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Surprise drop in unemployment in the United States in May

Friday  20:46,   05 june 2020

© REUTERS / Andrew Kelly In Brooklyn, the offices of the New York State Department of Labor. The Labor Department published this June 5 its monthly employment report and the figures are better than expected. Unexpectedly, the American economy... >>>

tailwind from Wall Street causes DAX to close over 12,800 points

Friday  20:20,   05 june 2020

After the breather the day before, the German stock market picked up speed again before the weekend. © Provided by Finanz.net GmbH Andrew Burton / Getty Images The DAX entered trading with a plus and then rose. US labor market data, which should be >>>

Seine-et-Marne: beet growers offer hydroalcoholic gel to mayors

Friday  19:50,   05 june 2020

© LP / Julie Olagnol Chaintreaux, Tuesday June 2, 2020. From left to right: Christophe Boyer, chaintreaux farmer; Milène Grapperon, director of the CGB Île-de-France; Benoit Timbert, farmer, co-president of the canton of Château-Landon for FDSEA 77 >>>

Unemployment rate in the US surprisingly drops to 13.3 percent

Friday  17:35,   05 june 2020

© Johannes EISELE Surprise in the US job market: The unemployment rate in the US fell in May despite the coronavirus crisis, but is still very high at 13.3 percent. 2.5 million jobs were created. President Trump cheered the good numbers. Big... >>>

FOCUS 1-Deutsche Wohnen wants to remain independent - No talks with Vonovia

Friday  17:30,   05 june 2020

(new: statements by company chief at the general meeting, Vonovia) * Deutsche Wohnen replaces Lufthansa in the Dax * boss - Do not merge with Vonovia board * Von Corona- Pandemic hardly affected Frankfurt, Jun 05 (Reuters) - Deutsche Wohnen boss... >>>

CALENDAR Dates Economic / Monetary Policy until June 14, 2020

Friday  17:30,   05 june 2020

************************************* ********************** You can find more detailed overviews of appointments at: * POLITICS / MIXED * *************** ******************************************** All times in Central European Summer Time (CEST) >>>

Corona stimulus package: These points include the car premium

Friday  15:45,   05 june 2020

© obs The new corona stimulus package also provides for an increase in the purchase premium for electric cars. The Groko adopts a multi-billion dollar corona stimulus package. This also includes an increase in the car premium, which should create... >>>

property purchase: New law relieves buyers of brokerage costs

Friday  15:45,   05 june 2020

© dpa Buyers will be relieved of the brokerage commission in future. When buying a property, the broker commission can be very expensive. A new law now involves the seller in the costs. Anyone who buys a property will only have to pay a maximum of... >>>

Responsible for Deutsche Wohnen after the rise in the DAX: Further growth promised and annual target confirmed - share fixed

Friday  15:16,   05 june 2020

The real estate group Deutsche Wohnen is hardly affected by the corona pandemic. © Provided by Finanz.net GmbH DANIEL ROLAND / AFP / Getty Images "Neither on the residential nor on the commercial side have we had significant rental losses so far,"... >>>

Reuters Business Program Friday 10.00 a.m.

Friday  13:15,   05 june 2020

Below you will find the Reuters Program on the most important foreseeable topics of the Economy Department. You will receive an updated version at 1.30 p.m. responsible in Frankfurt: Sabine Wollrab telephone number: 069 - 7565-1281 responsible in... >>>

Favorably valued + growth: Where will dividend aristocrat Fresenius be in 10 years?

Friday  12:30,   05 june 2020

© Provided by The Motley Fool In an increasingly friendlier overall market, the shares of DAX dividend aristocrat Fresenius (WKN: 578560) continue to grow. But the stock is still a long way from an expensive valuation: a price-earnings ratio of... >>>

MÄRKTE-Dax investors rely on economic recovery

Friday  11:55,   05 june 2020

Frankfurt, Jun 05 (Reuters) - The hope of an economic recovery gives the Dax further impetus. The leading German index went into trading on Friday with a plus of 1.1 percent to 12,562 points. "The euphoria continues at the end of the week," said... >>>

hedge fund manager warns: Private gold ownership could become illegal

Friday  06:25,   05 june 2020

gold is considered a safe haven and is therefore particularly popular with investors in times of crisis. However, the feeling of security that comes with owning the yellow precious metal could be deceptive: A well-known hedge fund manager believes... >>>

survey - UK labor market continues to fall

Friday  06:20,   05 june 2020

London, Jun 05 (Reuters) - The UK labor market continued to fall in May, although the decline in labor demand slowed slightly. The monthly index for the demand for personnel rose to 19.3 from its record low of 9.3 in April, the association REC and... >>>

TV - Opec + representatives plan to meet on Saturday

Friday  05:55,   05 june 2020

Cairo, Jun 05 (Reuters) - The Opec countries and their allies led by Russia plan to meet on Saturday, according to a media report. The so-called Opec + wants to advise on an extension of the agreed funding cuts, the Algerian television broadcaster... >>>