping the United States, with the United Kingdom and Australia, France does not deplete, and the diplomatic crisis could settled. In addition to the Atlantic, overseas and on the other side of the planet, the press of the countries concerned certainly understands the disarray of the French government, but remains pragmatic.

Thus in the " Guardian Australia ", an editor emphasizes that the country "turned to the United States for practical reasons. If the [Scott] Morrison government [the Australian Prime Minister, NDLR] would abandon France's proposal and approve the acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines, the United States has the technology that matches the needs of the needs. Australia ".

Was Canada invited to join AUKUS? Officials mum but stress no interest in subs

  Was Canada invited to join AUKUS? Officials mum but stress no interest in subs One government source told Global News that Canada's absence from the pact 'categorically' has nothing to do with concerns about aggravating China. Canadian federal officials say a new intelligence deal between the U.S., the U.K., and Australia will not impact the country's ability to protect key interests in the Indo-Pacific -- but won't say whether Canada was actually offered a chance to join the pact.

The problem lies, according to the audio of the editorial, rather in the way Australia has, with this new contract, "crossed the Rubicon", launching in a "cold war" with China, for a cost which remains unknown for the Australian taxpayer.

Submarine case: Joe Biden, dream and affront France

"About $ 2.4 million have already been lost in the contract, some say it might be more. Naval Group will demand significant compensation, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, "the Australian channel ABC recalls on its website. The cost of Australia's willingness to acquire nuclear-propulsion submarines "will be even more important, even if the country builds only eight [...] instead of the twelve provided by the French contract." "Great strategic decisions"

Evander Kane, Tomas Hertl expected to be back with Sharks in 2021-22

  Evander Kane, Tomas Hertl expected to be back with Sharks in 2021-22 It seems both Evander Kane and Tomas Hertl be back in San Jose in 2021-22, but can the two coexist?Kane tells ESPN’s Linda Cohn that he expects the NHL’s current investigation into allegations that he bet on NHL games, and Sharks games in particular, to go nowhere.

Video: United States, Australia and UK sealer a vast security pact (France 24)

Your Browser does not support this video side United States, the anger of France -

Jean-Yves Le Drian compared Joe Biden's behavior to that of Donald Trump , "recalls acrimony between Paris and Washington in 2003 about the war in Iraq, and implies a language that we did not have Since, "says the" New York Times ".

But this brogue of the French is not the first concern of the Americans. Thus for an editorialist of "

The Atlantic ", "behind the SOAP Opera of French Anger and the croakes on the" Anglo-Saxon "[French in the text, NDLR] is held something much more important: The light outlines of a new world order, or at least the attempt to draw one ".

in retaliation at the breach of the contract of submarines, Paris cancels a gala evening in Washington citing the new political consensus between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, the author considers that "taken together The end of the war in Afghanistan, the pivot against China and the prioritization of Anglo-Saxon alliances in relation to the European Union are great strategic decisions. "

"A great victory for Boris Johnson" even logic cited by the

Australian submarines: In the United States, not a voice to defend France

 Australian submarines: In the United States, not a voice to defend France © Brendan Smialowski / AFP "L Most Americans do not care about this Franco-American crisis. Especially since we do not know exactly what the US government has hidden or not at the France . The situation is not clear. This observation is Gabriel Scheinmann, director of Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS), an organization dedicated to promoting international relations in US universities.

"Washington Post"

: "In the capitals of western Europe, this pact also provides another reminder than Washington's interests diverge from their , and that the European Union may have only the second role while the United States amends its strategic attention to Asia. And add that the administration of Joe Biden "counts on the fact that the Gallic Gaulris ego will sooner or later heal". An editorialist of the


British also points out that Joe Biden shows to Europe that he is not quite what he seemed to be. The exclusion of France reveals that the United States "does not trust it with nuclear technology". Above all, "it is a great victory for Boris Johnson, and for those who declared that Great Britain Post-Brexit would remain more important than the EU in the United States [...]. betray Thus France is not without risk underlines the editorialist: "Washington, if it is wise, will have to work last to convince France that it can be a partner in the Indo-Pacific. Otherwise, in the long term, the only beneficiary will be China. »

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