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Coronavirus: Ontario extends hydro rate relief, announces support measures for retirement homes

Saturday  23:20,   30 may 2020

Premier Doug Ford's office said Saturday that hydro rates will now be a flat 12.8 cents per kilowatt hour, regardless of the time of day. That's higher than the 10.1 cents per hour being that's been charged since electricity relief was... >>>

The Number 1 Retirement Mistake Canadians Are Making Now

Saturday  21:26,   30 may 2020

Consider investing in the Fortis stock as you learn about a critical retirement mistake you should avoid. The post The Number 1 Retirement Mistake Canadians Are Making Now appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada. >>>

40% of Americans Don't Think They Can Retire at All

Saturday  21:26,   30 may 2020

Retirement might seem out of reach, but with careful planning, it could still be an option for you.Forty percent of Americans are now concerned they won't be able to retire at all, according to a SimplyWise survey. But you don't have to rule it out... >>>

How to Start Planning for Retirement

Saturday  18:15,   30 may 2020

Not sure where to start with your retirement plan? Here's a quick way to estimate your retirement savings needs.Truth is, even a vague retirement plan serves you well -- especially when retirement is decades away. You can always make adjustments >>>

Sold (Bought): South Surrey townhome showcases plenty of updates

Saturday  17:40,   30 may 2020

Weekly roundup of three properties that recently sold in Metro Vancouver. 36 – 15450 Rosemary Heights Cres., South Surrey Type: Three-bedroom, three-bathroom townhouse Size: 1,865 square feet B.C. Assessment: $875,000 Listed for: $959,000 Sold for:... >>>

Half of Retirees Retired Earlier Than Expected Despite Not Being Ready

Saturday  15:25,   30 may 2020

Don't assume it can't happen to you.Approximately half of retirees said they retired earlier than they'd expected to in the latest Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) Retirement Confidence Survey. But the same survey found that... >>>

Europeans "regret" the end of derogations from US sanctions against Iran

Saturday  14:55,   30 may 2020

IRAN-NUCLEAIRE: Europeans "regret" the end of derogations from US sanctions against Iran © Reuters / FRANCOIS LENOIR EUROPEANS "REGRET" END OF DEROGATIONS FROM US SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN PARIS (Reuters) - France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the... >>>

69% of Older Americans Are More Concerned About Retirement Than They Were a Year Ago

Saturday  14:10,   30 may 2020

Here's what to do if you're part of that statistic.Though there's no single savings target that guarantees financial security down the line, as a rule of thumb, it's good to aim to retire with 10 times your ending salary socked away in a... >>>

Hongkong: Trump attacks China again

Saturday  12:50,   30 may 2020

© Provided by Le Point Trump US President Donald Trump announced Friday that he wants to end the exemptions granted to Hong Kong as part of its special relationship with the states -United now questioned. China "has not kept its word given to the... >>>

Just West targets Vancouver’s missing middle

Saturday  01:15,   30 may 2020

It’s not hard to find a condo for sale in Vancouver. You won’t have too many problems finding a single-family home either — if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford one, of course. But a townhome? Not so much. “In the City of Vancouver there is a >>>

Coronavirus: The prices of old housing continued to climb during the health crisis

Saturday  00:15,   30 may 2020

Notaries believe that there was 90% less sales during confinement © A. GELEBART / 20 MINUTES View of Paris and the Paris region from the Montparnasse tower. (Illustration) IMMOBILIER - Notaries believe that there was 90% less sale during... >>>

Canadian tax deadline 2020: What’s different amid COVID-19

Friday  23:16,   29 may 2020

Yes, it's still tax season.For one, we're at the end of May, and it's still tax season. While most Canadians are used to being done with their taxes by the end of April, this year the government has postponed a number of tax deadlines amid the... >>>

Immobilier: sales are collapsing, but prices are soaring!

Friday  20:20,   29 may 2020

© Supplied by La Tribune Booming for several years, the French old housing market has run into the coronavirus crisis with a logical fall in sales, but prices have continued to rise and it will take months before it 'They reflect the current... >>>

What the COVID-19 employment crisis tells us about the future of work

Friday  19:52,   29 may 2020

The job losses associated with the COVID-19 crisis highlight the need for Canada to prepare for unexpected shocks to the labour market and develop a workforce with skills that will be prized across a range of industries, futurists and economists... >>>

Alberta couple has $1.5 million in financial assets, but shaky job market could derail retirement plans

Friday  19:27,   29 may 2020

In Alberta, a couple we’ll call John, 50, and Jane, 48, have two children in their early 20s. One is an apprentice welder. The other has a disability and is likely to require financial assistance for the rest of his life. In the present COVID-19... >>>