MoneyWhen market storms rage, Bell Canada shares surge as investors turn to defence

09:05  06 december  2018
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Apple is no longer the biggest company in the world by market cap

Apple is no longer the biggest company in the world by market cap Apple is no longer the biggest company in the world by market cap

The spin from pundits is that trade tensions are fading, and investors are optimistic about a negotiated solution, the chief market strategist writes in a note. In other words, the selling has stopped around where you’d expect — even as experts trot out other reasons why markets seem to be stabilizing.

London stock market surges 3%. People’s Bank of China finally takes action. This live blog is closed; follow the latest updates here. They may not think it is totally risk free but a lot of investors must have watched increasing stock markets and figured it was a very low risk way to make a quick buck

When market storms rage, Bell Canada shares surge as investors turn to defence© Provided by PostMedia Digital bell

BCE Inc. shares have risen more than 12 per cent in the last month, moving in the inverse direction of crumbling global markets and giving investors who turned to the defensive telecommunications sector a rare victory.

Bell’s stock was performing poorly earlier in the year during a raging bull market, having reached its 52-week peak of $59.79 on Jan. 2. After more than nine months of decline, Bell’s stock closed at $50.95 on Oct. 31 but has since enjoyed a renaissance as share prices began a slow, yet consistent, month-long double-digit ascent towards $57.32 on Wednesday. In comparison, the S&P TSX Index grew one per cent during the period.

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When investors doubt the creditworthiness of a borrower, how do they alter their calculation of the bond yield to take into account these doubts? On the day of the results, the company reported earnings per share of

Extreme winds and winter storms blow into parts of western B.C.

Extreme winds and winter storms blow into parts of western B.C. Environment Canada has issued warnings of visibility-limiting snow storms and strong winds in certain areas.

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Bell Canada (commonly referred to as Bell ) is a Canadian telecommunications company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada . It is the incumbent local exchange carrier for telephone and DSL Internet services in most of Canada east of Saskatchewan and in the northern territories

.83. What happened to the share price when the stock market opened?

Investing .com -- Crude futures rose sharply, amid heavy short covering, one day after suffering one of its worst single-day sessions on the calendar year, as investors continued to react to devastating wildfires in Canada and widespread changes in the leadership structure of Saudi Arabia's leading

The telecom company was initially boosted by a solid third-quarter earnings report that was released on Nov. 1, analysts said, which was driven by increased wireline — TV, Internet and landline telephones  — and wireless revenue. That gave the stock momentum, but investors hedging their bets and moving into defensive sectors propelled the stock further, Desjardins Group analyst Maher Yaghi said.

“If there’s a recession, there are services you can’t go on without,” Yaghi said. “Their pricing is not going to deteriorate because there’s a recession. Some clients might downgrade their services, but you’re still going to need your cellphone.”

Work surge drives jobless rate down to 5.6 per cent

Work surge drives jobless rate down to 5.6 per cent Work surge drives jobless rate down to 5.6 per cent

Storm surge is produced by water being pushed toward the shore by the force of the winds moving cyclonically around the storm . The impact on surge of the low pressure associated with intense storms is minimal in comparison to the water being forced toward the shore by the wind.

Although a white knight defense is generally considered beneficial to shareholders, this is not always the case when the merger price is low or when the synergies and efficiencies of the combined entities do not materialize. (For related reading, see: Bloodletting and Knights: A Medieval Guide to Investing .)

Because the services they provide — namely, Internet and cellphone networks — are considered essential, telecom stocks are seen as safer bets in times of slowing economies and volatile markets, Yaghi said, and will offer investors less downside than just about any other sector.

While Bell’s stock has seen the most growth since the end of October, Rogers Communications Inc.’s shares grew five per cent in that time period. Telus, meanwhile, is up more than six per cent.

Telecom stocks have also been boosted by the decline of long-term interest rates because they’re dividend-focused. There’s a 70 per cent correlation, Yaghi said, between the performance of the sector and the 10-year bond rate in Canada.

Yields for the 10-year bond in Canada declined to 2.13 per cent on Wednesday from a high of 2.59 on Oct. 5, coinciding with the rise of Bell’s stock.

“When rates go higher, you start to require a higher yield from dividend stocks and inversely when rates go down, you’re more content on getting that dividend,” Yaghi said. “So you’re willing to pay more for the stock.”

Shares of Canadian pot company higher on Altria interest

Shares of Canadian pot company higher on Altria interest Shares of Canadian pot company higher on Altria interest

The storm surge can begin to rise a day before the storm hits, cutting off escape routes when low-lying highways are flooded. Hurricane Katrina's storm surge pours over the 8-foot high north levee of the MRGO/Intra-Coastal Canal, directly under the Paris Road Bridge in eastern New Orleans.

When the company gets established, it may require access to much larger amounts of capital, which it can do by selling shares to the public through an Once the company's shares are listed on a stock exchange and trading in it commences, the price of these shares will fluctuate as investors and

The telecom sector also tends to perform well when long-term interest rates are down because companies such as Bell use a lot of debt financing to fund investment cycles, Yaghi said. When interest rates are down, it costs them less to maintain and refinance their debt.

This strong connection to long-term rates allows Bell to insulate itself from how the wider markets are performing. On Tuesday, when North American markets cratered after U.S. President Donald Trump called himself the “Tariff Man” and stoked fears of a trade war with China, Bell closed 0.5 per cent up.

As long as long-term rates stay low, Bell’s stock may be able to sustain its growth on the back of a new federal government policy, Macquarie analyst Sanford Lee said.

In late November, finance minister Bill Morneau announced the Accelerated Investment Initiative, which essentially lowers corporate tax paid by companies in the telecommunications sector, among others.

In a note published on Nov. 29, the National Bank of Canada estimated that the measure will provide Bell with a $100 million benefit in 2019 and a $200 million benefit every year between 2020 and 2023.

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If oil prices break that level, market watchers can expect more talk from oil ministers about extending the OPEC agreement another six months when producers meet in May, he added. But investors admit that lofty development goals continue to be hindered by corruption and a wall of bureaucracy.

A storm surge is a rise above the normal water level along a shore resulting from strong onshore winds and / or reduced atmospheric pressure. Storm surges accompany a tropical cyclone as it comes ashore. They may also be formed by intense low-pressure systems in non-tropical areas.

“What the government is trying to do is say ‘let’s reduce cash taxes then hope these companies reinvest it’… into stimulating the economy even further,” Lee said. “(The new policy) gives them more support and maybe they can keep this dividend growth growing, at least in the short-term.”

Although the rapid growth over the last month may have tempted investors to flip the stock for profit, Lee isn’t convinced that investors will head for the exit. Investors, especially institutional ones, hold on to BCE for dividend increases. And as the Bank of Canada struck a dovish tone on Wednesday and held interest rates, there’s more reason to believe Bell’s performance can be sustained.

“If you’re not raising rates and pausing it, you’re indicating that the economy can’t handle another interest rate hike, so that’s more support for defence, right?” he said.

Microsoft's stock market value catches up with Apple.
Microsoft's stock market value catches up with Apple

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