Entertainment unions and "antifas" will scroll to Paris Sunday against Zemmour

18:30  02 december  2021
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Reportage. "I love this universe": Eric Zemmour to the conquest of a more popular

 Reportage. electorate in Chavagneux, the polemicist has still hardened his speech to attack a little more electoral base of Marine Le Pen. © AFP.com/Christophe Simon Eric Zemmour During the promotional tour of his book "Zemmour will never win, because the popular classes do not identify him." This statement is signed Marine Le Pen. The frontier candidate knows, she has the advantage of being able to count on a popular base that remained faithful to her. An audience that Eric Zemmour must still seduce.

Le 30 octobre dernier, environ 600 manifestants ont protesté contre la venue d’Eric Zemmour, dans le cadre d’une conférence-débat et dédicace de son nouveau livre, à Nantes. © Jérôme Fouquet / West-France on October 30, about 600 protesters protested against the arrival of Eric Zemmour, as part of a conference-debate and Dedication of his new book, in Nantes.

About fifty trade union organizations, parties and associations call to demonstrate Sunday in Paris to "silence" Eric Zemmour, who will hold his first meeting in Seine-Saint-Denis in the afternoon. If the presidential candidate has changed the place of his meeting, trade union organizations retain the initial location of the event.

the candidate for the presidential Eric Zemmour will hold Sunday, December 5, 2021, in the afternoon, his first meeting at the Parc des Expositions of Villepinte, in Seine-Saint-Denis rather than at the Zenith from the Villette Park, as originally planned, as he announced on Wednesday

indignation after the coming and the words of Eric Zemmour in front of the Bataclan Saturday 13 November

 indignation after the coming and the words of Eric Zemmour in front of the Bataclan Saturday 13 November The arrival of Eric Zemmour in front of the Bataclan, Saturday, November 13, six years after the attacks of Paris, and his accusations to François Hollande, Chief From the state of the day, arouse anger and indignation of victims and policies.

. Despite this change of place, the organizers of the event, who are hostile to his coming, nevertheless decided to maintain the initially planned course of Barbèts in La Villette.

"It was a bit complicated to organize a demonstration at the last moment in Seine-Saint-Denis. It was likely to lose from the world, not to bring together all the security conditions, and then it forced us to redo a communication "

," says Benoît Martin, Secretary General of the Departmental Union CGT of Paris, during a conference. Press on the Labor Stock Exchange, while leaflets and posters have already begun to be distributed and glued.

denouncing a man who carries the "hatred" and the "division" , Benoît Martin says hope for an "great popular manifestation of the Francilians Sunday" for "Silence Zemmour, that is to say, stronger than it actually ".

Eric Zemmour officially announced his candidacy for the presidential election

 Eric Zemmour officially announced his candidacy for the presidential election © Ouest-France Éric Zemmour at a public meeting in Pleurtuit in Ille-et-Vilaine. one who became known as a polemicist television confirmed what everyone sensed for weeks: he is a candidate for president in 2022, he announced on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in a video published on social networks. "I decided to run for president." Eric Zemmour is candidate presidential election.

"Having managed to flee, Eric Zemmour, it's already a little victory"

"We're betting the number" , "he said without moving a number. But already the organizers welcomed himself "flee" Eric Zemmour, who moved his place of meeting. " is a real victory [...]. This proves that when we show that people do not want Zemmour, he backs up "," said Raphaël Arnault, from the young Guard Paris.

according to Adèle such, from the CGT of the 19th arrondissement, the employees of the Villette had mobilized and "prepared staff movements".

Benoît Martin did not exclude the coming of the Secretary General of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, which appears in the Eric Zemmour campaign clip. "The CGT is targeted because we defend a project of society opposed to theirs" , said Adèle Anz.

The entourage of Eric Zemmour has recognized Thursday have changed its shoulder rifle so as not to put in "danger" the public because of the expected protests.

Several CGT and solidarity unions, the PCF 75, the NPA, together!, The Left Party, young environmentalists, youth organizations UNF and FIDL, SOS racism, call for manifesting.

Has the BFM TV channel surmote Eric Zemmour? Marc-Olivier Fogiel meets cash! .
The media, and BFM TV in particular, are they responsible for the rise of Eric Zemmour and its CNEWS controversial transformation to the presidential candidate? It is, in essence, the question that has just been placed in Marc-Olivier Fogiel, the Director General of the Continuous Info Chain.

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