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is one thing is fixed: most people love gossip and gossip. Over others to gossip, so unconfirmed rumors, whether positive or rather negative, to pass on, or to experience such, is actually considered pretty uncomfortable. After all, the person concerned is not present and can not contribute to gossip. But as long as a gossip does not taste in bad slander, he has quite his good pages - namely for our brain, our social with each other and to a certain extent even for our health well-being, to this conclusion come various studies.

Warum Klatsch und Tratsch gut für deine Gesundheit sind © iStock / PeoPleimages Why gossip good for your health gossip and gossip hanging

Our brain loves gossip. This may be valid at the latest since 2006 by a Study of the Scottish University of St. Andrews as confirmed. The researchers showed this based on a "silence post" game. The subjects had to read four short texts and then write down what they remembered. These texts were passed on to further volunteers who repeated the process. After four these rounds, the results were compared with the original texts. The texts containing fictitious gossip, for example about lies or side jumps invented persons, were reproduced amazingly accurately and consistent. Of the lyrics, which just contained dry facts, was mostly as well as nothing more identical to the origin socket.

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gossip strengthen social bindings

The brain talks about gossip because it is excited by stories. The regions responsible for memory and emotions are stimulated, combinations with existing stories and experiences are created, they are literally hanging. Dry facts, on the other hand, are stored at short notice, but if there are no further linking possibilities, also quickly deleted. Therefore, some successful memory methods also work on the linking of new learning material with fictitious stories: so you realize things much better and also trains the brain - that seems to work with gossip, at least in a certain frame.

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gossip has another function, which according to the Scottish researchers mainly evolutionary reasons Has. One of the success secrets of the species person is his pronounced social beings. Communication within the social group promotes cohesion and thus the security and thus the satisfaction of the individual. At the same time, gossip can also provide a kind of information advantage, for example which other group or which individual is just allied with whom or refanded. That in turn can be helpful to assert or improve its own social position. The scientists are convinced that the original people have already gotten, and that this imprint has gotten to date.

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This is how a good communication works in the family.

gossip relaxed and makes happily

gossip also has a very concrete mental effect that could play a crucial role in the social component already described. A study by the Italian University of Pavia examined the brain metabolism in 2017 while communicating. It turned out that with gossip and gossip topics the oxytocin mirror increases. Oxytocin is considered "luck" and "cuddly" hormone, it is distributed, for example, when sex or at birth. Oxytocin reinforces emotional ties if we now gossip with a girlfriend, then we feel connected and closer - so social cohesion is strengthened. In addition, it triggers fortune feelings and builds stress. So gossip is happy and relaxed - and that, like everyone knows, can actually have only positive effects on well-being and health.

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