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Lululemon men's-only stores quietly close after short-lived runs

Wednesday  19:41,   19 june 2019

Lululemon Athletica Inc. has quietly closed its men’s standalone stores in New York City and Toronto even as it plans to more than double its men’s business in the next five years. The retailer found that guests respond better to Lululemon “as a... >>>

Governments earned $186M in pot taxes in 5.5 months of legalization: StatCan

Wednesday  19:36,   19 june 2019

Governments earned $186M in pot taxes in 5.5 months of legalization:... >>>

Facebook's new digital coin Libra could be poised to dominate money: Don Pittis

Wednesday  19:15,   19 june 2019

If you think Facebook is powerful now, you ain't seen nothing yet. The tech giant's latest move into the heart of commerce — cash — could make it truly titanic. But will central banks cede... >>>

Truckers sound the alarm as shipping companies hit the skids

Wednesday  18:36,   19 june 2019

America's $800 billion trucking industry is getting hit by a downturn right now, and it's hitting everyone from UPS and FedEx to independent... >>>

Canada's annual inflation jumps to seven-month high in May

Wednesday  16:11,   19 june 2019

Canada's annual inflation jumps to seven-month high in... >>>

Trans Mountain approval eases oilpatch angst, for now

Wednesday  12:35,   19 june 2019

The federal government gave a second approval to the twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Still, many in the oilpatch are anxious to see pipes put in the ground considering the lengthy delays to the... >>>

U.S. chasing farm trade deal with Japan that could wipe out Canada’s Pacific pact advantage

Wednesday  11:20,   19 june 2019

United States representatives say they are seeking an agricultural trade deal with Japan “within the next few months,” a move that if it succeeds will likely wipe out the sizeable advantage enjoyed by Canadian farmers under a new Asia Pacific trade... >>>

Boeing makes first 737 MAX sale since plane’s worldwide grounding

Wednesday  11:20,   19 june 2019

International Airlines Group (IAG), owner of several major carriers, has put in an order for 200 Boeing 737 MAX planes, the first sale since the aircraft was grounded after fatal crashes. IAG owns Aer Lingus, British Airways and Iberia, among other... >>>

Kevin Carmichael: The idea that Canadians need oil and gas to make a living overlooks the data

Wednesday  11:20,   19 june 2019

Last week, I received an email that called me “stupid” and wondered if I was a “communist” because I had written about the opportunity inherent in the tens of trillions of dollars that have accumulated in private funds devoted to reversing climate... >>>

4 things many new grads don’t know about student debt

Wednesday  10:11,   19 june 2019

It will soon be time to pay up. Here's what newly-minted grads should know about government and private... >>>

Vancouver arts community feeling sting of real estate ‘renovictions’

Wednesday  10:05,   19 june 2019

Stephen Lyons is spending his last full day in the venue he built. It was called Merge, and it hosted a bit of everything. He points to a wall that used to have a massive purple velvet curtain and a setup for the jazz bands. A side room was the... >>>

Canadians Have Never Spent So Much Of Their Income Paying Off Debt

Wednesday  09:02,   19 june 2019

Canadians have taken on so much debt that monthly payments are eating up a record share of paycheques. The typical Canadian spent 14.9 per cent of their disposable income making payments to cover debts in the first quarter of this year, according to >>>

PG&E to pay $1 billion to governments for wildfire damage

Wednesday  08:15,   19 june 2019

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A California utility agreed Tuesday to pay $1 billion to 14 local governments to cover damages from a series of deadly wildfires caused by its downed power lines. The settlement is a sliver of the more than $30 billion in... >>>

Job vacancies up almost 10% from last year: StatsCan report

Wednesday  08:00,   19 june 2019

Job vacancies rose nearly 10 per cent between the first quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2018, a new Statistics Canada report has found. Based on the agency's Job Vacancy and Wage Survey, which surveys 100,000 job locations across Canada,... >>>

Canadian mining company liable for pollution flowing from Kootenays to U.S.

Wednesday  06:46,   19 june 2019

Vancouver-based mining giant Teck has run out of appeals after polluting the Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt in Washington State for decades from its huge lead and zinc smelter in Trail,... >>>