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Once listed for $1 billion. Sold for $100,000. What just happened?

Thursday  11:17,   22 august 2019

Touted as the city's finest undeveloped piece of land, the 157-acre property redefined the luxury market when it listed for a record $1 billion last year. On Tuesday, it sold for a mere $100,000 at a foreclosure auction, a fraction of the... >>>

Canadians Are Convinced That Tim Hortons Is Having A Huge Identity Crisis Right Now

Thursday  10:35,   22 august 2019

"We should all ignore it until it figures out what the f*ck it wants to... >>>

Forbes Announced The World's Highest Paid Actors And A Canadian Took The #1 Spot

Thursday  10:35,   22 august 2019

Oh, to be a... >>>

Torontonians taking on debt at fastest rate in Canada

Thursday  08:30,   22 august 2019

It’s probably not a surprise that Torontonians have a lot of mortgage debt, given the price of housing in the city. But residents are also racking up nonmortgage debt — including auto loans, credit card debt and home equity lines of credit — at a... >>>

The smart money is buying these unloved oil stocks: Should you buy, too?

Wednesday  19:51,   21 august 2019

The smart money is loading up on energy stocks like Suncor Energy Inc. (TSX:SU)(NYSE:SU) and Whitecap Resources Ltd. (TSX:WCP). Should you join... >>>

Alberta extends oil curtailment for another year

Wednesday  19:30,   21 august 2019

Alberta is increasing the oil curtailment limit from 10,000 to 20,000 barrels per day, while extending the curtailment to December... >>>

Trump repeats baseless claim that journalists are trying to 'create' a recession

Wednesday  18:41,   21 august 2019

The White House has not responded to multiple emails requesting evidence or context to support that claim. The Trump administration has publicly downplayed the significance of a key recession warning that flashed last week at the same time that it... >>>

A former flight attendant says even celebrities don't get free upgrades, but military personnel might

Wednesday  18:07,   21 august 2019

A former flight attendant says even celebrities don't get free upgrades, but military personnel... >>>

These 2 BFFs That Have Been Friends For Over 50 Years Just Won $2 Million Lottery

Wednesday  10:51,   21 august 2019

The two widows plan on living together and travelling with their prize... >>>

Household Debt Soaring Among Canada’s Young Adults, And It’s Not Mortgages

Wednesday  09:20,   21 august 2019

High house prices and the mortgage stress test are making it as difficult as it’s ever been to buy a house, but young Canadians are finding other reasons to borrow money these days ― like covering their day-to-day living costs. The latest “Insights” >>>

Millennials top boomers in debt while Gen X still owe the most: TransUnion

Wednesday  08:25,   21 august 2019

TORONTO — TransUnion says a spike in borrowing over the past year has led millennials to overtake boomers in total debt holdings as part of a generational shift. The credit reporting agency says total millennial debt was up by 12.3 per cent at... >>>

Cramer: Trump should heed Home Depot's warnings about the consumer and make a trade deal

Wednesday  07:35,   21 august 2019

Home Depot CFO Carol Tome says "consumer confidence is near record high levels" but "consumer demand could be impacted" by lingering U.S.-China trade tension. Accounting for the potential impact of tariffs on consumer spending, Home Depot reduced... >>>

Boeing hiring hundreds of temporary workers to maintain parked 737 Max planes

Wednesday  07:25,   21 august 2019

Boeing has posted job listings for a few hundred temporary workers who will help the company with 737 Max storage and maintenance at a facility east of... >>>

Netflix could face trouble ahead. Here's why

Wednesday  07:25,   21 august 2019

Netflix faces a number of legitimate concerns, question marks and challenges to its business, several of which, as you'll see, are inter-related. They include the following: Disney+ Disney will unveil more details about its streaming service Friday... >>>

40% of Canadians largely use TFSAs as simple savings accounts: Ipsos poll

Tuesday  20:36,   20 august 2019

But is that a good... >>>