Entertainment After 49 years: The cause of the death of Bruce Lee reveals

18:00  24 november  2022
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'Great Balls of Fire' Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis Dead at 87

  'Great Balls of Fire' Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis Dead at 87 The controversial musician was the first person inducted into the first class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986Rock n' roll legend and controversial musician Jerry Lee Lewis has died. He was 87.

Five decades ago that the world -famous karate defender Bruce Lee died. Now you have come to the cause of your death.

Bruce Lee © Imago / Everett Collection Bruce Lee

There are characters that you know that they have lived, but it surrounds the hint of the mystical , such as Jack the Ripper . Compare Bruce Lee with this is of course nonsense, but there are also things to report about him that are mysterious . Or goods.

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because now brings a new theory momentum into the smell of smell for half a century: What died of martial arts -Superstar actually exactly? So far, according to BILD.de , has only stated that Lee 1973 in Hong Kong succumbed to a swelling of the brain. But what triggered this?

'Great Balls of Fire' Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis Dead at 87

  'Great Balls of Fire' Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis Dead at 87 Leslie Jordan's Will and Grace co-star Max Greenfield has revealed the late actor's final text exchange with him prior to his death in a car accident in Los Angeles on Monday (24.10.22)

Potential cause of death: Hyponatremia

Researchers at the University of Madrid now believe that the brain swelling could have been triggered by the absorption of too much water .

In the "Clinical Kidney Journal", the scientists recently published a study , in which they capture: "Based on an analysis of publicly available information, we assume that the cause of death due to hyponatremia [i.e. sodium deficiency, The editor was. In other words: we are assuming that the inability of the kidneys to excrete unnecessary water, killed Bruce Lee. "

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Bruce Lee drank and drank

This assumption is supported by the demonstrable diet Lees months before his death. During this time, the action star drank about six to eight liters of water a day, which he put in his body in the form of apple and carot juice .

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doctors found highly increased blood-urine-substance values ​​two months before his death-a safe sign of an already manifest kidney damage . In addition, not all water sources that he consumed were free of alcohol: Lee also drank ten to twenty bottles of Sake every day, a Japanese rice wine with up to 20 percent alcohol content.

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