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18:45  26 january  2022
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The 19 season of NCIS - whose release date on M6 in France is not yet known, will it be the last for Wilmer Valderrama? It's not impossible. The episode 12 broadcast on Monday, January 24th, 2022 on CBS in the US has set up some indices on a potential start of Torres. Attention Spoilers!

NCIS saison 19 : futur départ de Wilmer Valderrama (Torres) ? Des indices dans l'épisode 12 NCIS Season 19: Future departure from Wilmer Valderrama (Torres)? Indices in episode 12 A future departure for Wilmer Valderrama?

Wilmer Valderrama will in turn leave NCIS at the end of Season 19, currently broadcast on CBS in the USA? This is the question that worries many fans. A few weeks ago, it was announced that The Torres interpreter had just been chosen to incarnate Zorro in a new Live-Action series centered around the character for ABC, a concurrent chain.

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and if, to date, the comedian has never taken the trouble to clarify his situation within the police fiction, the episode 12 of the season 19 programmed on the Monday, January 24, 2022 seems to have given us some indices on The outcome that can be expected in the coming months. And unfortunately for fans, it might not be positive.

The evolution of torres interrogates

thus, in the episode of this week, Torres appeared colder and irrascible than ever. When Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) shared her surprise by seeing her arriving late and tired at work after having refused to have a drink with her the day before, the NCIS agent was particularly pungent , "We already pass our day together at work. Should we really spend the slightest second of our life together?" Hum.

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then, it was then unpleasant to Dale Sawyer (Zane Holtz), ignored that Parker (Gary Cole) could soon replace a team member and lamented that this team was "plus that of Gibbs ", this mentor who convinced him to join the NCIS a few years ago. Finally, he then volunteered to embark on clandestine fight during a mission, left his life in danger.

An unexpected rebel attitude punctuated with a disturbing discussion with McGee. When he pointed out that he gave the impression of wanting to be killed, Torres simply declared, "yes, and there is no longer anyone to worry!" What surprise McGee, "I'm here. Where do you want me to go?", And to have the character of Wilmer Valderrama , "You already have your family, you do not need me".

A future still uncertain

You will understand it, this episode 12 of NCIS has clearly put the finger on an important subject: the badness of Torres. A suprise ? Not that much. Last year he saw Bishop (Emily Wickersham), with whom he had a relationship, go for a long-term mission , and earlier in Season 19, it's Gibbs ( Mark Harmon ) - Seeing as a substitute father after his abandoned him, who finally left the US without turning around . What amplifies a feeling of abandonment that has marked his life since an early age and that may not remain without consequences. For the moment, it is obviously still difficult to know where the writers really want to come. Will Torres continue his self-destructive attitude up to an inevitable fatal end? Will he decide to slam the door to find another family? Find Bishop? Or will he follow the councils of Palmer (Brian Dietzen), also touched by

this feeling of abandonment after the death of his wife

, going to see a psychiatrist? The mystery remains total, but the evolution of torres coupled with that of the career of Wilmer Valderrama does not announce a very happy end for the fans who might then say goodbye to an umpteent character. Other theory: Torres will not leave the NCIS but CBS will end the series next spring, which will free the actor to play Zorro. We do not know which option is the worst.

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