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13:05  16 november  2021
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  Das erste graue Haar: Vier smarte Wege, damit umzugehen © lputet / gettyimages The first gray hair meets some torrents while being normal for others. Find out what options you have now - from dyeing to care.

sooner or later we all have you: gray hair. Some get them with mid-20, others only from 40. Whenever it is so far, the few people want to wear directly gray. Tips for dealing with it.

Slows down:

There are so-called anti-gray lotions for the scalp. Stylist Jens Dagné The Hairdresser Union Intercoiffure Mondial recommends that its customers and customers at the first gray threads in the hair.

protecting lotions "Prior to the further fast depigmentation of the hair and reactivate new pigments on the hair root." First successes are visible after about three months. A similar effect promise anti-gray shampoos.

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At first is gladly laminated. "An intensive tint covers the first gray hair and holds about ten to 15 hair washings," says Antonio Weinschke from the Central Association of the German hairdressing crafts.

The alternative are strands in the hair. Their application charges the scalp at least compared to other dyeing methods, as a film lies between her and her hair.

strands have an optical advantage at gray, especially with darker hair. Since they are one to two tones lighter than the natural hair color, unshaved single gray does not fall so on darker hair, explains Wineitschke.

and compared to a tint of the whole hair, strands can be put in several color nuances - even the hair in its natural condition has never only has one, but many nuances.

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"A coloring makes sense only if it is much more gray hair," says Wineitschke. Compared to a tint, a color penetrates deep into the hair structure and thus holds longer.

Even if you can color hair in almost every hue , it should continue to fit your own skin tone. And he gets pale in old age. "The older the customer, the brighter should be the hue of the hair," says Jens Dagné.

Bright and gentle sounds are a blur for the wrinkled skin . "Dark colors are often older than we are already - and women are tied to a stronger make-up," says the hairdresser.

The disadvantage of dyeing: the renewable approach. After four to six weeks, his customers and customers come to doubting, so the hairdresser Meinitschke. His solution: "With the so-called weaving technology, the transition is not so intense."

In this method, small strands are separated with a comb and only dyed them - the wave-like movement is reminiscent of weaving, hence the name of the method. The rest of the hair remains as he is.

This gray-hair myth should forget women over 40 immediately

 This gray-hair myth should forget women over 40 immediately Gray hair come only with the age, grab the hair structure and make the hair care-intensive? With all the myths that circle around gray hair, women can forget from 40 immediately © Gettyimages This myth can forget this myth again forgotten Gettyimages at the latest in the 40s are the hair of many women gray. But current gray hairs are so celebrated as never before. Stars like Jodi Foster or Andie MacDowell stand for their natural mane and no longer hide.

standing for gray and maintaining:

The gray is one of the age and thus to our lives easily. And you should be able to show that too. Especially as: gray and white - whether natural or even dyed - have been in fashion for a long time.

itself supermodels show up on the catwalks. And the fashion magazine "Vogue" wrote last: "Gray hair are a hairstyle and classic of the future"

, however, gray hair needs a different care to look beautiful. So you often get a yellowstitch through sunlight and other environmental influences, says Wineitschke. In addition, unpigmented hair is unruly than natural hair. For longer hair, this can mean much care effort.

of the hairdressers therefore advises a good care about special silvershampoos and corresponding Conditioners. They contain silver pigments that counteract the yellowstitch.

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