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17:11  11 april  2018
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Survivor: Jeff Probst on why the Ghost Island rules changed

  Survivor: Jeff Probst on why the Ghost Island rules changed 'Life has Improved' A bonus clip from this week's episode of 'Survivor' Each week Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Survivor: Ghost Island. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Kellyn gets sent back to Ghost Island, and this time she had a 2/3 chance of winning an advantage if she played as opposed to the 50 percent that she and Jacob had before. What brought about that change at this time? JEFF PROBST: It was always the idea to up the stakes as the season progressed to make the temptation to risk your vote just a bit more appealing. As it gets deeper in the game, your vote becomes that much more valuable… but so does a game-changing advantage. So what do you do? And this season we have the added element of the Naviti tribe attempting to hold onto their numbers advantage, which makes it even trickier for Kellyn to risk her vote. Kellyn gets Sarah’s steal-a-vote that took out Michaela on Game Changers, yet now it only has powers as an extra vote, and not stealing someone else’s. Why make that change this time around? One of the ideas that we really liked for Ghost Island is that based on what happened the first time around, an advantage may have more — or less — power. If something has been living on Ghost Island for a long time, like Ozzy’s stick, maybe it has matured… or if something was horribly misplayed, maybe it lost some of its power.

Jeff Probst assesses the castaways that will be competing on this season of Survivor ! Are his predictions accurate?

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a man wearing a hat: Survivor: Ghost Island Mid-Season Cast Assessment© Global TV Survivor: Ghost Island Mid-Season Cast Assessment

By: John Powell –GlobalTV.com

The spirits on Ghost Island have indeed been restless this season. Some curses have lived on while others have been put to rest.

Those curses have haunted our picks too. Many of the competitors we thought would be power players such as Stephanie and Brendan have either been take out by twists or haven’t lived up to the hype of their bios and pre-season interviews.

All in all, Ghost Island gives the impression of being a series in which the meek shall inherit…just about everything. Here are our picks heading into the merger.

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Mid - Season Rating: C-. Watch Survivor : Ghost Island Wednesdays at 8 et/pt on Global. Survivor Cast Social Feed. Survivor : David vs Goliath Premieres. September 26.

Survivor Specialists Phil and Alexa are BACK with our preliminary thoughts on the Survivor : Ghost Island cast ! In this podcast, we cover our first

Domenick Abbate

He has played a strong game thus far and at the merger will have the numbers on his side. He should be able to use those numbers effectively to target firstly his enemies like Chris, Libby and then any original Malolo before picking off members of the original Naviti Alliance.

Mid-Season Rating: A+

Wendell Holland

Wendell has proven to be the kind of player whom no one has an issue with, is underestimated and nobody takes seriously as a threat, although they should. Member of the original Naviti Alliance.

Mid-Season Rating: A+

Laurel Johnson

Much like Wendell she has been undervalued and underrated. She has a great social game, is very athletic and not bad strategically either. Before you know it, she could win it all.

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28 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access, Survivor returns for Season 36— Survivor : Ghost Island . For this new installment, the cast of 20 individuals will meet up in Fiji for their next big journey involving some pretty crazy twists.

Before we get to all of the backstabbing, the showmances and Jeff Probst‘s million dollar smile, here is our assessment of the Survivor : Ghost Island cast The mirror image of Brendan but he seems to be more focused, more self-aware and fits the Tony, Boston Rob type. Mid - Season Rating: B+.

Mid-Season Rating: A+

Desiree Afuye

She is my unexpected winner. If she can successfully mount a challenge against Dom for control of the Naviti Alliance, she could be the Sole Survivor but it seems he might have a better social game.

Mid-Season Rating: A+

Sebastian Noel

He is floating around, being used, not amounting to much of a dangerous player in the eyes of the others but more importantly, a member of the original Naviti Alliance.

Mid-Season Rating: A-

Chelsea Townsend

She goes with the flow but definitely not the cutthroat player we were led to believe she is. A member of the original Naviti Alliance.

Mid-Season Rating: B+

Kellyn Bechtold

Her amicable personality will keep her around. Her competitiveness and inability to hide her emotions makes her a target. A member of the original Naviti Alliance.

Mid-Season Rating: B+

Angela Perkins

As soon as they can Dom and the others will ditch her as she was so closely aligned with Chris for so long. Her gameplay certainly hasn’t lived up to expectations.

'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst on That Secret 'Ghost Island' Adventure

  'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst on That Secret 'Ghost Island' Adventure 'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst on That Secret 'Ghost Island' AdventureChris Noble entered Survivor wanting to pull off some spy tactics. Mission accomplished, at least temporarily — very temporarily, at that.

Survivor Ghost Island Season 36 Preview HD Clear Qam - Продолжительность: 1:25 varhsa shen 32 653 просмотра. Survivor 36: Ghost Island Cast Assessment - Продолжительность: 1:34:20 The Survivor Specialists 6 512 просмотров.

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Mid-Season Rating: C+

Donathan Hurley

All around nice guy it just so happens he is on the wrong side of things.

Mid-Season Rating: C+

Jenna Bowman

She hasn’t made any in-roads or connections with the original Naviti.

Mid-Season Rating: C-

Libby Vincek

Dom doesn’t trust her and neither does anyone else.

Mid-Season Rating: C-

Chris Noble

Massively outnumbered, Chris loses his war with Dom.

Mid-Season Rating: C-

Michael Yerger

Dom recognizes what a fantastic player Michael has been.

Mid-Season Rating: C-

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