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12:20  06 december  2019
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Uber loses license in London over safety, vows to appeal

  Uber loses license in London over safety, vows to appeal London’s transit authority said Monday it is not renewing Uber’s license to operate in the British capital, dealing a major setback to the ride-hailing company. Uber vowed to appeal the decision and has 21 days to do so. The company can continue operating while the appeals process is under way. Transport for London cited “several breaches that placed passengers and their safety at risk” in its decision not to extend Uber’s license, which expires at midnight Monday.The transit authority said that despite addressing some issues, it “does not have confidence that similar issues will not reoccur in the future.

The reported sexual assaults ranged from "non-consensual sexual penetration" to unwanted kissing or touching. While the total number of reported "From 2017 to 2018, Uber saw approximately a 16 percent decrease in the average incident rate across the five most serious sexual assault categories

The report classified sexual assaults ranging from "nonconsensual sexual penetration" to unwanted kissing or touching and showed that the total number of reported assaults rose in 2018 in three of the five categories. But the firm said the frequency of attacks dropped 16% due to the increase in overall

a sign on the side of a building: Uber's report also revealed 19 © Josh Edelson Uber's report also revealed 19 "fatal physical assaults" related to the company over a two-year period

Ridesharing leader Uber, under fire around the world for its safety record, said it had tallied nearly 6,000 sexual assaults in the United States over the past couple of years.

That included more than 450 cases of rape, according to Uber's first public report into the issue Thursday, which counts attacks by both passengers and drivers over 2017-18.

It also revealed 19 fatal assaults related to the company over the two-year period, when it averaged more than 3.1 million trips each day in the United States.

Beware of 'pirate taxis,' Gatineau police warn

  Beware of 'pirate taxis,' Gatineau police warn Gatineau police are warning the public they could be placing themselves in harm's way when they hop into an illegal taxi. Police fined 26 "pirate cab" drivers during a sting conducted over two weekends in November. They acknowledged the sting was inspired by a Radio-Canda investigation into the shadowy industry.The vehicles have no signs on their roofs, no meter to keep track of fares, and no phone number or app to hail them.

Uber operates nearly 4 million trips every day in the US alone. Despite the increase in reports of sexual assault , the ride-sharing app said the numbers actually represented a 16% decrease in the average incident rate, which measures the number of sexual assaults against the total number of

Uber has admitted to receiving more than 3,000 reports of sexual assaults between its drivers and its passengers in the US last year. In its first ever safety report , the taxi-hailing company said that it had been told of 3,045 such incidents in 2018, including 235 rapes and 280 attempted rapes, as well as 1

Sexual assaults were reported on 0.00002 percent of trips, Uber calculated.

"While these reports are rare, every report represents an individual who came forward to share an intensely painful experience," it said.

"Even one report is one too many."

Uber stressed that the figures also showed its drivers were attacked at about the same rate as passengers reporting sexual assault.

"Drivers are victims, too," it said.

While the report is confined to Uber's biggest market, the company faces complaints worldwide that it is doing too little to protect passengers.

In London, Uber has lost its license after transport authorities said the company had failed to fix a litany of safety issues -- including at least 14,000 cases of drivers handing their permits to unlicensed friends or relatives.

Massage therapist Mark Donlevy sentenced to 4 years for 6 sexual assaults

  Massage therapist Mark Donlevy sentenced to 4 years for 6 sexual assaults Mark McMahon Donlevy knew “he had no consent” and “was taking advantage of his position” when he sexually assaulted six women, a Saskatoon judge said before sentencing the former registered massage therapist to four years in prison. Donlevy will serve the four years consecutively to a three-year sentence he is currently serving after being convicted of sexual assault for date raping a women he met online in 2004.

Uber has revealed that more than 3,000 sexual assaults including rapes took place during rides in the US last yearCredit: AFP or licensors. Uber bases its numbers on reports from riders and drivers - meaning the actual numbers could be much higher as sexual assaults commonly go unreported.

Sexual assaults commonly go unreported. “I suspect many people will be surprised at how rare these incidents are; others will understandably think Mike Bomberger, a lawyer representing more than 100 victims of sexual assault in lawsuits against Uber and Lyft, applauded Uber for releasing the numbers.

Uber continues to operate in the British capital pending an appeal.

In France, the firm is under pressure from a viral campaign detailing sexual assault involving its drivers, under the hashtag #UberCestOver (Uber it's over).

The US report classified 5,981 sexual assaults ranging from "non-consensual sexual penetration" to unwanted kissing or touching. It showed that the total number of reported assaults rose in 2018 in three of the five categories covered.

But the firm said the frequency of attacks dropped 16 percent due to a rise in overall passengers.

- Lawsuits -

In 2017, a woman raped by an Uber driver in India filed a US lawsuit accusing the service of invading her privacy and defaming her character.

In September, Chinese authorities launched a security audit of ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing following a public outcry over the rape and murder of a passenger the month before.

Man facing multiple sexual assault charges tells court complainants are lying

  Man facing multiple sexual assault charges tells court complainants are lying A former club promoter accused of multiple counts of sexual assault says each of the complainants are either mistaken or lying , Edmonton court heard Monday. As Crown prosecutor Mark Huyser-Wierenga continued to cross-examine Matthew McKnight over his memory of events that happened between 2010 and 2016, McKnight doubled down that each of the 13 complainants in the case are lying about their sexual encounters. McKnight is facing 12 counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual assault causing bodily harm against 13 women while working as a promoter for several night clubs in the city.

Along with the two-year report , Uber revealed changes it's making in response. Sexual misconduct education for all drivers: In 2020, Uber will expand sexual misconduct and assault education to all US drivers. assault categories. Uber plans to release these reports every two years, and hopefully the

More than 3,000 Uber passengers reported sexual assaults in 2018, the ride-sharing company revealed in its first-ever safety report on Friday. The report from Uber focused solely on rides in the US and not the 65 other countries where Uber operates, including India, where a driver was sued in

Uber's rival Lyft -- which has sought to position itself as more socially responsible -- is meanwhile facing a series of lawsuits over sexual assault or rape that allegedly occurred in vehicles affiliated with the California company.

Twenty women filed lawsuits against Lyft in San Francisco on Wednesday, following another 14 complaints filed in September.

"The bottom line is that Lyft does not take safety of their passengers seriously, and never has," Mike Bomberger, who is representing the 34 women, told a news conference.

He recounted the story of Caroline Miller, who he said was raped by her Lyft driver after going out to celebrate her birthday.

"As a consequence of her assault, they offered her a refund of her ride," Bomberger said.

The total number of such lawsuits is not known, but they have led Uber and Lyft to enact various measures aimed at better ensuring the safety of passengers.

A Lyft spokeswoman said the company understood that women faced "disproportionate risks" when they traveled.

"We recognize these risks, which is why we are relentless in our work to build safety into every aspect of our work," she added.

Both ridesharing firms have made it more difficult for people to impersonate drivers, tightened controls to detect convicted criminals and added a panic button to their apps.

Bomberger said the panic button was a "joke."

"Who can operate a smartphone when they are being sexually assaulted?" he told AFP.

Bomberger advocates the systematic recording of rides so drivers know they are being watched, better cooperation with authorities and better driver background checks.

Rideshare companies "know what features can be added that work," the lawyer said.

"They have refused to make any changes until we started filing lawsuits."


Uber to pay $4.4 million to end federal sex harassment probe .
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Uber Technologies Inc. will establish a $4.4 million fund to settle a federal investigation into allegations that the San Francisco company allowed a rampant culture of sexual harassment, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced Wednesday. The agreement ends an investigation launched in 2017 in which the commission found reasonable cause to believe the ride-hailing tech company “permitted a culture of sexual harassment and retaliation against individuals who complained about such harassment.

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