Entertainment Microsoft documents problems with the XPS Viewer under Windows 10 and Windows 11

17:50  09 august  2022
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Windows 11 version 22H2: Please do not disturb

 Windows 11 version 22H2: Please do not disturb © provided by Dr. Windows There are people who can still work and concentrate in the largest chaos. And there are people like me who can be distracted by every little bit of little things and at the end of the day often do not create the workload that they had actually planned. In Windows 11, Microsoft has installed the "Focus sessions" function in Windows 11, which has so far been presumably overlooked by most. The reason: The focus sessions are in the clock app, which is not called too often.

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The XPS Viewer can currently cause problems under Windows 10 and Windows 11 and the corresponding server versions. However, the circle of those affected should be manageable.

in the Windows Release Health Dashboard (via Günter Born ) there is a note that the XPS Viewer can have an increased CPU load and a high need for working memory since the optional updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11 from the end of June . In the extreme case, this can result in a crash of the program.

For several reasons, it is unlikely to be affected by the problem. File format XPS is an exotic and rarely appears in the wild, for this reason Microsoft decided four years ago not to install it by default. It must be installed as an optional feature under the settings under apps if you want to use it.

In addition, the behavior in question probably only occurs in connection with certain languages. Microsoft speaks of some non-English languages ​​as well as certain drawing coding in Japanese or Chinese script. Even if you use the XPS viewer, it also depends on the content of the open file whether you are confronted with the problem described.

Microsoft to do is fully integrated into Outlook - Rollout has started .
© provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft to do cover The tasks from Microsoft to do have already been synchronized with Outlook, provided that you have registered with the same account. Now the functionality of the to do app is fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook, the rollout has already started. Everything you know from the to do app for Windows can be found 1-1 in Outlook for Windows. There are even several accounts supported, as I could see in a first quick test.

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