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MoneyHow companies can adjust to avoid a ‘boomer bust’

08:55  19 may  2019
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The growing problem of oil and gas companies not paying local taxes or landowners

The growing problem of oil and gas companies not paying local taxes or landowners Since 2014, dozens - if not hundreds - of companies have failed, and many say the problems associated with the industry are getting worse as municipalities struggle to collect taxes and landowners often fail to get paid.

With McDonald’s announcing plans to hire more older employees, will other companies follow?

"Many boomers haven't really thought this through, while others are in full-stage denial," says Bellaria Jimenez, managing director with MetLife Premier "Unfortunately, many of these boomer clients do not have the accumulated assets they will need to provide for the 'comfortable' lifestyle they envision."

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For decades, baby boomers fueled Canada’s economic and corporate growth. But now, the generation is leaving the workforce—in droves. As they retire, what could follow is an economic slowdown, strains on the healthcare and pension plans and a shrinkage in the labour force, experts say. To counteract these effects, Canadian employers need to find a way to retain their aging employees.

“A lot of companies are starting to wake up to the risk, and realize their need to hold onto senior workers,” said Chris Farrell, author of Unretirement: How baby boomers are changing the way we think about work, community and the good life.

WestJet Airlines reports first-quarter profit up, beats expectations

WestJet Airlines reports first-quarter profit up, beats expectations WestJet Airlines reports first-quarter profit up, beats expectations

Baby boomers (also known as boomers ) are the demographic cohort following the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X. Though there may be a few different timelines said to represent the birth

• How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Gray Divorce "These days, instead of entering the fourth quarter of marriage hoping just to hang on to • Baby Boomer Breakup: 'Gray Divorce' and Adult Children "Adult children do not have built-in immunity to the impact of their formative family breaking up.

Back in 2015, an estimated 250,000 baby boomers retired each year. Over the next few years, retirement rates for the age group will nearly double, reaching 400,000 annually, as reported by the Globe and Mail. To hold on to older workers, Farell argues flexibility will be key. Companies need to consider offering flexible hours and part-time work to their senior employees. “The theme of workplace flexibility is only going to grow in significance and power across generations,” he said. “People want to work but also need that flexibility built into their schedules.”

Many companies are looking at ways to attract boomers as employees. McDonald’s recently announced plans to hire 250,000 new employees over the age of 55 this summer through a partnership with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). It’s a move partly driven by a shortage of younger workers— a challenge also faced by Canadian employers.

'We were blindsided': Energy companies owe one Alberta county millions in unpaid taxes

'We were blindsided': Energy companies owe one Alberta county millions in unpaid taxes Woodlands County faces a $4.3-million revenue shortfall after oil and gas companies failed to pay their taxes to the municipality last year. To make matters worse, taxes for this year are due in June, and if those companies don't pay up again the county expects the shortfall to double, to a total of $8.6 million, said Mayor Ron Govenlock. "We were blindsided," he said. "The problem really didn't surface until we started getting into the budget deliberations. The value of the two particular industry players that are oil and gas is so substantial that it represents in excess of 20 per cent of our tax income.

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But hiring older workers isn’t just about filling a gap in the job market. As more baby boomers trickle out of the job market from positions of seniority, they take with them their skills and experience. “There are certain areas and professions where we’ve failed to train younger workers adequately,” said David Dodge, a former director for the Bank of Canada who studied economic and demographic trends. While employers have historically relied on immigration to fill these spots, Dodge says the “end solution” should be training the next generation of employees.

Parisa Mahboubi, senior policy analyst with the C.D. Howe Institute, says training and recruitment programs will help equip the post-boomer generations with the skills needed to be as successful as their labour force predecessors. These training programs also allow senior employees to upgrade their skills and stay relevant. Mahboubi warns most employers haven’t yet provided these resources in way that leads to a “meaningful impact.” For that reason, Mahboubi favours a multifaceted approach to address the boomers’ retirement. In addition to retaining senior employees and training new ones, she says maintaining a healthy stream of immigration and reducing barriers for marginalized groups to enter the workforce are also needed. “There is no one solution to mitigate the impact of an aging workforce,” she says. “But each solution contributes to a certain extent.”

Alberta has paid landowners $20M since 2010 as oilpatch defaults on payments

Alberta has paid landowners $20M since 2010 as oilpatch defaults on payments The Alberta government is paying landowners to make up for the shortfalls of energy companies. The payments have increased to record levels as oil and gas prices have fallen.

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Baby Boomer Retirement: Avoid a "Senior Moment" In Your Business. By Eric F. Frazier. The graphic shows which states will be most affected, what companies are doing to prepare, and steps you can take Related Article: How to Avoid Financial and Psychological Stress in Retirement Planning.

Yet implementing these pre-emptive measures takes time and planning. And according to experts like Dodge, Canadian companies have been slow in addressing the risks to inevitably accompany the impending boomer bust: “I wouldn’t call it a disaster, but we’re not doing as well as we should be.”

Still, as employers plan to counteract these risks, they should bank on having some seniors sticking around. “The notion that you would go to school, work hard for 30 years, then retire just doesn’t exist anymore,” said Farrell.

Now that people live longer and healthier lives, many seniors are staying in their cubicles longer. At the age of 77, Keith Ambachtscheer sits as director emeritus of the Rotman International Centre for Pension Management, a research-based company. (He forfeited his previous role as director when he was “only 72”). Ambachtscheer also acts as president of KPA Advisory Services, which he launched in the 1980s. These days, he’s working on the company newsletter, writing 2,000 words each month, just like he’s been doing since 1985.

“With jobs like mine, there really is no such thing as retirement,” he says, chuckling. “I just go from one thing to the next.”

    Canada hasn't issued any permits for companies to ship waste, government says.
    OTTAWA — The federal government has issued no permits for Canadian companies to ship trash overseas since regulations changed three years ago — raising questions about how waste is still ending up on the shores of Asian nations. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the 2016 changes were made to prevent more unwanted Canadian trash from being dumped on places such as the Philippines. Her department today says no such permits have been given.

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