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MoneyMontreal aims to find affordable-housing fix that has eluded Toronto, Vancouver

17:55  02 june  2019
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Low income seniors facing demoviction stage protest outside Vancouver building

Low income seniors facing demoviction stage protest outside Vancouver building The Alice Saunders building is set to be redeveloped into a larger complex, which would force 65 residents from their homes.

With housing prices at record levels, a University of British Columbia-led study finds that new Canadians are struggling to find adequate and The study of 600 immigrants and refugees using settlement services in Vancouver , Toronto and Montreal finds that half of those surveyed reported

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson takes questions on the city's new housing strategy on CBC Radio One's On the Coast. We are where we are, but that means everything we do at this point has to create more affordable housing supply. There was still a lot of push back on development in the past

Montreal aims to find affordable-housing fix that has eluded Toronto, Vancouver A house for sale at $3,395,000 in Westmount in Montreal on December 11, 2015. Sotheby's International Realty Canada says luxury home sales fell in three of Canada's major cities over the first couple months of the year, but rose in Montreal, which is set to break records in 2019.The real estate brand says Vancouver saw continued buyer's market conditions in the first two months of the year with 52 per cent fewer residential properties sold over $1 million than during the same time in 2018.

MONTREAL — As Toronto and Vancouver struggle to keep housing affordable for anyone but the wealthy, Montreal says its new, first-on-the-continent development model will help it succeed where other big cities have failed.

Canada 300,000 Homes Short Because Students Ignored In Statistics: CIBC

Canada 300,000 Homes Short Because Students Ignored In Statistics: CIBC MONTREAL — If policymakers want to help solve Canada’s housing affordability crisis, they should start by building rental housing near colleges and universities. That’s the implication of a new study from CIBC, which estimates that Canada has a shortage of about 300,000 housing units because of the way it counts — or doesn’t count — students. In Canada’s census, a student who lives away from home during the school year but returns to their parents’ home in summers is counted as living with their parents. That census data is used by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

Toronto 's former top planner is teaming up with a major developer on a plan to build affordable housing in Canada's most expensive cities. In Vancouver , the company has worked on several massive developments, and also has an offshoot called Creative Energy, which aims to reduce the

Many find Montreal to be more romantic and European, however outside the bounds of the old quarter I find it's none of that – just an average-looking North I visited Vancouver in 2010 for a week in the summer, following a very successful winter olympics there. The natural beauty of its settings is an

Montreal led big Canadian cities in 2018 with economic growth of almost 3 per cent, while its real estate market outperformed Toronto and Vancouver's for the first time since 1998.

As home prices continue to climb, the city is getting ready to table a bylaw this month requiring condo developers to build a certain number of off-market units for every shiny new residential tower they want to erect.

The city promised the new rules will be flexible enough so as to not stymie the building boom, but developers are worried Mayor Valerie Plante's administration will make future projects unprofitable.

"It will be a first in North America," Robert Beaudry, city councillor for economic development and housing, said about the new policy. "It was fundamental for us to be pioneers ... We will deliver and I am convinced it will inspire other big cities across the country."

Low rates to underpin, not revive, Canada's housing market: Reuters poll

Low rates to underpin, not revive, Canada's housing market: Reuters poll Low rates to underpin, not revive, Canada's housing market: Reuters poll

Affordable housing is dangerously close to going extinct. There are only 12 counties in the whole country where the average one-bedroom apartment is considered The major cause of the crisis is that the collapse of job creation outside of major cities has sent demand for housing there sky high.

Affordable housing is housing which is deemed affordable to those with a median household income or below as rated by the national government or a local government by a recognized housing

The city had initially planned to table its new policy months ago but negotiations with developers have taken longer than anticipated. Plante remains undaunted, however, and is determined to go ahead with her major campaign promise to increase housing affordability.

Montreal's rules are being introduced to help people like Richard Martin, a 54-year-old man who was paying almost 85 per cent of his monthly welfare check on a $495-per-month apartment before he moved into social housing in January 2017.

"I used to have to go to a food bank every month," Martin said in an interview at his community housing centre in the city's east end.

Now his rent is subsidized 75 per cent, primarily by the provincial government. He lives in a new co-operative housing project where all the residents are co-owners and manage the building together.

Paying 85 per cent of his monthly income was unsustainable for Martin, who remains on welfare. But that is the reality in Vancouver, according to RBC Economics in its March 2019 housing report.

Canadian House Price Forecast: What The Next 5 Years Will Look Like In 33 Cities

Canadian House Price Forecast: What The Next 5 Years Will Look Like In 33 Cities The latest Canadian house price forecast from Moody’s Analytics really has no good news for anyone. If you’re a homeowner hoping to make big equity gains, forget it. And if you’re an aspiring homebuyer hoping for a reprieve from astronomical urban house prices, forget that too. The forecast calls for house prices nationwide to grow by an average of 2.2 per cent per year over the next five years. Given that the Bank of Canada is predicting inflation at 2 per cent in the coming years, this means that inflation-adjusted house prices will likely see no net growth.

Housing booms in Toronto and Vancouver have placed both cities on a UBS ranking of the world's biggest housing bubbles. But a 675-square-foot apartment in downtown Toronto would cost a highly skilled service worker more than six years in salary to afford .

When I saw the name Denton Affordable Housing Corporation pop up on my caller ID my heart started racing. I had been on their waiting list for several years for one of their HUD 811 rental assistance properties for the disabled. Sure enough my name had finally made it to the top of the waiting list.

Vancouver's housing prices increased so dramatically in such a short time the provincial government slapped a 15 per cent foreign-buyers' tax in 2016 — but the measure has not solved the problem. RBC's research revealed home resales in the city have dropped 58 per cent since early 2016 but home ownership costs still represent 85 per cent of the average household income.

In Toronto — where a provincial foreign buyers' tax was instituted at the end of 2017 — the average-income household spends 66 per cent of revenues on housing costs. Montreal is still far behind — the percentage is 44.5, according to RBC.

Plante's policy would apply to residential towers containing a yet-to-be-determined number of units, said Beaudry, who wouldn't give too many details because of ongoing negotiations. But Plante had campaigned on a promise known as "20-20-20."

For example, if a developer wanted to build a 100-unit building, 20 per cent would need to be considered "social" — subsidized in full or in part by the government. Beaudry said the 20 social units wouldn't need to be within the project itself, but could be built on nearby land ceded to the city.

Looking for someone to play tennis with? New app aims to help

Looking for someone to play tennis with? New app aims to help A new app allows users to find and match with different people according to what sport they want to play at a time of their convenience. © Evan Mitsui/CBC Social play releases oxytocin, a bonding chemical that makes you feel good. Originally launched in Calgary, Mitha has now partnered with the Radius Slingshot accelerator out of Vancouver and Mountain Equipment Co-op to soft-launch the app here. © Provided by Canadian Broadcasting CorporationAll about feeling good Dr.

Toronto housing is now near or equal to vancouver ’s levels, with no end to the price increases in sight. Toronto has a vibrant bookbinding community (much bigger than Vancouver ) of course this is a very narrow field, but as a hobby bookbinder, I’ve taken courses there and enjoyed that

Vancouver is working to increase affordable housing options through a new Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy. City Council has approved in principle the goals of an Affordable Home Ownership pilot program. Read the Council report detailing the research and analysis taken to

The rules would also require the tower contain 20 units considered "affordable." The city's housing authority would advance prospective buyers most of the down payment, which would be reimbursed when the owner sold.

Finally, Plante also wanted projects to contain 20 per cent "family" units — or condos with three or more bedrooms.

How flexible the Plante administration will be with her campaign promise remains to be seen.

Beaudry said his office created a detailed map dividing the city into various sectors according to property values. It put together a software program that will allow promoters to plug in their project's data and come away with a list of the social, affordable and family units needed.

Roger Plamondon, president of the real estate arm of Broccolini, a major developer in Montreal and Toronto, said the Plante administration must understand the "20-20-20" policy can't be applied uniformly across the city.

Land prices and demand for condos downtown are not the same as further out, he said, and the city shouldn't apply the same policy. Following meetings with the city, he said he's "confident" the administration appreciates his point of view.

Plamondon said he recognized the need for a "balanced market," where high-end apartments co-exist with social and affordable housing. But the developer warned the city needs to understand that "capital in the market is very mobile."

But so far capital in the city is staying put — and growing. Montreal benefits from the fact it doesn't have a foreign buyers' tax like Vancouver and Toronto. And the city's luxury real estate market broke records in 2018 and is projected to do the same this year, according to Sotheby's International Realty.

The city is hoping the good times can be shared by more than the wealthy.

Martin said his co-operative is sometimes hard to manage because some residents don't fulfil their duties on certain committees, or don't pay rent.

But he is thankful he can live in a new, clean apartment in the city, because many people in his situation aren't as lucky. "The city's plan is good because we need more social housing," he said. "The waiting lists are long."

Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press

Metro Vancouver housing sales remain sluggish in May.
Housing sales in Greater Vancouver were 22.9 per cent lower last month than the 10-year average and the lowest for May since 2000, according to a report by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) published Tuesday. The real estate board says a total of 2,638 homes were sold in May 2019, a 6.9 per cent drop from the 2,833 homes sold in May 2018. However, sales were up 44.2 per cent from the 1,829 homes sold in April. © Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver says tougher mortgage rules and a federal stress test are behind reduced demand in the housing market.

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