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The West Block – Episode 5, Season 11

  The West Block – Episode 5, Season 11 Watch the full episode of The West Block with host Mercedes Stephenson – November 28, 2021.Episode 5, Season 11

If you are with yourself at peace, then life becomes easier. You look at other people more attractive, can intensive bonds to build and easier to accept the love of others and give back.

Selbstliebe lernen © valentinrussanov / getty images self-love learning

But self-love is anything but simple. Only if you really are dealing with yourself - your desires, your strengths and your weaknesses - you can learn to accept this and begin to accept yourself.

The good thing is that you can learn self-love. Under certain circumstances, the path takes to self-acceptance, but the confrontation with yourself worthwhile.

self-love can you learn understand yourself

A first step on the path to self-acceptance is the setting apart with himself.

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Who exactly are you? attempts to describe yourself first even, as you would characterize another person.

Sit apart with your strengths, fears and concrete experiences - the more specific you get, the better you learn you know yourself. Have you ever not dared something because you were afraid of? If yes why?

Go to causes of action on the ground and try to understand yourself. Only then you can either change or learn to live with the weaknesses of the behavior. But

concentrate not only on the negative characteristics but illuminating the positives!

Formulate your wishes

Just as important as dealing with the past and present is to look to the future.

What are your desires and goals? Formulate specifically how you imagine your life in the future. Stand by your deepest longings. Maybe you're not happy because you suppress your desires or you do not want to admit? Only someone who knows exactly what he wants, can really get to know. So be honest with yourself!

NBA All-Star Kevin Love honored for mental health advocacy

  NBA All-Star Kevin Love honored for mental health advocacy BOSTON (AP) — Kevin Love knows the euphoria of sinking a three-pointer just before the buzzer. But the five-time NBA All-Star has had plenty of lows to offset those highs. “There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed. That’s just the truth,” the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward wrote in 2018 about his lifelong struggles with depression and low self-worth. On Thursday, the Boston-based Ruderman Family Foundation honored Love with its annual Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion for his work both on and off the court to remove the stigma around mental illness.

Accept your weaknesses

If you look not only be standing your weaknesses and mistakes, but this also agree, you learn to love yourself.

Kümmer therefore not about what others think of you yourself. only, it counts as you and your closest friends think of you. Do that no one is clear perfect in this world. Everyone has faults.

Nevertheless, it is not wrong to recognize some negative behavior patterns that you sabotage yourself. For example, by looking herschiebst decisions for fear of you. Condemn thee not, but make yourself aware how you deal with certain things.

Do not compare yourself with others is unique

Everyone - including you! Therefore, you should not compare with others you. One thing you should keep in mind: On the surface all show the best. That they have no problems in the relationship, always have a good line to the boss and naturally the most beautiful skin.

But let's face it: Behind the scenes it looks at each different. Therefore: Be proud of small or large steps that you are doing. And enjoy the freedom to love yourself as you are - something to prove no different.

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Pamper yourself

to self-love, it belongs to do something good for yourself. Find out what you like and then do just that - and regularly.

nature walks, a hot bath after a hard day's work or a meeting with friends? No matter what it is, take your time for it and do not begrudge you. Bestow on you in this respect always, again even without a guilty conscience. Every human being deserves something good!

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