Entertainment two former German soldiers suspected of having wanted to create a terrorist group to "intervene in Yemen" were arrested

13:05  20 october  2021
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two former military of the Bundeswehr planned to create "a paramilitary unit of 100 to 150 men" to "force negotiations Peace between the Houthist rebels and the Yemeni government, "according to Karlsruhe's prosecutor's office.

Two former soldiers of the Bundeswehr suspected of having wanted to form a terrorist company were arrested, announced the federal prosecutor of Karlsruhe, Wednesday, October 20th.

of German nationality, Arend-Adolf G. and Achim A. Both were arrested by special units of the Federal Police, Wednesday morning, one in Freiburg-en-Brisgau (Baden-Württemberg), the other to Munich (Bavaria). The homes of four other suspects, also located in these two Länder from southern Germany, were also searched.

Nansen Refugee Award goes into the Yemen

 Nansen Refugee Award goes into the Yemen The highest award of the Refugee Hilfswerk Unhcr this year goes to a humanitarian organization in the conflict of Yemen. The auxiliary company Jihl Albena stand for humanity, compassion and dedication.

The two men arrested Wednesday had begun preparations to create "a paramilitary unit of 100 to 150 men", composed of former police officers and former soldiers, and whose objective was to "intervene in the civil war. Who is caught In Yemen, "says Karlsruhe's parquet floor, competent in terrorism. They wanted to "pacify" the civil war zone and forcing peace negotiations between the Hushist rebels and the Yemeni government, "says the public prosecutor's release.

In Yemen, the hushists try to change the course of an ever more deadly war

to finance this project, Achim A. "Tempered with perseverance and over a long time of establishing a dialogue with Saudi government officials," who has been militarily involved in Yemen since 2015. He would have "tried in different ways of establishing a communication channel with Saudi government agencies and obtaining a meeting date for the submission of his proposal," adds the prosecutor's office. "These attempts remained a dead letter because Saudi government agencies contacted did not react."

Syria. An ex-risk manager of Lafarge indicted for "terrorist financing"

 Syria. An ex-risk manager of Lafarge indicted for © Franck Fife / AFP The LAFARGE company logo. Photo Stock Illustration. A Jordanian who worked for the Lafarge plant in Syria was indicted for "terrorism financing" in the group's activities survey in this country until 2014. Lafarge is suspected of paid nearly 13 million euros to terrorist groups including the Islamic state.

"They expected civilians to be killed"

according to German justice, the two men would have already contacted seven other people to form their paramilitary group. To each, they had proposed monthly salaries of 40,000 euros. "They knew that the unit they had to order would inevitably be brought to commit murderous acts during their mission. [...] In addition, they expected civilians to be also killed and wounded in combat operations, "can be read in the public prosecutor's office.

According to Spiegel and TagessPiegel, Arend-Adolf G. and Achim A. would have belonged to paratroop units of the Bundeswehr before working for the German security company Asgaard, particularly known for its activities in Iraq, where it was charged In particular to ensure the safety of the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Baghdad.

"Asgaard made several times talk about her. In 2017, a Third Reich War Flag would have been hooked in one of the companies of the company's premises in Baghdad. His boss also publicly called the general of the Wehrmacht Kurt Student [General de la Luftwaffe during the Second World War] of "soldier model", "recalls the Tagesspiegel.

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