Entertainment "A failure of Boris Johnson": the Calais drama revives the Franco-British tensions

14:35  25 november  2021
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After 38 days, the two activists of Calais stop their hunger strike for the rights of exiles

 After 38 days, the two activists of Calais stop their hunger strike for the rights of exiles © Copyright 2021, the obs "tired and angry", the two associative activists of Calais on strike of the Hunger To support migrants since 11 October announced this Wednesday, November 17 the end of their action, pointing the lack of dialogue with politicians. "We are no longer able to fight through the hunger strike. That's why we decided today to put an end, "said Anaïs Vogel and Ludovic Holbein, at a press conference in the Saint-Pierre de Calais church, after 38 days without feeding .

Alors que vingt-sept migrants ont perdu la vie mercredi dans le naufrage d'une embarcation au large de Calais, ce drame vient remettre sur la table la question de la coopération entre la France et la Grande-Bretagne et les échecs de la politique migratoire en place. Avec la réunion de crise convoquée jeudi matin par Jean Castex, l'heure est à la recherche de solutions pour démanteler les réseaux de passeurs. © Bernard Barron / AFP while twenty-seven migrants lost the life Wednesday in the sinking of a boat off Calais, This drama comes back on the table the issue of cooperation between France and Great Britain and the failures of migratory policy in place. With the crisis meeting convened Thursday morning by Jean Castex, the time is looking for solutions to dismantle smugglers.

Twenty-seven migrants died in the sinking of a boat off Calais Wednesday, while they were trying to win Great Britain. This drama, qualified as "tragedy" by Prime Minister Jean Castex, is the most murderer since flexée in 2018 migratory crossings of the Channel. But how to dismantle smugglers? This is precisely all the issue of the crisis meeting called Thursday by the Prime Minister.

migrants hit by a TER in Calais, a death and a serious wounded

 migrants hit by a TER in Calais, a death and a serious wounded © Copyright 2021, the Obs new drama in the Pas-de-Calais. A migrant man died and three others were injured including a seriously after a collision with a TER in Calais on Thursday, November 4, were he learned from the Parquet of Boulogne-sur-Mer. The accident occurred in the district of Beau Marais around 6:30 pm, when the train, which insured the Link Dunkerque-Calais, could not avoid a group of fifty migrants on the ways, reports France blue . "Four migrants were hit.

"France will not let the round become a cemetery" , also asserted Emmanuel Macron by asking for the "immediate strengthening of the means of the Frontex agency at the external borders" of the EU. But in Britain, Boris Johnson accuses France not to fulfill his share of the contract for migratory flows. He asks to intensify the measures to prevent crossings.

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So far, efforts have not been sufficient, says it. It is a complaint that the United Kingdom has been doing France for several months. In September, London had even threatened not to pay a promised financial assistance of nearly 63 million euros if Paris did not reinforce his patrols. Boris Johnson also advocates for greater collaboration between the two countries on this subject. That's what he explained Wednesday night after an emergency meeting of his government. "It's time to work together and do everything in our power to break these gangsters who are doing despite their murders," he said. The British Prime Minister proposes to send officers on the French beaches to help control departures.

Migrants: In Calais, the UK call remains stronger than the dangers of the

 Migrants: In Calais, the UK call remains stronger than the dangers of the crossing © AP - Rafael Yaghobzadeh a migrant camp in Calais on November 27, 2021 (image of illustration). in Calais, despite the danger of crossing the Channel, the United Kingdom remains an Eldorado for many migrants. Others make the opposite path but remain delivered to themselves once back in France. of our special envoy in Calais, appointment was given in front of Calais station. Mathilde arrived late because she had to drive a man to the hospital explains.

"Deepen Cooperation"

This is also what the British MP for the Douvre riding, which met Wednesday night at the British chain Sky News. "People are safe in France and they need to stay safe in France. It means that we have to ensure that there are more important patrols on the French beaches, that the boats are encouraged to do Half-round closer to France, "she launched that since the beginning of the year, 22,000 migrants managed to cross the sleeve from the French coasts to arrive at Dover.

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She also called upon to take firm and fast actions with France, in order to put an end to this "absolutely horrible" situation. "There is already an English presence in France and we have French police at the frontiers, here in the UK. This system has been put in place there are a number of years and it works very well. I would like that this cooperation is in depth, "she continued.

But for Natacha Bouchart, the Mayor of Calais, this dreadful drama comes from a series of failures in the management of the migratory crisis, especially from Great Britain. "I thought I saw a lot of things in terms of migration difficulties, not. It is the culmination of failures in relation to this migratory policy. A failure of Boris Johnson, who constrains our territory to undergo devices because He does not have the courage himself to choose for his territory, "she reproached. "He constrained the Calaisians and the Calaisians to still have to suffer today this human drama, this human milking organized by the smugglers. It must all stop".

Boris Johnson wants to ban members to be paid as lobbyists .
© Steve Reigate / Steve Reigate / AFP E Nglué as his Conservative Party in a scandal of favoritism, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed to reform the Code of Conduct des Parliaments, Tuesday, November 16th. Its objective: to prohibit them from being paid as consultants or lobbyists.

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