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Coalition rejects criticism of citizens' money back

Thursday  17:10,   15 september 2022

representative of the SPD and the Greens have rejected criticism of the planned citizen benefit. "Apparently the shot has not yet been heard from some employer representatives and in the Union," said SPD general secretary Kevin Kühnert to the... >>>

Patagonia: The founder donates his fortune for a very special reason

Thursday  14:10,   15 september 2022

© Patrick McMullan / Getty Images Patagonia: The founder donates his fortune for a very particular reason Yvon Chouinard has decided to donate his business, Valored at three billion dollars, in favor of nature protection, he announced in a letter... >>>

OECD calculates with falling real wages

Friday  16:00,   09 september 2022

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) assumes falling real wages. For 2022 in Germany with a decline in the average real wages, by 2.6 percent of an increase in inflation to 7.2 percent. The decline in this country is... >>>

inflation: Institutes calculate in 2023 with inflation rate of up to 9.5 percent

Thursday  20:30,   08 september 2022

© provided by Wirtschaftswoche according to the IWH, the gross domestic product in 2023 will decrease by 1.4 percent, while the IFW expects a half as severe decline. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = leading business institutes have given their... >>>

Commerzbank is aiming for a billion dollar profit on

Thursday  14:50,   08 september 2022

Despite an impending economic downs, Commerzbank believes in a billion dollar profit in 2022 and can continue to build on the state as a strong anchor shareholder. © Sebastian Christoph Gollnow/dpa The logo of Commerzbank at the Commerzbank Tower... >>>

Leibniz Institute: Physical Plasma kills Corona viruses

Wednesday  13:30,   07 september 2022

Physical Plasma, which is already used for wound healing in medicine, according to scientists, Corona viruses. An INP spokesman said this on Tuesday, announced that a research team from the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology (INP) >>>

Volksenscheid to unconditional basic income in Berlin failed

Tuesday  14:20,   06 september 2022

in Berlin, the application for a referendum for unconditional basic income has failed too few signatures. As the state voting director announced on Tuesday, around 122,550 signatures were handed over to the Berlin Senate until late Monday evening.... >>>

Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Kontra Lauterbach: Health Kioske Senseless

Monday  20:00,   05 september 2022

The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) Berlin considers the plans of Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) to be incorrect. As a result, the medical organization criticized no added value for outpatient care on... >>>

falling real wages mean poverty for millions of British

Thursday  06:00,   01 september 2022

due to exploding costs for energy and food, poverty in Great Britain will increase significantly. © Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/dpa due to exploding costs for energy and food, poverty in Great Britain will increase significantly. continues the future... >>>

Stadtwerke expect more payable customers

Wednesday  05:30,   31 august 2022

Essen. The Association of Local Company is calling for an insolvency moratorium for energy suppliers. The background to Stadtwerke is that up to 15 percent of their customers will soon no longer be able to cope with electricity and heating costs. © >>>

High inflation eats wage increases on

Monday  13:10,   29 august 2022

Germany's workers have less money in their pocket due to the high inflation despite increasing wages. Wages including special payments in the second quarter of 2022 were 2.9 percent higher than a year earlier, as the Federal Statistical Office... >>>

union is pressing up: Relief money for chemical workers

Friday  22:00,   26 august 2022

IG-BCE boss Michael Vassiliadis sees society before the "largest stress test in decades" and wants significant higher tariff income. © Photo: dpa awarded. In mid -August, Michael Vassiliadis received the Federal Cross of Merit from Lower Saxony's... >>>

employers lean on citizens' money from

Tuesday  18:50,   23 august 2022

Germany's employer rejected the federal government's plans to convert the Hartz IV system into a citizen benefit. He recommends that the draft of the speaker Hubertus Heil (SPD) will not be decided in the present form of the Federal Cabinet, said... >>>

after attack on Entrust: Ransomware Group Lockbit hacked by victims?

Tuesday  16:01,   23 august 2022

, the company, which was the victim of an attack, has troubled even with a hacking attack? It is currently speculated whether in this case perpetrator and victim role could have exchanged. © Sashkin/Shutterstock was it a hackback? Entrust may have... >>>

trade feared delivery bottlenecks for electronic devices and toys

Tuesday  11:31,   23 august 2022

Berlin. The same stress every year: get all gifts together before Christmas. This year more time has to be planned. Why this is the case and for which products this applies. © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand Some gifts could be missing this year due to... >>>