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OL-BOSZ: "A global workforce"

Friday  16:30,   15 april 2022

© Provided by Sports.co.uk Peter Bosz Early eliminated in the quarter of the Europa league by West HAM Thursday (0-3), The Olympique Lyonnais is at the most bad. Their last chance to win a title this season fleired, and this title would have even... >>>

Cathie Wood: The Krypto World around Bitcoin, EtherEm & Co. threatens the Banking System

Thursday  07:10,   14 april 2022

The Cathie Wood known as a growth investor invested in Bitcoin with its funds in 2015 and remains bitcoin enthusiastic. © Provil by Finanzen.net Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images • Bitcoin exceeds the 1-million-US dollar brand by 2030 • Talents... >>>

Geglückter Play-off-Start vor über 10.000 Fans: Die Eisbären legen im Viertelfinale gegen Köln vor

Sunday  19:05,   10 april 2022

Beim 2:1 gegen die Kölner Haie haben die Berliner auch dank Rückkehrer Leo Pföderl lange Zeit alles im Griff. Doch am Ende wird es noch einmal spannend. © Foto: dpa Leo Pföderl traf bei seinem Comeback zum vorentscheidenden 2:0. Dass das erste... >>>

Santelli: "I got red? I did not see that"

Saturday  13:30,   09 april 2022

after the 1-2 defeat of the Würzburg Kickers against the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, the team of Ralf Santelli continues deep in the crisis. The coach did not get their own place of space at all. © imago / foto2press is stuck with his team in the table... >>>

soon a basic income for artists?

Friday  21:05,   08 april 2022

© The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media The Irish Government will pay 2000 creative artists and professionals financial assistance in the amount of 325 euros over the next three years. needy, artists have been at all... >>>

Hacker Group Fin7 Advanced Arsenal about Ransomware and New Backdoor

Wednesday  19:57,   06 april 2022

© default_credit Hacker-02-Shutterstock The group now also sets stolen credentials and RDP connections. A new, powershell-based backdoor is used. The Hacker Group FIN7 is back with a campaign that includes a novel backdoor and other new malignant... >>>

Inheritance: Can I renovate a good of which my children have naked property?

Tuesday  20:55,   05 april 2022

© Fotomax / Getty Images Inheritance: Can I renovate a good of which my children have the naked property? In the "Great Real Estate Appointment" (Capital / Radio Immo), Marie Choplin-Texier notary within the Cheuvreux study, advises an auditor who... >>>

must be inherited debt with over-indeemous estate?

Tuesday  07:05,   05 april 2022

Not always a heritage automatically means a positive impact on the assets. Because heir is always associated with a risk - for example, when the discount is over-indebted. We show the most important information with over-indebted estate. © Provided >>>

Chapuis derives

Monday  20:05,   04 april 2022

© provided by Sports.co.uk Skicross: Jean-Frédéric Chapuis puts an end to his career Our Olympic champion, Jean-Frédéric Chapuis, puts an end to his sports career within the team From France Ski Cross. The FFS thanks him for his athlete journey and >>>

Housing: Diagnosis or energy audit, which one serves what?

Sunday  12:50,   03 april 2022

The diagnosis of energy performance and energy audit are needed for the realization of the projects of the owners and donors. In what event should it be used? For what cost? © iStock / City press You have enough cold and drafts? Before you start in >>>

billions of surplus: Municipalities take more taxes again 2021 An

Friday  14:55,   01 april 2022

Municipalities in Germany achieved a financing surplus of just under 4.6 billion euros last year. These are around 2.6 billion euros more than the year before, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Friday in Wiesbaden. According to the... >>>

This Ukrainian family can not rent an apartment despite comfortable income

Thursday  02:00,   31 march 2022

© Pixabay This Ukrainian family can not rent an apartment despite comfortable income This couple of refugees fails to find an apartment for rent despite their Wages more than comfortable because rental agencies ask them for pieces they are unable... >>>

Zlatan does not plan to take a new international retirement

Wednesday  15:00,   30 march 2022

© provided by Sofoot the kind of question that has the gift of Zlatan annoying. Beat in the final of dams for the World Cup by Poland (2-0) , the Sweden of Zlatan Ibrahimović will not see Qatar next fall. A few months of celebrating his 42 years,... >>>

Gender Justice: Deutsche Bigstadt wants to rename roads

Monday  15:00,   28 march 2022

in Cologne is a debate on the street names burned out. These are not tailored, since only 10 percent named after women. That should change now. © Cineberg / iStock Street Sign de Mathematics Gives the Fighters for Gender Equality , as is the name... >>>

bitcoin rises to the highest level since the beginning of the time

Monday  12:45,   28 march 2022

of the bitcoin is still on the upswing. At night, the price of the oldest and market value largest digital currency on the platform BitFinex rose up to $ 47,460. That's the highest level since the beginning of the year. © Ina Fassbender / DPA The... >>>