Entertainment "Sabotage" from Nord Stream: No, Joe Biden never said that Washington could attack

08:20  29 september  2022
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Biden To Heckler During Rally: “Everybody’s Entitled To Be An Idiot”

  Biden To Heckler During Rally: “Everybody’s Entitled To Be An Idiot” Today in Wisconsin, President Joe Biden responded to the latest in a string of hecklers interrupting his public appearances. “As I said last week,” Biden told the crowd in an appearance broadcast on MSNBC, “we remain in the battle for the soul of America.” The heckler then began shouting out something unintelligible. “All right. God love ya,” replied Biden directly to the man, who was then booed by other attendees and likely set upon by security. Biden was more magnanimous. “No, no, no…don’t — let him go. He’s, look, everybody’s entitled to be an idiot,” said the president.

gas pipelines while the West suspects Russia, Moscow and conspirators exploit an old declaration of the American president to sow doubt

Joe Biden le 1er septembre 2022. © Matt Slocum/AP/SIPA Joe Biden on September 1, 2022. FAKE OFF - While the West suspects Russia, Moscow and conspirators exploit an old statement from the American president to sow doubt

which is responsible for the Sabotage presumed of the gas pipelines North Stream 1 and 2 , who continue to flee in the Baltic Sea ? At this stage, no "tuxedo Gun", but the West suspects Moscow, who would seek to sow Zizania between Washington and its European allies. Russia, which asked for a meeting of the UN Security Council this Friday, a half-word, accused the United States of being responsible, taking advantage of old ambiguous declarations of Joe Biden and a diplomat . Insinuations deemed "ridiculous" by Washington.

Biden maintains the vagueness on a candidacy in 2024

 Biden maintains the vagueness on a candidacy in 2024 © Mandel Ngan The American President Joe Biden at the White House, September 15, 2022 closed vis-à-vis China, optimistic about the covid but mysterious on his intentions In 2024: President Biden multiplied shock statements during an interview broadcast on Sunday, less than two months from the mid-term elections.

The short version, repeated by Moscow , Tucker Carlson on Fox News and thousands of conspirators on Twitter and Truth Social, is as follows: Vladimir Putin has no interest in sabotage North Stream, it can cut other taps when he wants; The United States has always been opposed to Nord Stream 2, which threatens its exports; Joe Biden had assured in February that his administration "ended" the gas pipeline in the event of an attack; And Victoria Nuland, of State Department, had assured that he would not enter service, "in one way or another". Washington would therefore have a reason, the opportunity and the means to strike. CQFD. Or not.

Fake Off

Joe Biden never talked about an attack or sabotage. During a confused press conference, two weeks before the start of the Russian offensive, he assures him: "If Russia invades (Ukraine), then there will be no more North Stream 2. We will end "(" There will be length a north stream 2. We will bring an end to it ", in V.O.) How, asks him a journalist? "I promise you, we are able to get there"

EU: Pipeline sabotage Probably

 EU: Pipeline sabotage Probably The European Union considers Sabotage as the cause of the leaks on the gas pipelines north stream 1 and 2 as likely and has threatened with countermeasures. "All available information indicates that these leaks are the result of a deliberate action," said EU foreign commissioner Josep Borrell on behalf of the 27 Member States on Wednesday. Any intentional disorder of the European energy infrastructure is completely unacceptable and will "be answered with a robust and common reaction".

"there will be length A Nord Stream 2. We will Bring an end to it ..." pic.twitter.com/y5nlbhxte8

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Two weeks before, it is the state subsecretaire for political affairs, Victoria Nuland, who held a similar speech, warning that in the event of Russian invasion, the gas pipeline n ' would go "no front, in one way or another".

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You have to re -situate these words in the context of the time. At the end of January-at the beginning of February, American intelligence had acquired the certainty that Vladimir Putin intended to invade Ukraine, and feared that the energy of Germany will crack the united front of Europe. In all likelihood, Joe Biden spoke of diplomatic pressures. And did not announce his intention to hit the gas pipeline in front of cameras around the world.

worldPollution, recession or threat ... What are the consequences of sabotage of Nord Stream? Mondeguerre gas pipelines in Ukraine: the EU claims that leaks on North Stream are a "sabotage"

Jake Tapper Starts Primetime Gig With Joe Biden Interview; POTUS Talks Of Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear Saber-Rattling And Addresses Son Hunter Biden’s Legal Trouble .
Joe Biden, in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, said that he doesn’t think that Russian President Vladimir Putin would use a tactical nuclear weapon but that it was “irresponsible” for him to talk about it. In the first night of his stint as host of CNN Tonight, Tapper was following up on comments that Biden made last week at a fundraiser at the home of James Murdoch. The president warned that it was the “first time since the Cuban missile crisis we have a direct threat of the use of nuclear weapons if in fact things continue down the path they are going.

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