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04:15  28 november  2021
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AFGHANISTAN: Taliban allegedly shot from people who put music to a wedding

 AFGHANISTAN: Taliban allegedly shot from people who put music to a wedding © AFP - Wakil Kohsar The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan did not legislate the practice or listening to non-religious music . On the other hand, the very conservative movement is not favorable. In a village in eastern Afghanistan, Taliban fighters would have opened fire in a wedding against guests playing music. The facts date back to Friday night, October 29th. At least two people were killed and there would be several wounded.

Already three months ago, Mullah Mohammed Hassan Achand was appointed, but publicly expressing the reigning head of government of Taliban in Afghanistan so far. Now he turned to the citizens for the first time.

Ist auch kamerascheu: Mullah Mohammed Hassan Achund (Archivfoto) © Balkis Press / Abaca / Picture Alliance is also a camera capacity: Mullah Mohammed Hassan Achand (archive photo)

The reigning head of government of the Radicalalalal Taliban has been publicly reported to the first time: Afghanistan's state television beamed on Saturday night a recorded audio statement from Mullah Mohammed Hassan Achand . In it he called the nation to be grateful for the Taliban regime.

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Mid-August, the Taliban had conquered the Afghan capital Kabul and after the deduction of NATO troops the power took over. Then they formed at the beginning of September a transitional government with ak and at the top. Millions of Afghans have lost their main source of income since then. UN organizations warn against a humanitarian crisis in the country at HinduKusch.

Taliban want central banks

in his speech said Achand, the Taliban would have fulfilled their promises by continuing their fight against foreign forces to the establishment of an Islamic government and the stabilization of the country. He explained, famine, unemployment and price increases have already given it before the takeover by the Taliban in the country. The economic crisis could be solved if around nine billion dollars of the Afghan central bank reserves, which are largely parked in the United States, would be released.

Afghanistan. An American emissary will meet the Taliban at Pakistan

 Afghanistan. An American emissary will meet the Taliban at Pakistan © Hector Retamal / AFP Spokesperson Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid in press conference on October 31st. The new US emissory for Afghanistan, Thomas West, must meet the Taliban government for the first time, this Thursday, November 11th. The primary goal is to avoid a humanitarian crisis that promises to approach winter.

Taliban-Kämpfer an einem Kontrollpunkt in Kabul: Seit August haben auch in der Hauptstadt die Islamisten das Sagen © Petros Giannakouris / AP / DPA / Picture Alliance Taliban fighters at a checkpoint in Kabul: Since August, the Islamists have also been in the capital that

The International Community had asked the regime to form a largely representative government and people and women's rights to pay attention. Achurt stressed, his government was freely accessible to everyone and the rights of women would be respected. However, in the current government, more than 90 percent of the government officials belong to a single ethnic group. Women are not below.


Afghanistan: the Taliban dissolve a commission to organize and supervise the elections in the country .
since their takeover, on August 15, the Taliban had already replaced the Ministry of Female Affairs by the dreaded ministry of the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice. They had also removed the ministry for peace and that for parliamentary affairs. © provided by FranceInfo they ensure that they do not need it ".

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