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Family Planning at Paris Hilton - "I want two to three children"

Tuesday  12:40,   25 january 2022

US Realitystar Paris Hilton talks about their family planning. "I can not wait. This is definitely one of my top priorities, "said the 40-year-old the celebrity portal" E! News "asking if you are expected to expect news about children. © Provided... >>>

Mass Panic in Cameroon: Eight Tote Confirmed - Association Performs an

Tuesday  11:10,   25 january 2022

in a mass panic before the Eighth Final Game between Cameroon and the Comoros have come about eight people. The association announced a work-up. © AFP Via Getty Images Before the Oleembe Stadium, it came to Mass panic on Monday evening. tragedy... >>>

Indonesia: at least 18 dead in clashes and a fire in Western Papua

Tuesday  10:50,   25 january 2022

© Valery Ax The doubles box, where at least 18 people were killed during clashes between two groups, in Sorong, in the Indonesian Papua Western Province, January 25, 2022. AFP / Yanti At least 18 people were killed following clashes between two... >>>

‘Thirteen Lives’: Ron Howard MGM Movie Heads To Awards Season After Record Test Scores For Studio

Tuesday  10:46,   25 january 2022

EXCLUSIVE: After notching what I hear is the best test scores in MGM history, Ron Howard’s Thai cave rescue movie Thirteen Lives is moving its release date from Easter weekend this year to Friday, November 18 and into the aorta of awards season. The >>>

Kristen Stewart Says Her Engagement Party with Fiancée Dylan Meyer Was 'Nice': 'I'm Thankful'

Tuesday  10:32,   25 january 2022

Kristen Stewart discussed meeting fiancée Dylan Meyer on Live with Kelly and RyanKristen Stewart is still glowing about her "pandemic... >>>

Sundance Review: Jamie Dack’s ‘Palm Trees And Power Lines’

Tuesday  10:32,   25 january 2022

Writer-director Jamie Dack has expanded her widely admired 2018 short film Palm Trees and Power Lines into a considerably more thorny and disturbing feature of the same title. Shot verité style on the most banal possible locations, the film, which... >>>

Queen Latifah Reacts To ‘The Equalizer’ Firing Chris Noth Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Tuesday  10:31,   25 january 2022

A month after sexual assault allegations were made against Chris Noth and he was removed from “The Equalizer”, co-star Queen Latifah is speaking out. The days following the allegations, which Noth has denied, CBS fired the “Sex and the City” alum... >>>

39 Amazing Vintage Photos of Celebrities in Their New York City Apartments

Tuesday  10:31,   25 january 2022

Peek inside the homes of Marilyn Monroe, Louis Armstrong, Yoko Ono, and... >>>

‘Location Management 101’ Online Training Course Set From Film Commissioner & Location Manager Groups

Tuesday  10:31,   25 january 2022

The Association of Film Commissioners International has launched “Location Management 101,” an online training course developed in collaboration with the Location Managers Guild International. Billed as a course “for anyone who wants to understand... >>>

Harry Styles has POLYTHELIA?! You'll never believe which stars have weird body parts!

Tuesday  09:31,   25 january 2022

When we think of celebrities we think of beautiful people, with beautiful bodies doing beautiful things We may even consider them to be perfect, but there is no such thing as perfection, as these stars prove. As Harry Styles - who suffers from... >>>

‘I joined filled with a sense of patriotism and retribution’: The stars who served in the military

Tuesday  09:31,   25 january 2022

Before finding fame many of your favorite celebrities had regular jobs, working in restaurants, hospitals, night clubs and more. Some stars though have served their country as part of the military. Do you know who we are talking about? Read on to... >>>

Iconic musician seeks to rebuild Iraq through music

Tuesday  09:30,   25 january 2022

BAGHDAD (AP) — War kept him away from his beloved homeland for decades. Now, virtuoso oud player Naseer Shamma hopes to help rebuild conflict-scarred Iraq through a series of concerts and other projects to support culture and education. The audience >>>

Jesse Watters Will Take Your Questions on His New Fox News Show but Won't Change His Aggressive Style (Exclusive)

Tuesday  08:17,   25 january 2022

Jesse Watters has a vision for his new solo show on Fox News, which launched Monday night at 7 p.m. ET. He wants "Jesse Watters Primetime" to have some elements of his former weekend show, "Watters World," but still be "an entertaining hour with... >>>

Sydney Olympic Champion Csollany After Corona Infection Died

Tuesday  08:06,   25 january 2022

The Hungarian Sport mourns for his art touring Olympic champion Szilveszter Csollany. The gold medalist of the summer games 2000 in Sydney to the rings died after official figures at the age of 51 on the consequences of a Covid-19-disease.... >>>

'The Gilded Age' debuts: See the incredible costumes and get to know the characters on HBO's gorgeous new period drama

Tuesday  07:14,   25 january 2022

See the gorgeous costumes and find who who's playing whom on HBO's new period drama from Julian... >>>