Entertainment Lupine: When will part 3 come out on Netflix?

17:25  07 january  2022
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Lupin : quand sortira la partie 3 sur Netflix ? © Emmanuel Guimier Lupine: When will part 3 come out on Netflix? With its first two seasons broadcast on Netflix, the Lupine series, driven by Omar Sy, has been successful. Very awaited by the millions of platform subscribers, the series will return for a part 3.

Discretion, this is the key word of all good burglary that respects itself. But when we talk about the Lupine series, created by George Kay and François Uzan for Netflix , the term would be more '' repercussions ''. With a first part, watched by more than 76 million homes around the world, this captivating thriller, where we follow the adventures of Assane Diop, embodied by Omar SY , had become the most viewed content on the Platform in France. And this, from the first month of circulation of Season 1, released on January 8, 2021, who, if she has conquered Hexagon , also had an unprecedented international echo. The second part was not left, and Netflix ordered a part 3 of Lupine. What to delight the fans of this Modern Time Gentleman, inspired by the fiction character Arsene Lupine , born of the pen of Maurice Leblanc.

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 Squid Game (Netflix): The creator of the series already evokes discussions for a third season! © YouTube Capture Squid Game (Netflix): The creator of the series already evokes discussions for a third season! This Wednesday, December 29, the creator of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, said he was currently in "talks" with Netflix to sign a season 3 of his series that beat records on the platform. This is the series of the year. On September 17th, Netflix puts on line a new South Korean series, called Squid Game .

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part 2 of Lupine , output on June 11, 2021, had not yet arrived On Netflix that the platform announced with the same ingenuity as the series hero that a third was going well, and its potential intrigue at the same time. Information validated by Omar Sy on Twitter: '' We can not hide anything. Lupine Part 3 is confirmed! '', he wrote May 11th. And the actor of Intouchables to specify, a few months later, always on Twitter: "Here it's (always) Paris!", by posting a photo where we distinguish the Eiffel Tower in the back plan. Before adding: "Lupine, Part 3, shooting." The proof that Assane Diop prepares its return, this selfie having been taken while the first turning scenes had started in the capital . Part 3 of Lupine will be broadcast in 2022 on Netflix

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 Calendar Netflix: News Outputs Thursday, January 6 © Netflix Calendar Netflix: News Outputs Thursday, January 6th Between movies and series, the millions of Netflix subscribers are spoiled for choice with all the novelties proposed every day. Tele-leisure reveals the platform program for Thursday, January 6th. As always, Netflix continues to enrich its catalog.

then, when will we see the season 3 of Lupine , of which

Shirine Boutlla (Sofia Belkacem) announced that it would be "grandiose" ? Part 2 of Lupine arrived on June 11, only a few months after the launch of the Netflix series on January 8th. In January 2021, George Kay, the co-coach of the series, would have revealed that he hoped that Part 3 could see the day in 2022. What would be logical after several months of filming and post-production. What will be seen in Part 3 of Lupine ?

While waiting to find the Gentleman burglary for a third salvo of thrilling episodes, here are some clues left by Omar Sy in an interview for Entertainment Weekly

in July: "When you read novels, Lupine has a lot of accomplices . But in the series, he only has one, Benjamin. He needs more arms, so he will have to hire, as he does in Season 2 with Philippe Courbet ''. The announces new characters to discover? The fans of Arsène Lupine and Sherlock, they are still waiting to see the famous Crossover which could take place between the two heroes. Article written in collaboration with 6Medias

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