Entertainment Ethics Council Provides Recommendation for Paccapy: Omikron Requires new rating, many conditions are not met

01:50  14 january  2022
01:50  14 january  2022 Source:   businessinsider.de

Paul Ehrlich Institute Convs with omikron vaccine in a few months

 Paul Ehrlich Institute Convs with omikron vaccine in a few months "Three to four months seem quite realistic with mRNA-, perhaps also in vector vaccines whose original vaccine is already approved." The approval of the new vaccines should then be comparatively Go fast: "If the applications for variant Covid vaccines are complete, the Committee on Human Medicines may decide within a few days in the European Medicines Agency (EMA) , which is represented by the Paul Ehrlich Institute," said the PEI President of the NOZ.

The German ethic council wants to reconsider its recommendation for expanded vaccinations. The attitude of the directing, which Corona variant dominates the infection events, said the Council Chairman Alena BuyX the « mirror» .

When the committee in December has mostly recommended extension of the vaccinating obligation of occupational groups to "essential parts of the population", this opinion had been written in the "core under the terms of the delta variant". If the facts in the pandemic - for example, through the highly infectious omikron variant - change significantly, you have to check out "assessments as you met them again," she stressed. "Everything else would be irresponsible."

15.000er brand wobbles: Omikron worries press DAX for the start of the week Deep in the minus

 15.000er brand wobbles: Omikron worries press DAX for the start of the week Deep in the minus The German guide index is shown on Monday. © Provided by finanzen.net Hannelore Foerster / Getty Images At the beginning of the last trading week Before Christmas, the DAX was started by 2.44 percent lower and thus recorded 15,152.56 points. Currently it is about 3.01 percent to 15,064.82 meters south. Video: Fed is likely to accelerate monetary policy turning (DPA AFX) causes börsianne again the rapid spread of the newly discovered omikron variant of the coronavirus.

"Revision reliability I also recommend the policy"

The members of the ethics council for "revision reliability", and they also recommend them to politics, BUYX said the news magazine. "It can be that again important things change, for example, that our previous vaccine rate is sufficient for future, more harmless mutations, but to get into a controlled endemic situation." Of course, the opposite can happen as well.

BuyX pointed out that from the point of view of the ethic council, numerous conditions for the introduction of a general vaccination requirement are not yet fulfilled. "We wrote politics into the task book, which everything would have to be done before a vaccination requirement could come: For example, you would have to have much more low-threshold, nationwide vaccine offers. A true target group-specific strategy but has been missed so far. "

"Especially in this situation": Boxing Day: Klopp distures the Christmas peace

 The Boxing Day on December 26th is the largest feast day in British football. But Jürgen Klopp is not yet for Christmas at all. © www.ksta.t. London / Munich (SID) Christmas cemetery? Not with Jürgen Klopp! With icy expression and biting mocks, the team manager of the FC Liverpool commented the packed scheduler, which hurt him again. "If that, what I say, would help more, I would say it more often. But it does not change, "he scolded," the only thing I achieve is headlines.

would also need a permanent vaccination infrastructure and many good advisory services. "There is a whole range of conditions or flanking measures that are mandatory before it could come from our point of view to a vaccination obligation."

of the currently 24 ethic council members had spoken out at the end of December 20 for an expansion of vaccinations and 4 on the other hand. For the scope of expansion, there were different views: Thus, 13 of the 20, which are for an expansion of the vaccination obligation on all adults that could vaccinate. 7 were to limit this to Corona risk groups such as older or pre-patients.

  Ethikrat stellt Empfehlung für Impfpflicht infrage: Omikron erfordere neue Bewertung, viele Bedingungen seien nicht erfüllt © Provided by Business Insider Germany


Data from Denmark: Omikron subtype BA.2 is again more than 1.5 times contagious .
reports of milder disease gradients related to the omikron mutation of the coronavirus have given many people in recent weeks that the Pandemic slowly, but safely approaches the end. But the new omikron subvation BA.2 is preparing medical professionals again. Because the subtype is intended to spread current research 1.5 times faster than the original BA.1. The disturbing numbers released the Danish Health Institute SSI on Wednesday. "Preliminary calculations suggest that BA.2 is effectively co

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