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18:30  07 december  2018
18:30  07 december  2018 Source:   newsweek.com

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I found that the people who had switched companies usually commanded a higher salary. The problem with staying at a company forever is you start with a As such, we take the opposite approach. Rather than force folks out after 24 months, we try to retain our junior and mid-level staff and develop them

Though a search can take time, a rushed hire can lead to additional staff turnover and missed opportunity costs. By investing in a thorough and detailed hiring process, a hiring staff can make the right decisions and bring in talented professionals who will help the company grow.

Company fines staff who take less than 180K steps© Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A company in China has come under fire for fining its employees if they don’t walk at least 180,000 steps a month, according to reports.

The unnamed real estate firm in the southern city of Guangzhou said they will fine workers 0.01 yuan (US$0.0015) for every step missed from their monthly target.

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The company are reported to track the worker's steps using Chinese messaging app WeChat, which allows users to share how many steps they have walked in a day with friends, according to the South China Morning Post.

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I recently worked for a company where I was miserable. I had a manager who was a jerk, a workload that was unsustainable, and nothing I did was noticed or appreciated. I was given all the responsibilities of a manager, but was making less than the kids coming straight out of school despite being their 3

Today take steps to establish the location, whether it’s simply adding desks and phones in your home office or making calls to revamp a restaurant or For an SME, earning less than a million rand a year – the only form that SARS requires is the IT77C that must be accompanied by a certified copy of your

One human resources officer who works at the firm said she was deducted 100 yuan (US$14.55) from her wages for missing the monthly target by 10,000 steps.

“I understand that the company wants employees to exercise more. But we are very busy at work, and we often work late into the night,” the worker, who did not wish to be named, told the Information Times. “To meet the walking goal, we may not even be able to sleep. This assessment is an extra burden.”

She added: “Even though 6,000 a day does not seem like a lot, I usually only walk about 2,500 steps on a normal workday.”

According to reports, other workers have found a way to cheat the system by attaching their phones to a device that shakes in order to mimic the action of walking and increase their count.

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Users on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, have criticized the company. "This company is just looking for a reason to deduct money," one user wrote, reports the BBC.

However, others have argued there is some benefits to the rule. "The reward is that you're healthy!" one user said.

“It will help reduce the likelihood of their employees dying on the job,” another added, reports the South China Morning Post.

In January 2017, a technology firm in Chongqing imposed a similar policy to encourage staff to walk 10,000 steps a day.

According to The Chongqing Evening Post, the company used the number of steps staff walked in a day as one criterion for assessing their performance.

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