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'Send a nice Christmas card to Jason Kenney': experts link premier's unpopularity to federal Conservative vote dip in Alberta

  'Send a nice Christmas card to Jason Kenney': experts link premier's unpopularity to federal Conservative vote dip in Alberta Political watchers say Premier Jason Kenney’s unpopularity over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the federal Conservatives earning a lower portion of Albertans’ vote in last week’s federal election than they did in both 2019 and 2015. After a campaign that coincided with soaring COVID-19 numbers in Alberta, increasing public pressure for Kenney to do more, and his decision to eventually implement restrictions days before voters went to the polls , Alberta went from one non-Conservative MP in the NDP’s Heather McPherson to four.

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  • The first doctor I saw diagnosed me with anxiety caused by my upcoming wedding.
  • It took two years from that first visit to the doctor for me to feel like myself again.
  • I want to empower my daughters to speak up when something hurts, so they aren't ignored like I was.

There it was again. Another whine from a child. This time it was my 2-year-old, who - running from the living room to the kitchen - tripped over her own feet and came down onto her palms. My two kids were constantly stubbing toes, scratching themselves with a weird nail, or biting their tongues while they ate. I was exhausted by the long days of parenting.

Pac-12 football coach Nick Rolovich seeking religious exemption from vaccine mandate, according to mentor

  Pac-12 football coach Nick Rolovich seeking religious exemption from vaccine mandate, according to mentor Ex-Hawaii and NFL coach June Jones said he has advised the Washington State coach to get vaccinated, but Nick Rolovich is seeking exemption instead.Jones told this to USA TODAY Sports on Thursday night as Rolovich faces an Oct. 18 deadline to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or get approved for an exemption, according to the mandate for Washington state employees. If he doesn’t meet those requirements, Rolovich could lose his job, risking a once-promising career.

My patience waning, it was getting harder each day to not roll my eyes at their cries. I feared that my mistrust of my own body was setting my daughters up for the same mistrust.

How my mistrust started

My illness started with a sore throat in January 2013. After what seemed like a minor virus, the weakness and nausea that came with it wouldn't lift. My new fiancé had a sore throat, too, but he was back to work and feeling like himself only a few days later. I tried to push through it, but after two weeks of barely eating and being unable to handle my normal level of exertion, I made an appointment with the doctor.

I was eager for answers, ready for whatever medication I needed to feel like myself again.

"Have there been any big changes in your life?" the doctor asked while examining me.

Blues' Brandon Saad out vs. Kings due to COVID-19

  Blues' Brandon Saad out vs. Kings due to COVID-19 The Blues have announced that forward Brandon Saad will be unavailable on Saturday due to COVID protocol. Saad, as well as the entire Blues roster, is vaccinated. With Saad sidelined and Pavel Buchnevich suspended, the Blues will be without their two major offseason additions for their home opener against the L.A. Kings. © Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports St. Louis Blues left wing Brandon Saad The Blues have not revealed the cause of Saad’s entry into the COVID protocol. However, the fact that he has already been ruled out of a game that is 48 hours away would imply that he has tested positive.

"Only good ones," I answered. "I got engaged a month ago."

"You're just anxious about your wedding," the doctor said.

In my chart, there was a history of anxiety. I had gone off my low dose of Prozac a year earlier since I'd felt okay without it. I knew what anxiety felt like, and this wasn't it. I begged for a mono test.

When the nurse called the next day with the results of my complete blood count, she didn't mention the mono test. The doctor hadn't ordered it, so I insisted again. Two days later, the nurse called to tell me the test was positive. That night in the bath, I felt swollen lymph nodes along the creases of my hips, my body insisting that it wasn't all in my head.

I still don't have a lot of answers

It took almost two years to feel like myself again. Then the sickness came back in 2017. It stayed for a few months before slithering away, which left me paranoid. I still feel it from time to time, although it's now mild and short-lived.

Will Sharks send impressive rookie William Eklund back to Swedish league?

  Will Sharks send impressive rookie William Eklund back to Swedish league? With three assists in four games, Eklund is showing flashes of potential and already demonstrating the value the Sharks got with a seventh overall selection. Yet Eklund was scratched Sunday for their first loss of the season against the Boston Bruins, allowing Alexander Barabanov to draw back into the lineup. Eklund’s spent the season playing on a line with Tomas Hertl and Rudolfs Balcers, but sits as a minus-3 with none of his points coming at even strength.

Armed with my own research, I spoke with two doctors, who agreed that it sounded like myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome, had plagued me all these years. But because it's an under-researched illness that many healthcare providers aren't educated on, I still don't feel like I have solid answers.

As a woman who wasn't taken seriously in her illness, I'm struggling to understand or even believe my body when it falters.

I want my girls to believe their own bodies

I mentally kick myself when my daughters hurt themselves and I dismissively say, "You're okay." Even in my parenting exhaustion, I'm making the effort to take their cries with a deep breath - to sit on my heels, look them in the eyes, and say, "I'm sorry, are you okay? What can I do?"

I want my daughters to be proud of being in tune with their bodies, to know that I take them seriously, and that they should do the same.

As a woman, I'm learning to trust my body, to let it falter without shame. As a mother, I'm trying to shed all of this learned behavior - as parents are always trying to do - and give my daughters the confidence to live within their complicated bodies. I can only hope that my words make a difference in the long run.

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Broken deals, costly delays and 'gazumping': Welcome to the U.K.'s ruthless housing market .
If you think it's tough to buy a home in Canada, try navigating the U.K.'s vicious housing market. Buyers and experts alike say Canadians have a superior system — one where deals are binding and you won't find yourself suddenly "gazumped."They had finally pulled together a down payment for an upgrade, and the hard part seemed over.

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