Entertainment traffic light coalition: majority of Germans advocates alliance of SPD, Greens and FDP

01:40  14 october  2021
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Choice of Prime Minister in Saxony-Anhalt: Haseloff falls in the first ballot by

 Choice of Prime Minister in Saxony-Anhalt: Haseloff falls in the first ballot by the planned coalition from CDU, SPD and FDP in Saxony-Anhalt has 56 MPs. But Pure Haseloff is missing the necessary majority. © Photo: DPA / Ronny Hartmann Reiner Haseloff (CDU) Reiner Haseloff (CDU) has missed the necessary voice majority in the first ballot in the election to the Prime Minister in the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt. Only 48 of the 97 deputies voted on Thursday with Yes. For a choice Haseloff needs at least 49 yes votes. He has to set up a second ballot.

The traffic light alliance takes shapes - and the mirror survey shows: the majority is convinced that such a coalition would be "good for Germany". However, FDP trailers prepare the idea of ​​abdominal pain.

  Ampel-Koalition: Mehrheit der Deutschen befürwortet Bündnis von SPD, Grünen und FDP © Clemens Bilan / Pool / EPA

Expected This week, SPD , GREEN and FDP want to decide whether they also want to record formal coalition negotiations after completion of the exploration calls. According to a mirror survey, the Germans would largely welcome the next step to government education - they assume that a traffic light coalition would advance the country.

In the collection of the opinion research institute Civey for the mirror, 53 percent stated that a traffic light coalition under the guidance of a SPD chancellor Olaf Scholz would be good for Germany . 32 percent voted for "Yes, in any case" and 20 percent for "rather yes".

Bundestag election: Olaf Scholz speaks of "visible order" for traffic light coalition

 Bundestag election: Olaf Scholz speaks of Olaf Scholz has reaffirmed that the SPD wants to lead the next federal government. The SPD chancellor candidate sees a clear order for a coalition with Greens and FDP in the election result. Greenschef Dabel also sees a committee for confidence for Scholz. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA OLAF Scholz evaluates the result of the federal election as a clear government order for a traffic light coalition from Social Democrats, FDP and Greens.

37 percent do not believe that the traffic lights would be Guttun Guttun, of which 14 percent said "rather no" and 24 percent "no, in no case".

Backgrounds to Civey Methods Read here .

Video: FDP to the "traffic light": "Hour of the truth is in front of us" (AFP)

This is the biggest consent from the ranks of the SPD and green sympathizers. Maybe the election victory would be 97 percent of the SPD trailers welcome the Scholz traffic lights, in the green camp the enthusiasm is just a little damped.

different from the potential FDP voters and voters - they are clearly critical to a traffic light coalition. Of course, 50 percent believe that the coalition would be "rather not" or "by no means" good for Germany, 18 percent were undecided. Only about a third would advocate an alliance with SPD and Greens. This is the lowest value according to the followers of Union and AFD with a nine percent approval - only these two parties do not sit with the exploratory table.

Söder congratulates SPD for victory and densely lashing: "The best chances to become chancellor has currently Olaf Scholz"

 Söder congratulates SPD for victory and densely lashing: a congratulation of Armin Lashet to Olaf Scholz remains hitherto, now Markus Söder picks up this. However, the CSU boss still hopes Jamaica. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / DPA CSU Chef Söder has congratulated SPD chancellor candidate Scholz for election victory. Two days after the federal election, CSU boss Markus Söder sees the order to talk about a new federal government first at SPD, Greens and FDP.

The FDP negotiators are well aware of the traffic light reservations in the followers. This was also involved in the joint press conference on the exploits: SPD Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil and Michael Kellner, the federal managing director of the Greens, very confident that the three parties can find a common basis. Volker Wissing , Secretary-General The FDP, on the other hand, found more cautious words.

Wissing praised that of a talk climate, but it clearly made that there was something else to "politely and factual" to bring talks on paper as solutions.

In the Sunday question there is little movement compared to the previous week two and a half weeks after the general election. Although the SPD lost two percentage points, it is still at 26 percent at the level of its election result.

The CDU is 20 percent, FDP and green mansions behind the third place. Left and AfD stagnate at six and eleven percent.

CDU politician calls for resignation of the entire party presidency .
According to the election debacle, the Union is mainly busy with itself. Kramp carteworker and Altmaier draw personal consequences, another is considering a radical step overlooking the party. © Hein Hartmann / Future Image / Imago Images Two weeks after the federal election, the Union wrestles the responsibility for its historical defeat and the right way for a new beginning.

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