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15:10  23 september  2021
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the lack of microchips and other important electronics components continues to set the auto industry.

Die Volkswagen-Tochter Skoda kann nach den Worten von Spartenchef Thomas Schäfer wegen fehlender Halbleiter in diesem Jahr 100.000 Autos nicht bauen. © Slavek Ruta / Zuma Wire / DPA The Volkswagen subsidiary Skoda can not build 100,000 cars for 100,000 cars for the words of Spartwef Thomas Schäfer because of missing semiconductors this year.

Because of missing semiconductors, the industry is likely to avoid revenue of $ 210 billion this year (179 billion euros), the Advisory Center Alix Partners estimated analysis on Thursday in Munich. In May, she was still assumed by significantly lower global losses ($ 110 billion).

How long the delivery problems at chips stop is unclear. For the car industry, the bolting care is one of the highest risks - ordered vehicles can often not be completed, even many suppliers remain under pressure. The lighting and electronics specialist Hella, which will soon be part of the French supplier Faurecia, stroked its business forecast.

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of production failure throughout the industry is likely to be almost twice as large with 7.7 million vehicles as previously thought. In May, a failure of 3.9 million cars had been predicted. Experts of the British Research Institute IHS Markit had lowered their recent estimation for the worldwide annual production of cars last week.

The Japanese Auto Toyota had notified in mid-September to be able to produce 300,000 units less at the end of March 2022. Daimler board leader Ola Källenius expects only 2023 a clear relaxation of the situation in the industry.

While carmaker could compensate for the failures in manufacturing with higher vehicle prices, suppliers were heavier, Marcus Kleinfeld of Alix Partners declared. Therefore, the chip deficiency will meet you stronger than the automakers themselves. The suppliers depend in particular from the manufacturers' production volume.

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Thus, the pig's power and electronics specialist Hella also captured his forecast. Because automakers can build fewer vehicles through the chip bottlenecks, sales is likely to reach only 6 to 6.5 billion euros in the current financial year until the end of May 2022, the MDAX company participated in Lippstadt. So far, the Hella board board was assumed from 6.6 to 6.9 billion euros. Currency effects as well as the purchase and sale of company parts are excluded.

In addition, a lesser part of sales should remain as an adjusted operational profit at Hella: The management is now expecting 5 to 7 percent, so far it had spent about 8 percent.

also the car supplier and Continental Rival Faurecia pressed his annual targets. The French are just about taking Hella. Your sales will be about $ 15.5 billion by around one billion euros lower than so far thought it was in Nanterre. The profit in day-to-day business awaits Faurecia at a lower level: instead of 7 percent, the updated prognosis is expected to remain only 6 to 6.2 percent of sales as an operational yield.

The chip plant has already burdened the car industry for months. First, the large assembly manufacturers in the Corona crisis had laid on semiconductors for consumer electronics to cover the high demand. Added to this year production losses in chip companies in Japan and the US and Corona-Lockdowns in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian states. Globally, semiconductors are very scarce - and the construction of new capacities for high billions-tumed chipperants are tedious.

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